Safety Helmets Kids Want To Be Seen Wearing

14 May

With the sudden improvement in weather it’s time to get out doors in the sunshine and get active.

What better way than with a good old bike ride through the woods or your local park.

However, when your children are participating in activities such as cycling, scooting or skating, safety is, and should always be of the upmost importance.

Alice-Sara has been extremely lucky as she was picked last week to road test a new range of safety helmets from OZBOZZ.

It should be noted that these are no ordinary safety helmets but an extremely cool and trendy range of helmets.

In-fact, Alice-Sara got to test what was in my opinion, one of the coolest helmets I’ve ever set eyes on. This was the fabulously cool 3D Unicorn helmet from the OZBOZZ RASKULLZ range.


The majority of children I’ve ever come across, hate to wear a safety helmet and my own children are no exception. Alice-Sara can often be heard protesting when being asked to wear her helmet, often stating how uncool they are!

The new and exciting range of RASKULLZ helmets are however exempt as these are totally cool! yes, my daughter was pretty keen to get this on and show it off to her friends.


The new range of helmets come in various designs and sizes. They feature aerodynamic cooling vents and a shock absorbing inner shell to protect your angels against minor impact and abrasions. These also feature an adjustable strap to ensure a snug and correct fit.


Alice-Sara isn’t the only one sporting a cool safety accessory! The celebs are at it too, what with the lovely Gwen Stefani’s son ‘Kingston’ recently pictured wearing the Mochican Raskullz it would seem she’s in good company.

I love this range, it’s fun, cool, unique and best of all totally affordable at £19.99.


When I first saw the helmet I’ll admit to being a little concerned, what with a large horn sticking out from her head, I did worry that she might end up hurting herself more if she did happen to have an accident. However, the horn and other clever 3D effects are actually soft and bendable so there is really no worry whatsoever!



The New RASKULLZ range of safety helmets from OZBOZZ come in 4 very clever trendsetting designs, Unicorn, Shark, Ladybug and Mohican and are designed for children aged 5+

Pick up one of these cool helmets from retailers such as ToysRUs or Argos or check out the OZBOZZ website for more info by clicking HERE

This is a Blog Match review post, I was not paid to write this but Alice-Sara did receive a product sample free of charge in order for us to share our honest thoughts and opinions.

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