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20 Jan


Capture The Colour Competition

14 Aug

I love expressing myself, my ideas and the things I love through pictures. I’m no David Bailey by any means but still gain great enjoyment as I capture images of anything and everything that draws the direction of my eye. A visual reminder of something or someone special, unique art spray painted across a South London wall, the weird and the wonderful, the pretty pink sky to an old cobbled street in Greece. All a moment captured in time, a tiny piece and glimpse of the past captured forever more. Each moment so different but as meaningful and wonderful as the next.

I love photography, it’s a way to build up a memorable profile of family life. I love the thought of this profile of memories being passed down through the generations still to come.

Another little hobby of mine is comping (I’m pretty new to it and finding it a little addictive)! Its not just any competitions I’m interested in but mostly those that require some sort of creativity of some sort. So, as you can imagine, when bringing the two elements that are Photography and creative competitions together, I’m never to far behind. This particular post is just that, my entry into a new and exciting photo competition one I’ve been keen to enter for weeks (only life gets in my way)! The competition is hosted by the well known brand and online site “Travel supermarket” and it goes by the title Capture The Colour Competition“. It’s a competition requiring a little creativity, imagination and that of a steady hand.

TravelSupermarket’s ‘Capture the Colour Competition’ is aimed at bloggers who will need to choose 5 pictures they have taken to match 5 different colour categories which are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. Bloggers are then required to post the images and a little info relating to each, onto their blog (linking to the competition). Once complete bloggers Nominate five more bloggers to participate. Prizes are awarded for each colour as well as over all prizes given to an overall winner. There are iPads and travel vouchers up for grabs. You don’t need to wait to be tagged to enter. Check out their site for more info.


Now I’ve chosen this particular image as its one I really do love. Monkeys are a fabulous subject to photograph, they are such beautiful and intelligent creatures who never fail to amaze me. This may seem a strange choice for the colour ‘Red’ especially given that ‘green’ looks more fitting. Nonetheless, I feel that it is the small delicate hints and touches of reflecting red tones that give this image an extra special edge. Image was taken last year during at day out with the children at London Zoo.



What can I say other than I’m only human. A woman who’s only crime is her love for shopping. Blue Is one of my favourite colours as there are so many different shades of blue that seem to suit my fair complexion. Besides the colour black it’s the colour you’ll find me wearing whether it’s my clothing or that of my accessories. That’s why it only seems right to opt for blue when shopping for evening dresses and it was these two stunning dresses battling it out for my affection. I finally opted for the first one and wore to an awards bash with pride.



I love this image which once again seems a strange choice for the colour category I’m pairing it too. For some reason this just felt right. The penguin is beautiful and I remember how its beauty captivated me… Seriously, this is one of many penguin images I’ve taken. Others include some awesome underwater and feeding shoots.



A shoot taken on a freezing winters afternoon. This was taken on a day that time stood still, allowing me to spend time with my beautiful daughter. Alice-Sara is the sibling to a child on the autism spectrum meaning there are days she finds things difficult (its not easy as my daughter could tell you)! Sadly my time seems so unfairly spread leaving her longing a for little attention. We had a lovely afternoon making angels in the snow. Her green striped jumper looks bold and vibrant amongst the sparkling white blanket of snow, that completely covered the park we were visiting.



This was taken a few years back when I first brought my canon camera. I was dead proud of this shoot and although I’ve got better at taking pictures overtime, its still this one I wish to included! I remember longing to show it off and now here’s my opportunity.


So there you have it, my 5 colour inspired images of random adventures.

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Silent Snowy Sunday

5 Feb


6 Feb

Well where should I start?
Let’s start with this morning! Woke little man and Alice up around 7.30am. Not to bad today he had a little moan but seemed to get up with little problem.
Alice she has never really had a problem with getting up’ even if she has had a late one. Im lucky there:)
Well getting to the point’ once we were about to leave the house little man announced that he had a upset tummy:( What this meant was G knew that he was going to need the toilet and as he was not able to go at that time he would soon need to go in school.
This is a worry to my son. G has a fear of toilet doors he becomes very anxious as he is scared the door may become locked. He has never been locked behide a door so it’s a fear that he has for his own reasons. The thing is G loves train and bus doors’ just not toilet doors. This is not the only problem he faces with toilets! When he needs to do a toilet (not a pee) He fells the need to remove all his clothing’ even socks
um you see the problem here?
Not the ideal place to strip. G is fine to pee so that’s aleast one thing. He has had one or two accidants (way back) but it seems he has trained his body to go as soon as his feet are through the door at 3.45pm. Everyday without fail!
So here I was facing a early morning problem when not yet awake:( Alice is sat waiting’ I’m sat waiting Little mans back in the toilet. Ten min later he returns having had no luck. ” Lets Go”
it’s almost 9am and yet again we are set to be late. “I’m scared mummy”
“What if I need to go?”
Now my issue here is the school have already been on my back about attendace and lateness ( They should try raising a child with ASD) So he needs to go!
As we walk along’ Alice not to pleased she is late I’m explaning to Little man that if he fells he really needs to go and just can’t face the toilet then tell the classroom teacher to send you to the office to see Carol. The ground is covered in thick ice! The snow has turned to water but The weather is so cold it’s become ice in a matter of hours. We are slipping all over the place’ I’m exhausted and Little man is not happy to say the least.
He thinks the school won’t understand! I can’t blame him as when have Giovanni’s school ever understood?
I reasure him the very best I can.

9.17am we are there’ school is to roads from our home but the ice made it seem like ten roads. We are 17 min late. Ok I can see your all thinking spit it out, get on with it. There is a point I’m slowly reaching! I just wanna make you guys know the full facts.

G stands at the office desk upset:(
Im upset as he is. And Alice well she is not to impressed at the lateness taking place. Carol asks him why his not happy? G looks at the floor!
I walk round and in a low voice explain what’s happening. “I really don’t have time for this”. Hang on am I hearing this right? “you have managed fine for ages now” Yes with not going! This isn’t a problem sorted! Her tone was out of line. As she took G of to the toilet I sat and fault Thanks a bunch G will not have faith in me next time. On her return I expressed how I felt but as G had said maybe they don’t fully understand. She informed me he had been’ I nodded knowing this was highly unlikely. 3.45pm he steps inside our house and dashs of like a dart. He held it all this time 6 long hours. Amazing giving the fact his had the tummy bug in recent weeks. My god he must of felt so uncomfotable! Again I fell let down, angry and disappointed. This is becoming a habbit and it’s begaining to ware me down.

London cant cope with snow.

3 Feb

My it is almost funny when you think about it! London has 6 inchs of snow fall and it’s as if something really bad has happened. London just can’t cope with the snow. I was watching the news and it’s been given a whole ten min slot. The schools were again closed for the day today and our rubbish was not collected due to the dust men not working today. Buses in London did however resume service but not all were a full service. Funny how a bit of snow can turn London upside down.
Well I have heard the school that my children attend should be reopening tomorrow. We have been advised to phone before hand to check for sure.
We only live two streets away so the roads are not really a problem for us.

Alice has had three days of last week due to a bug. And little man had a few days of the week before due to the same thing. I am in need of some real mummy time. I must say I have no shame in saying I’m somewhat exhausted. The few hours there at school is my little haven of time:)
Maybe I will be able to do some catching up on a book I have been longing to read without any disturbances or just watch a little rubbish but great daytime telly. As much as I love them two little people you always need some me time! nobody can judge you for that.

Im hoping that we don’t experience any problems with getting little man up and out the door for school in the morning.
Having had the weekend of and then those extra few days due to the school being closed he may be a touch to comfortable with the not having to go to school thing. His still on his melatonin so I’m hoping he will be just fine.

I have posted a pic of a snowman that some of the other children in the area have made. G and Alice have not been out in the snow due to both being unwell:( So they unjoyed watching the children create this master piece. Now the are enjoying watching him melt away.


2 Feb

As I sit here looking out of the window I think to myself ” oh my isn’t it pretty”
The main road’ bus stop and car park a cross the road are not the prettest of places but today it looks somewhat different. Its all covered in thick crisp White snow. Its so cold but it looks amazing. Snow has been falling from the sky since 6pm last night it’s now 2pm the next day. So it’s building up pretty fast.
The children are still sick. Alice is no better from when she fell ill last week and G now has the same thing that he got over the weekend. Pretty unfair as they all ready had the bug a few weeks back. So keeping them out the snow and warm inside is a must. Well Alice is somewhat not impressed! Telling me she is better inbetween being sick as she wants to play in the snow. G he loves looking at it through the window but the fault of walking on it is somewhat different. He gave it ago yesterday as we needed some milk. Not much had fallen but he didn’t like it saying the noise and the fell of it made him fell fuzzy. I guessed this would be the case so taking him back inside the house I walked down there alone why G stayed sat by the window with his Dad.

I don’t no just how long the snow will fall? I do know that there will be no snowman sat in our garden. Well not made by our children that’s for sure. G is happy with that but Alice well she don’t like her mummy right now. But I don’t think she will thank me all to much when she is of school missing her friends for another week because she had a hour playing in the snow then suffering for another week:( So indoors she must stay.

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