17 Oct

Reading the news often makes me feel utterly sick and feels me with total terror, so I do try to avoid it as often as seemingly possible. But its everywhere you don’t even need to tune into a news station on the television or radio, pick up a paper or search the internet, because networks such as the all to popular Twitter and good old Facebook have become news broadcasters in their own right. It’s considered a fact that these social networking sites give us the news before its even aired on the national news! More then likely before the journalist has even got his foot through the door of the all to often “Crime Scene” So I guess the term “Seemingly Possible” was a draft dizzy expression to make!

So yesterday I’m trolling through my Facebook, like to many of us do! Only to come across a disgusting, stomach wrenching news-feed updated by one of my favourite pages “The National Autistic Society!” The, Headline reads:

“This week, three men who brutally attacked a 17 year-old with Asperger syndrome were let off with just 80 hours of community service.”

Clicking on the link provided I found myself faced with total shock horror. This countries justice system was truly confirmed the joke we all suspected it to be. Believe me, I’m not just ranting because this boy who was so brutally attacked in a sickening three day ordeal was on the autism spectrum (Though yes this is a major part of it!) But I would also rant if the person subjected to this degree of torture was what societies describes as, “Neurotypical” However this crime was inflicted on a person who was vulnerable and “disabled” Making this one ghastly disability hate crime!


The three sick & twisted criminals known as Jack Bolton, Andrew Griffin, and Nathan Marshall, all 18 years of age, from Manchester (uk) & known to the police, subjected their 17 year old autistic terrified victim through an unendurable attack, why filming it on their mobile phones. They filmed themselves proudly torturing their teenager victim. The victim who has a diagnosis of Aspergers (a form of autism) was treated in such an inhuman way that it is a total disbelieve that they were not sent to jail to rot. The Scumful three pelted their victim with dog mess, scratched his limbs with sandpaper, kicked and jumped on his head, beat him with a tennis racket and then forced him to drink vodka and gin until he passed out. A National Newspaper The Daily Mail wrote:

Mobile phone footage showed the yobs laughing and joking as they made him endure other abuse and, in a final humiliating assault, they applied adhesive tape to his genital area before ripping the tape off.

It is in my opinion that after reading this story, posted by the Daily Mail and the National Autistic Society’s Facebook page “Judge Jonathan Geake” who imposed this despicable insulting “so called sentence” of  three-month curfews and ordered them to carry out 80 hours’ unpaid community work as ‘an intensive alternative to custody’ is a prime example of  what our justice system is today. “AN UTTER JOKE!”

The victim will live with this horrid disturbing attack for the rest of his live. My guess is he has been left with no confidence or trust in the human race. Instead he is left with just a body crippled by fear. How will this teenage boy ever live a full and independent life now? Yet these beast are allowed to roam our streets, serving a mere 80hrs community service. 80hrs is just a little over three days. Is it bad enough they were not sent to rot in their cell but instead be given a sentence of painting youth clubs or even worse maybe in our schools amongst  our vulnerable children some likely with Aspergers the same condition as their victim! Yet this so called community service order, that is an insult to the word punishment is for a period not even totally four days in total! (If added together that is.) Gosh I give my children a harder punishment for fighting with one another. I’m not stating I know what and where such community service will be served! I’m merely stating that we as a nation see it all to bloody often. Giving something back to the community! Is a term used all to often within our failing justice system. “Yer right” Are they planing to give that young victim his life back? Give him the confidence to go out and meet people, walk the streets free from fear of unprovoked attacks from monsters like these scum-bag offenders? “NO, I THOUGHT NOT!”

The Daily mail online state that Senior police officers and an MP have branded Judge Jonathan Geake sentence “a joke” and like the National Autistic Society, have called for the sentence to be reviewed. The National Autistic Society has launched a campaign where you can get involved. By clicking on the link The national autistic society above, you can tell Judge Jonathan Geake just how wrong he got it! Or visit The Daily Mail Online for the full story including the mug-shots of these low life scum bags who are free to roam our streets and a picture of the “wonderful” Judge him self Jonathan Geake.


  1. Lynne Owen October 18, 2010 at 3:13 pm #

    Hi Claire I just read this and went on to the link with the Autism Society- apparnetly there has been such an outcry that the soc is having a meeting with the Attorney General. He is able to seek an increase in sentence and I hope he does so as the sentence for such cruelty was quite out of order and the thugs would just laugh. I hope the AG rectifies the situation.



  2. Socrates October 17, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    We have included your post in our links section on our campaign website here:

    Please drop by.

  3. clairelouise82 October 17, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    I didn’t see it Mandy then again I hate the news and try to avoid where I can! Also not been around much these last few weeks. Dunno if you have noticed lol but I’m a bit of a blog and Facebook regular (Can’t do without the social networking) But had a load to do it’s just been mad. Little man and school (which you know all about so sod going into that lol) but also Harley been doing a strange one on me this past week. He sleeps fantastic loves his Cot then all of a sudden last 5 nights or so he just wont have it! He wont Lay down and screams throwing massive paddies lol (His only 10 months) He don’t seem in pain as I thought it was teething. His normally bed (in cot I must add) between 8-8.30 and I’m free minus little man’s beeping and loudness but I’m still baby free if you get me. But I’m talking 2am this boy is staying up to. I thought it was because he has learnt to get up from the laying Flat on back position (mummy so….. not impressed lol), but I’m now thinking it’s because I changed room around so his cot isn’t next to my bed anymore but against opposite wall. IT’s taken 5 long nights to work that out (though the cot was moved around a week ago and first two nights were fine) otherwise I’m out of ideas. I have enough with little man doing the night rounds without Harley tagging along for the ride. I will move the cot see if it’s that tonight. Fingers crossed.

  4. amanda neal October 17, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    i posted this on my newsfeed the week before last when it was first announced. they also had him perform depraved sexual acts with the family pet. disgusting. the judge should be struck off and the offenders jailed. it scares me that they have been left to walk free. it also scares me for our childrens futures if scum like this are allowed to walk free and society sees them getting away with what they have done.

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