SEN know how!

SEN know how!

This additional Page has been created to cover information relating to Special educational needs (SEN)

I decided to add the page as a lot of readers and members over on the, ‘Boy with Aspergers’ Fan page are still struggling to gain the right advice. I am fully aware that the SEN Green paper will change the law somewhat and this page will need a complete overhaul, through I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. 

Well, I hope it helps, and for all those reading this, Stay strong, positive and one step ahead! 

The system puts up a great battle, but you can beat it and get what your child needs, I did, and it was worth every sleepless night.


This page will contain a list of planed publications that will be posted on the blog and will be available for download via Google Docs

If any of the title’s appear Red, this will mean they have already been published on both the blog and google docs Just click the title to be taken directly to the post. If the title has the world google doc beside it, click it and you will be directed to the download vision of the post.

 Section one, ‘Understanding Special education needs’ (request, assessments and decisions):

  1. Introduction to Special educational needs (SEN)  Google Doc
  2. Stages of SEN & Is my child receiving the right support
  3. Request for a, ‘Statutory Assessment’
  4. Decision to make a, ‘Statutory Assessment’ (Process & time-scales involved in carry out an assessment)
  5. Decision to Statement (Delivered in three sections 1) The proposed statement, 2) Parental choice (type of school, including a break down of options) 3) The final statement.

Section two: ‘Tribunal, the right to appeal’

  1. A refusal to carry out a statutory assessment
  2. A refusal to issue a statement
  3. Appealing the contents of a first Statement (including the school named in part 4)
  4. Appealing the contents of an amended statement
  5. A refusal to amend following a statutory reassessment 
  6. A refusal to change the school named in part 4 of a statement
  7. An LEA’s decision not to amend a statement of SEN following an annual review
  8. An LEA’s Decision to cease to maintain a statement

Section Three: ‘Preparation, the hearing and decisions ’

  1. Mediation 
  2. Witnesses 
  3. Working documents
  4. Representation
  5. The hearing
  6. The decision

Section four: ‘Maintaining a statement’ (annual reviews, requests and decisions)

  1. The LEA’s duty to deliver the contents of a statement (required steps if duty is not delivered)
  2. The right to request the school named in a child’s statement 
  3. Requesting a Reassessment of your child’s special educational needs
  4. The Annual Review process (Including information on an interim review)
  5. The Annual Review Year 9
  6. Annual Review Year 10

Section five: Disability discrimination

  1. Admissions
  2. Every child’s right to education
  3. School trips and education & additional activities (including playtimes, assembles, after school activities)
  4. Unofficial exclusions
  5. Exclusions
  6. Alternative education
  7. Permanent exclusion
  8. Raising complaints
  9. Claiming Disability discrimination and the Law!
  10. The order of the tribunal

 Each section will come with useful links and contacts.

My plan is to cover all the above, depending on how fast I can do so, is yet to be seen. Remember the laws and procedures that apply to Special educational needs are all gearing up for a change (I will adapt this as need be, in-order to fit in with the new Education, health and Social care plans as of when it arises). As for how often I can publish each section is yet to be seen. I’m not prepared to tie myself to a certain day of the week, for one, this would be far to many weeks and at times I may decided to write two or three post at any one time, or  maybe three in a week. Other weeks, I may have no time to write anything at all. SEN is a complicated process, you really do need to be in the right frame of mind to get this out there. You should also remember I haven’t personally been through every single one of those listed above. However, I have been through many, and have read and studied SEN a great deal 

 Disclaimer: The information provided, has no bearing on my role as a tribunal adviser with NAS, and the advice provided is given on an independent level through my own choice, to help others dealing with the listed issues and is created to form an additional feature to this blog and my facebook support page. Each post will contain a link that enables you to download as a fact-sheet via Goggle Docs. Copyright still remains the same! No one should copy or publish the information without the given credit to the author by way of providing a Link back, and naming the author in any re-posts . If you require the use of this information for anything but personal reasons, full permission must be sought. Please do not edit any of the wording in any of the post or the downloaded documents (these are provided for personal use only)!

5 Responses to “SEN know how!”

  1. Sally W January 5, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Quick bullet points and very useful – I will be mentioning this to two of my friends who are feeling a bit ‘bullied’ by the system – one has been bullied into SEN and one is being refused! Thank you.

  2. Karen A Barrett January 4, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    Always enjoy reading your blog, I worked in education for a number of years until I had quite a major “blip”, (me, not school!)
    I wish I had been fortunate enough to have come across your blog when I first started out (although on saying that blogs where not around then, showing my age!) I empathise with your feelings and needs and that of your little man when it comes to the “system”. I am sure your advice will be very useful to other parents seeking advice and support.
    Thanks x

  3. Jennifer Schofield December 9, 2011 at 4:32 pm #

    PS – Ricky Whittle defintely wears the Trekkers hoodie the best!


  4. Jennifer Schofield December 9, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    Defintely showing my housemate this as he is studying primary teaching with SEN. I’m sure it will help him – thank you!


  5. Hannah Moody December 7, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    Very useful post (I’m a Primary School teacher) – Thanks 🙂


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