Sweet dreams

15 Jan

Night night G. As i leave the room i think to myself please god let this work!

It’s night three of my son taking the supplement Melatonin. The first night well lets just say that it didn’t go to well. After having spent what felt like forever never getting any sleep i suppose i was expecting something amazing to happen. When it didn’t i almost felt like giving up. G took the Melatonin and after being awake a further hour fell asleep only to wake after two short hours spending the rest of the night wide awake. Night two was fabulous! Given the fact G had only slept two hours the night before i still sent him to school in the hope he would slept better that night. Melatonin was given at 7.30pm and amazingly my boy was sleeping by 8pm. Wow i was ecstatic.

Despite G being asleep i found it increasingly hard to sleep given the fact i was not used to such privileges. Tonight was the real test. G has had a full nights sleep and a full day at school and seemed full of energy. This would confirm weather the Melatonin really was making a difference.

Well it’s been a few hours and little man is still dreaming. Something fantastic must be happening because it normally takes half the night to Seattle him. So it looks as if we may be making great improvements in the bedtime area. Apart from his sleep talking the house seems a lot quieter which i must say is rather nice but will take some time to get used to:)

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