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Baker Days Letterbox Cake Perfect For The Festive Season

1 Dec


My mum is a very special woman, not only because she’s my mum but simply because she’s a fabulous one. she has been there through all the struggles with getting little man diagnosed and statemented, plus she helped me through the tough discrimination case I ended up filing against his old mainstream school. That’s why I feel I could not possibly thank her enough.

When I was asked if I wanted to review a Baker days letterbox cake I couldn’t think of a more deserving recipient then my mum.

All I had to do was choose my design, flavour and message. Baker days did the rest and two days after confirming my order a beautiful Baker days letterbox cake that was so lovingly packaged in its own tin with a personalised card and mini party pack, popped through my mothers letterbox.


Using the website was easy (except the fact I was spoilt for choice)! There are over 400 designs so it was never going to be easy. Baker days cater for all occasions and can supply party and cupcakes as well as the letterbox cake I sent to mum.


Whats more they are able to personalise your chosen cake with your special message and even a photo if desired! Plus order by 1pm and they can safely deliver your cake the next day (normal delivery is free, however, next day delivery will cost more).


Without the next day service, mums cake still arrived in an impressive two days. I was shocked but impressed when she called to thank me.

The letterbox cake supplies its recipient with 4 nice sized potions of beautiful fresh cake. Its cleverly packed to fit through the standard letterbox so you don’t even need to worry if anybody is home to take the order.

Mum loved her surprise letterbox cake the only problem we had was cutting it… It was just to pretty to want to spoil.

We eventually got over it… and the cake that was of course chocolate, went down pretty well with a cuppa.


You can check out Baker days who offer free delivery by clicking Here

Capture The Colour Competition

14 Aug

I love expressing myself, my ideas and the things I love through pictures. I’m no David Bailey by any means but still gain great enjoyment as I capture images of anything and everything that draws the direction of my eye. A visual reminder of something or someone special, unique art spray painted across a South London wall, the weird and the wonderful, the pretty pink sky to an old cobbled street in Greece. All a moment captured in time, a tiny piece and glimpse of the past captured forever more. Each moment so different but as meaningful and wonderful as the next.

I love photography, it’s a way to build up a memorable profile of family life. I love the thought of this profile of memories being passed down through the generations still to come.

Another little hobby of mine is comping (I’m pretty new to it and finding it a little addictive)! Its not just any competitions I’m interested in but mostly those that require some sort of creativity of some sort. So, as you can imagine, when bringing the two elements that are Photography and creative competitions together, I’m never to far behind. This particular post is just that, my entry into a new and exciting photo competition one I’ve been keen to enter for weeks (only life gets in my way)! The competition is hosted by the well known brand and online site “Travel supermarket” and it goes by the title Capture The Colour Competition“. It’s a competition requiring a little creativity, imagination and that of a steady hand.

TravelSupermarket’s ‘Capture the Colour Competition’ is aimed at bloggers who will need to choose 5 pictures they have taken to match 5 different colour categories which are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. Bloggers are then required to post the images and a little info relating to each, onto their blog (linking to the competition). Once complete bloggers Nominate five more bloggers to participate. Prizes are awarded for each colour as well as over all prizes given to an overall winner. There are iPads and travel vouchers up for grabs. You don’t need to wait to be tagged to enter. Check out their site for more info.


Now I’ve chosen this particular image as its one I really do love. Monkeys are a fabulous subject to photograph, they are such beautiful and intelligent creatures who never fail to amaze me. This may seem a strange choice for the colour ‘Red’ especially given that ‘green’ looks more fitting. Nonetheless, I feel that it is the small delicate hints and touches of reflecting red tones that give this image an extra special edge. Image was taken last year during at day out with the children at London Zoo.



What can I say other than I’m only human. A woman who’s only crime is her love for shopping. Blue Is one of my favourite colours as there are so many different shades of blue that seem to suit my fair complexion. Besides the colour black it’s the colour you’ll find me wearing whether it’s my clothing or that of my accessories. That’s why it only seems right to opt for blue when shopping for evening dresses and it was these two stunning dresses battling it out for my affection. I finally opted for the first one and wore to an awards bash with pride.



I love this image which once again seems a strange choice for the colour category I’m pairing it too. For some reason this just felt right. The penguin is beautiful and I remember how its beauty captivated me… Seriously, this is one of many penguin images I’ve taken. Others include some awesome underwater and feeding shoots.



A shoot taken on a freezing winters afternoon. This was taken on a day that time stood still, allowing me to spend time with my beautiful daughter. Alice-Sara is the sibling to a child on the autism spectrum meaning there are days she finds things difficult (its not easy as my daughter could tell you)! Sadly my time seems so unfairly spread leaving her longing a for little attention. We had a lovely afternoon making angels in the snow. Her green striped jumper looks bold and vibrant amongst the sparkling white blanket of snow, that completely covered the park we were visiting.



This was taken a few years back when I first brought my canon camera. I was dead proud of this shoot and although I’ve got better at taking pictures overtime, its still this one I wish to included! I remember longing to show it off and now here’s my opportunity.


So there you have it, my 5 colour inspired images of random adventures.

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The Hunt For The LEGO Minifigures Collection King

8 Mar

When a gold padded envelope dropped through my letter box, I will admit to a quickened  heartbeat and the thought that maybe I’d gone and won a holiday some place hot! The envelope contained no such thing, though what it did contain, gave my son, Little man, that same quickened heartbeat when discovering it was from LEGO and contain 4 foil packs of the latest LEGO Minifigures series 6!

Little man is more than just a little bit obsessed with LEGO, it’s now roughly boarding on the same scale as his transport obsession and he has much fun combining the two!

We weren’t expecting the Minifigures that LEGO sent, and for a child who doesn’t like to be surprised, this was an exception, he was extremely chuffed at their arrival. amongst the four foil packed Minifigures (which little man ran off to open) I discovered a letter which read…

This series, the sixth motley crew is on the hunt to find the UK’s LEGO Minifigure king collector! Email us an image of your impressive LEGO Minifigure collection and the most creative display will win an exclusive limited edition LEGO minifigure prize, Happy creating.

How exciting is that!

Little man just loves his minifigures and series 6 is packed full of new and exciting colourful creations. In this series you’ll find a funky green Leprechaun, a magical Genie, a groovy clockwork robot, a delightful Flamenco dancer, and a whole load more. Each foil pack contains a minifigure, special accessories, a display stand and collectors leaflet. There are a total of 16 Minifigures to collect within series 6. Remember packs are blind foiled, meaning you can’t see what’s inside so you may well end up with doubles that you’ll need to swap with your friends.

Little man was very impressed with his minifigures, which he has added to his growing collection. He seems most keen to get his hands on the clockwork robot, so I suspect we will be popping to the shops this Friday so he can spend his pocket-money.

As you can see from below, Little man likes to customise, chopping and changing their accessories every now and then, giving his collection his own personal touch.

Will we be entering this fabulous competition? Probably… Yes, through little man is quite adamant he wants to wait till his found his clockwork robot.

So, if your child is a Lego Minifigure collector why not join us by snapping a creative picture of your child and they’re growing collection?

Just email entries to sharday@nortonandco.com

I’m unsure of the closing date, though I am aware a winner will be chosen in the summer!

As soon as I have found out, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

For now I thought I’d leave you all with some really awesome LEGO Minifigure facts, that the Little man just loved.

Did You know that Lego Minifigures are the top-selling toy in the UK?

Minifigures have been around some 30 years!

If all the Minifigures in the world got together it would be the most populated country in the world!

Harrison Ford is the only person to have been immortalised twice as a minifigure!

Series 6 are on the shelves now and all 16 mini figured can be bought for a limited time only. Each pack cost just £1.99 and can be found at Argos, Tesco, WH Smith, John Lewis, Smyths, Toys R Us and a whole host of other popular retailers.

The Messy Kid Competition

2 Feb

When I saw a host of bloggers were hosting a messy kid competition with Appliances online, I just had to get involved, how could I not with so many pictures of my own “Very Messy Toddler” So without delay I digged out some of my messiest images of my now two-year old “Harley” and here are a few of my best messiest pictures.

Messy, but so cute, you have to agree! 

The follow images make up my entry to the Appliances Online messiest kid competition at Mother’s Always Right.

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