Review – One Careplast Plasters

9 Jul

Imagine being able to buy a product you need and at the same time have the knowledge that 100% of the profit made from your purchase is going to a good cause.

That’s exactly what happens when you buy any products from the One range (produced by One difference)! I’ve written about One difference before, back when I was invited to a cooking master class with Simon Rimmer in which we used products from the One brand range as ingredients (click here to read). The post tells you in great detail what this fabulous brand does to help fund humanitarian projects in places like Africa.

One Careplast is a new addition to the range and came about as a result of a national competition where One difference wanted those entering to come up with a new One product in which they could develop but also come up with a humanitarian problem that 100% of the profits could be donated to. By buying a box of One Careplast plaster you are actually doing your bit to support a very important life changing project. 100% of the profits from the sale of the plasters is to be used to fund bicycle ambulances and medical boxes, which will help to improve and change lives in Malawi by promptly providing medical assistance and treatment to those living in rural areas of Malawi.

I’ve actually had these in the medical cupboard for a while and haven’t been able to write an honest review in till now. Reason being is the fact that despite have three children who seem to be constantly injuring themselves somehow or another they haven’t even scrapped, scratched or bumped a single part of their bodies. Funnily, they still haven’t but ironically it’s me with an injury!

Don’t panic though it’s not a case of having to be hospitalised I just cut the top of my hand (well, it wasn’t actually a cut, more a deep scratch done by a 3 month old bonkers kitten). One Careplast plasters were grabbed from the cupboard and did the job nicely.

Not only are One Careplast plasters available in some awesome designs (seriously I had a leopard print pack) but they are also waterproof, stick well and don’t irritate my sensitive skin.


I love the design and I was asked a number of times by friends where they could grab a pack (not for their kids but themselves). Leopard skin is still a huge trend so these are the ultimate plaster that not only caters for your first aid needs but also that of your fashion needs. 🙂



So… Do one good thing, replace a product you would normally buy to one from the One range. Smile with the knowledge that you have helped fund an important life changing project without actually doing anything different.

One products can be brought in most of your big name super markets. One Careplast is available at the Co-operative and are RRP at just £1.34… Bargain.

To learn more about One Products and the projects that benefit from their sale visit the One difference Facebook page or check out the One Difference website.

Disclaimer: This is a review post, all thoughts, opinions and words are that of my own. I was not paid to write this review but did receive a sample of One Careplast plasters.

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