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The Shit Rap

17 Jul


Poo, yes we all produce it, it’s something that is completely natural (even if it isn’t very pleasant to talk about). But do I want to keep hearing about poo all day, more so, do I want to hear it with a tune… Hell no!

For some unknown reason the little man has acquired a bit of a fixation with YouTube. If this isn’t bad enough, he seems to think its bloody hilarious to keep adding the word poo in the search box.

Now if I hear one more silly made up absolutely bloody rubbish song about poo, then I might just go hunt down the silly idiot who made the stupid YouTube music video and do them some serious damage.

Now although I’m not really finding the poo music videos in anyway funny, the little man certainly is! He can be heard laughing out loud whenever his watching one. Yes… It’s lovely something is giving him something to smile about but poo… Really!

Wait, it actually gets worse! Little man seems to have been inspired by this load of S*#t (and i mean that literally). Being woken up during the crazy hours (crazy hours being 4am) because your child has come up with the perfect poop song isn’t really ideal, I mean who wants to wake up to find their 11 year old child at the foot of their bed singing a poo rap… No thank you!

Admittedly his rap was creative, yet I really don’t feel the poo rap is going to catch on.

So, yesterday myself and the little man sat down for a chat… One of mums “special chats” Seriously, Little man needs a firm talking about his unhealthy poo obsession… I really don’t need this becoming a “special interest” because then I’ll really be in trouble!

Now, trying to explain the inappropriateness that is his poo rapping, to a giggling child on the autism spectrum is a hard task to meet, I mean he has little regard for who’s in his company when hitting on the subject of poo. Little man finds poo funny, but interesting to I guess… Especially considering his been asking random poo questions. It’s so much harder explaining to little man what’s socially acceptable and what isn’t. I mean just the other other day he began singing his poo rap out loud off the bus! Of course i felt my cheeks glow a shade of red. I was just longing to get of the bus and actually got of 3 stops to early. It’s simple… If the Little Man finds it funny then the rest of the world must too!

It’s now 4.30 am Little man is sleeping and me… I’ve got the poo rap going round and around in my head. I think I’m going to have to lock that Internet or someone maybe driven insane and that someone is most defiantly me!

Top Three Tips To Get You’re Kids To Sleep

2 Feb

My top three tips for “Getting your child to sleep”

 Well, my eldest is on the autism spectrum, his a poor sleeper as many of you know, so I guess you’re wondering what tips I can possibly give?

 The following tips don’t always work for my son with Aspergers, though they do work for my youngest Harley (most of the time).

 Tip One: No heavy food for a least 2 hours before bed. Harley has a sensitive stomach, plus he needs time to burn it off, which brings me to my next tip…

 Tip Two: This actually works for my Little man too (aka A boy with Aspergers) mainly during the summer months! A good jump on the trampoline a half hour or so before bed, tends to unleash all that built up energy, meaning your little ones are more relaxed and worn out when it comes to bedtime.

 Tip 3: Harley & Alice-Sara like a story, though this is always done in the bedroom, under the covers with the night-light on following a warm beaker of milk. Little man loves a story too, though he listens to his via a story audio CD, which seems to either soothe him to sleep or bore him to it (either one, I’m not sure)!

Koala sleeping on a tree top

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The following tips have been given as an entry into the baby budgeting www. time4sleep.co.uk competition


23 Feb

Been telling everybody how I’m looking forward to Monday as the half term is over and I can have some of that mummy time when the kids are at school. Got the children’s clothing ready last night’ made packed lunch which i left in the fridge then went of to bed with a smile on my face.

Morning comes i drag my tiered self from the bed and go down stairs to put the kettle on. Little man is none to pleased as his cousin goes back tomorrow’ he says it’s the same for him. His trying it’ I know he is as far, as I’m concerned it’s today there back in school and after a long week of arguing I’m so looking forward to the peace. I plan to go and get some shopping alone child free. Making my Coffee there is a knock on the front door. It’s my younger sister Charlotte ( she is 14yrs old and is on her way to school) Charlotte will often give me a knock on a week day morning. She knows the lack of sleep i have been having so she knows there’s a chance i may not wake up. So for as long as i can remember since the first time i asked her to pop up in the mornings she still carries on doing so. Today Charlotte is nothing but the bearer of bad news. Informing Me that in fact G was right! School are back tomorrow!

“GREAT” Well the kids think so’ jumping out of there shoes as quick as road runner there up the stairs and back in there comfortable beds. That’s my shopping day out the window. I don’t no whats worse! The fact the school is closed as the teachers are in training today. Why the hell they didn’t do it the week of the half term is your guess! Or the fact i could of had a lay in but instead I’m wide awake and freezing cold waiting for the heating to come on?

I’m guessing pretty much all mothers say this! As i know mine sure did but really i don’t ever remember having this much time off when i was in school! By the way I am only 26! That line made me fill older then my years. But it’s so true! Kids just seem to have an endless steam of half terms, teacher training days, insect days and so on….. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! JUDGE FOR YOURSELF ‘ IF I’M NOT FORGETTING WHAT DAY IT IS I’M FORGETTING WHICH DAY THE KIDS RETURN TO SCHOOL! I’M A FORGETFUL MUM! AND THERE’S NO GETTING AWAY FROM THAT:)

Sweet dreams

15 Jan

Night night G. As i leave the room i think to myself please god let this work!

It’s night three of my son taking the supplement Melatonin. The first night well lets just say that it didn’t go to well. After having spent what felt like forever never getting any sleep i suppose i was expecting something amazing to happen. When it didn’t i almost felt like giving up. G took the Melatonin and after being awake a further hour fell asleep only to wake after two short hours spending the rest of the night wide awake. Night two was fabulous! Given the fact G had only slept two hours the night before i still sent him to school in the hope he would slept better that night. Melatonin was given at 7.30pm and amazingly my boy was sleeping by 8pm. Wow i was ecstatic.

Despite G being asleep i found it increasingly hard to sleep given the fact i was not used to such privileges. Tonight was the real test. G has had a full nights sleep and a full day at school and seemed full of energy. This would confirm weather the Melatonin really was making a difference.

Well it’s been a few hours and little man is still dreaming. Something fantastic must be happening because it normally takes half the night to Seattle him. So it looks as if we may be making great improvements in the bedtime area. Apart from his sleep talking the house seems a lot quieter which i must say is rather nice but will take some time to get used to:)

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