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Top Three Tips To Get You’re Kids To Sleep

2 Feb

My top three tips for “Getting your child to sleep”

 Well, my eldest is on the autism spectrum, his a poor sleeper as many of you know, so I guess you’re wondering what tips I can possibly give?

 The following tips don’t always work for my son with Aspergers, though they do work for my youngest Harley (most of the time).

 Tip One: No heavy food for a least 2 hours before bed. Harley has a sensitive stomach, plus he needs time to burn it off, which brings me to my next tip…

 Tip Two: This actually works for my Little man too (aka A boy with Aspergers) mainly during the summer months! A good jump on the trampoline a half hour or so before bed, tends to unleash all that built up energy, meaning your little ones are more relaxed and worn out when it comes to bedtime.

 Tip 3: Harley & Alice-Sara like a story, though this is always done in the bedroom, under the covers with the night-light on following a warm beaker of milk. Little man loves a story too, though he listens to his via a story audio CD, which seems to either soothe him to sleep or bore him to it (either one, I’m not sure)!

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The following tips have been given as an entry into the baby budgeting www. time4sleep.co.uk competition

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