A family game of Bingo

4 Jan

 I thought it would be great to share with you all this fantastic family game!

 I had planed to introduce you to this fun game in the run up to Christmas, but it would seem my auto-publisher had ideas of its own, so I’ve had to adapt the odd word, though if you do find the word Christmas in amongst this post, you have my up-most apology.

 So… What is this fun family game? Its Bingo of course!

 Honestly Bingo isn’t just for grannies as some may sadly presume, I myself was once a self confused bingo head who used to enjoy a night at the local bingo hall! Yes you may laugh, but I’ve won a number of times, the most being £1000.00

 Well, this is a family game of bingo that is shop brought, designed to be played at home and isn’t going to make you a grand, that is unless you have some rich uncle who’s willing to donate the cash… Yes I thought not!

 However it’s not all about the wonker is it! This is a game that brings with it great family fun, and the more the merrier.

 We were sent a great black bingo set from Tots‘n’Toys, and we’ve all had some great family playing time. I’ve found it a great way to improve the children’s concentration levels and listening skills, its pretty easy when both older children are always competing against one another.

 However there has been one or two issues arise when playing a game of bingo with the children. If Little man enjoys something, like most children he wants it in excessive amounts, with his autism traits impacting on this its just that little bit more extreme and he really doesn’t get it when enough is enough, we therefore get a few tears when everybody refuses to go on playing ( to be fair by this point we’ve played a minimum 10 games).

 Little man also insists that his the Bingo caller 70% of the time, the only time he doesn’t is when we’re playing for prizes… Clever, clever lad!

 A big advantage is, Little man can easily change his tone, his had plenty of practice what with pretending his doing the announcements for Transport for London since he was two, he does this perfect Monotone voice when calling, which is better than his father who does all that legs eleven banter.

 The Bingo set we were sent is extremely well made, you select the numbers to be called by dropping all balls into the black durable plastic tumbler wheel that spins by turning a handle to ensure the numbers are mixed & selected at random. The balls are drawn one at a time and placed onto the number board once called. Each player has a bingo card and some counters to cover each number called on their card, it’s that simple but so much fun.

Set comes complete with: Tumbler, 75 white numbered balls, Number board, Counters, 18 game cards

 You can play a line, 2 lines and a full house, its up to you!

 Below are some fun ways you can get the most out of the game!

  Kids and adults alike can play, use the game to teach  fun competition & number recognition, you could even put in small prizes such as bags of treats or party bag fillers, to make it that bit more exciting! Use as a party game at children’s birthday parties (remember eyes down & silence) what a fantastic way to save yourself that headache, keep them little darlings quite and an awesome alternative to pass the parcel!

 How about getting some of the adults around, all chipping in with each game, the winner takes all (seriously, I sound like an out of control gambler! Shame on me).

This is a game we are sure to pull out and play time and time again. What I really love about it is you can play  together as a family regardless of age, everyone will love a game of bingo.

 There are a host of fun and exciting toys to be found on the Tots ‘n’ Toys site.

There is everything from games, bath toys, arts and crafts, educational toys, role play, fancy dress and a whole lot more

 You can get this fantastic black bingo game for a very reasonable £14.99 from Tots ‘n’ Toys

Click HERE for the direct link

3 Responses to “A family game of Bingo”

  1. Bengt Andersson August 28, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Looks like you had a fun day playing bingo! Thanks for the link to Tots ‘n’ Toys!

  2. Angela M (@daisyangel1) January 4, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    My niece had a bingo game from santa and she loves it and its great for practicing her numbers and of course we all have lots of fun 🙂

  3. Lou Strachan (@Bobbity666) January 4, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    Bingo is a favourite game in our house….

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