Disclaimer relating to written content

As the author of this blog, I wish to state that its content with exemption of readers comments and guest post/sponsored post, have been written by myself as an expression of my own personal opinions. These opinions are solely my own and in no way reflect other individuals, websites, organisations, etc.

Please note that my opinions may change from time to time but will always remain my own personal view.

When writing a post in relation to my life experiences I will write this to the best of my memorable knowledge. I will always try to state facts in an honest way that is fair to all. However I can never promise 100% accuracy on any given matter.

Some articles I publish will relate to news articles I’ve read, stuff I’ve come across on the net or other third-party content. Such information will only be documented based on what I have read and should therefore not be taken as fact. I would therefore appreciate it if you could remember this when commenting on any post within this blog. This type of post will always state where such information was obtained and if online, would usually provide a direct link to the site supplying it.

By writing this blog, as the author I do not intend to offend, defame, humiliate, or cause stress or upset to anyone or any party. However, if it is felt by anyone that I have acted in such a way, then I urge for you to contact me via my email in order to consolidate. I will never promise the removal or editing of any post unless it is proven or agreed by myself to be unlawful or causing significant stress to another as a result of missing facts or details that change the over all perception of the post. I may at times post in a spontaneous manner resulting in mistakes. Post of such a kind will be corrected and addressed as necessary. At times you may notice that a post has been updated or deleted. As the author of this blog I have the right to carry out such actions but will always give good written reasons if felt necessary. Links displayed on this blog are there for the sole purpose of the reader gaining access to information. The author is not responsible for its content. These links are operated by third parties and you must contact them directly regarding sensitive or unlawful content. However, I would be very grateful if you would email me to report broken or inappropriate links. Of course these links will be removed if I’m in agreement that the content is disrespectful or inappropriate.

Interviews and guest post 

 Interviews and guest post are a feature welcomed on the blog. I will always encourage free speech and for this reason I may post interviews or guest post that opinions that differ from that of my own. Discrimination, abusive context, harassment, racism or bullying will not be encouraged nor tolerated by myself! I will avoid posts and interviews from anyone that displays such behaviours. If you would like to contribute then please contact me on the email at the bottom of this page.


I wish to remind you that the content within this blog is the property of the author, unless stated. You are welcome to use content for personal use only when giving acknowledgement to the author and requesting permission. Linking to the blog is not considered to be acknowledgement! Please provide the name of author and the name of the blog as-well as a link back. Content should not be edited or changed by anybody other than myself.  None of the blogs content should be used to gain profit “EVER” Please do note save or copy or print any of my personal images. Images such as autism tags (Something I design) can be saved where stated.

By doing any of the above you break the terms and conditions of the copyright that protects this blog.

Comments policy

I  will only ever take full responsibility for comment’s of my own. Everybody who visits the blog has the right to participate in way of commenting. We are a blog who encourage free and creative speech and although not everyone will agree with another’s opinion they should have the right to state it alongside others! Complaining to the author, requesting that the comment is removed will only result in me doing so if I am in agreement that it is deemed to be inappropriate.

Anybody that feels that a comment published is not appropriate then please don’t hesitate to email me to discuss concerns and possible removal.

I do wish to state that this is a blog. It’s my space to rant & rave, create, share and most of all enjoy. I just want to share with you my wonderful family and hopefully raise some autism awareness in the process. 

Product Reviews

We are a blog that is open to product reviews. PRs are very welcome to contact me with any propositions they feel may be of interest to me. Please do take the time to look and read some of my blog before requesting that I review a product, this way you will have a clearer Idea of what it is I’m likely to agree based on the content. Please note when considering requesting a review, I am a 29 year old mother to three children, a son of 11yrs (who has a diagnosis of Aspergers syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum) a daughter who’s 8yrs and a toddler (my son) aged 22ms.   

 All reviewed products will be clearly stated and contain my own views which will always be honest. Links are always provide within the post taking you directly to the brand or retailer. If I have posted a Review in exchange for payment, I will clearly state this in the post disclaimer.

Please allow myself and the children time to test your products. I will aim to write a review within a week after delivery of a product or attendance at an event. However this will depend on the type of product we are reviewing and how busy we are (in terms of other reviews we have already received) Please note that some months are busier then others, an example being Christmas.

Please note: Do not send me a product to review if you expect my review to be up that same day or even the next day! I’m a busy mum of three children with one on the autism spectrum, life doesn’t always go to plan! Regardless of this I do always aim to get reviews published and posted onto the blog as soon as I can so information is always fresh in my mind and no one is left feeling let down.

All reviews are given by myself and children and are our own opinions that have not been influenced by the product provider or anyone else in any way.


From time to time this blog will host competitions in association with a number of brands/retailers. Each competition will provide its own set off rules that will need to be followed. All entries are checked to ensure all required steps have been taken as to allow participation. Competitions will normally be open to UK residents only, unless stated in the competitions T&C. Those who have entered should respond to the notification email, tweet or that agreed within 48hrs unless specified! Failure to do so could result in a re-draw and a loss in prize. All participants in any competition should leave a contact (email, twitter etc) so they can be contacted if they are lucky enough to win a prize.

These T&C may need to be used in conjunction with the terms of the prize provider themselves. If you are a brand wanting us to run a competition, then please use the email at the bottom of this post to submit your request (if you wish for your competition to run as part of the Santa’s little helpers feature, then please use the little helpers email address to submit your request). 

Santa’s Little Helpers

All toys and products are provided to us with the agreement that I and the children will write a detailed review of the products, events or other, in a true and honest manner. The feature runs form July-December and may include January. 

Every toy will be provided with an overall rating, 5 stars being the highest. 

All reviews will be provided with links to the retailers site and will automatically be added to the Little helpers Christmas Wish List in the side bar of this blog.

Each month a toy and both it’s retailer & brand, that has been reviewed and featured during that month will be chosen as ‘Toy of the month’ and ‘Retailer/Brand of the month’

 There will be lots of amazing content including reviews done by video (vlogs)

Brands that become involved are welcome to make any request for the running of promotions and reader offers

 This feature will at times offer readers giveaways provided by one of the toy providers working with the author of this blog. Note… “The terms are the same as those above unless specified.”

There will be a mix of both reviews and personal post used to make up this feature as-well as interviews and guest post, offers and need to know Christmas news.

 Those interested in getting involved should email me on the email provided on this page.

The blog feature will provide information that will hopefully benefit both families with children on the spectrum and those without. Products with an autism friendly mark against them would have been reviewed by Little man Aka A boy with Aspergers, or suggested by him. There will also be products that I share from time to time to make you aware of how they maybe beneficial to those on the spectrum or with SPD. If I haven’t reviewed the product but heard via word of month , etc. I will state this. Please remember, Though a product maybe autism friendly for one chid it may not for another. This needs to be kept in mind when creating your Christmas list or deciding to buy something recommend via this site. Think of your child along with the review info before taking the plunge.

 The Little helpers Christmas list will be updated regularly and in the order that each product first appeared. The list will not be written in a way that relates to how it was rated (items tenth on the list may have a better rating to those in sixth place etc).

 Sponsored Post

We, at ‘A boy with Aspergers’ will only publish sponsored posts that are relevant to the content of the blog, examples being, autism, health,parenting,child care, parenting, promotions, relevant brands, etc. Please note that their will be a charge for this services! For prices please email me at pageabwa@yahoo.com  

Author: Claire Louise

Find me on twitter: @clairelouise82

Santa’s Little Helper’s to get your Christmas products/toys reviewed & featured, please email: threesantaslittlehelpers@yahoo.com

Sponsored post, general reviews, guest post and all other enquiries, please contact: pageabwa@yahoo.com 

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