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Ajo Bebe changing bag candy

29 Oct

This week we see the Little helpers go from three to four, when the lovely Nikki from, ‘A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee’ sent me a beautiful Ajo Bebe travel wipes case to review.

A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee is an online store specialising in high end children’s and baby products.

Nikki the owner stocks some beautiful items that are available no place else in the UK, she even hosts a number of celebrity favourites. 

The Ajo Bebe travel wipes case is a lush addition to any changing bag and will have mothers asking you,

“Excuse me, but where did you get that from”

Oh… Yes, this pretty little case happens to be a great tool for a conversation starter, believe me, it’s happened to me twice so far! There was last week when I was asked in the doctors reception waiting area (yes, during that week from hell when all three children were ill) then there was the time a fellow mummy asked me where I got my Ajo Bebe travel wipes case while at the the under five’s play park. You can’t blame these mummy’s for asking as it is lovely! 

“Ok, Ok, I hear you, it is just a wipes case!”

 But surly us mummy’s deserve a pretty one, after all wet wipes are our ultimate travelling companion. With a 22m old I can’t afford to leave these essentials at home! Yes, its pretty sad that I’ve enjoyed whipping out my cute little travel case every time Harley gets sticky fingers, a runny noise or chocolate covered chops, but so what… it’s nice to have something nice, isn’t it? It beats pulling out a pain old pack of Huggies that’s for sure!

 The green and aqua blue, almost art deco design finished with white lace trimming is the perfect design for a girlie girl who likes something other than “Pink” !

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Priced at £19.99 it’s a pretty cool addition to any mummy’s Christmas wish list. You could even consider buying it for that “special mum to be” as a baby shower gift (trust me, it beats your standard baby-grow).

There are plenty of beautiful children’s & baby items to be found over at ‘A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee’ from cool bumblebee backpacks to gorgeous baby blankets. This is a site worth visiting, even if you will want everything you set your eyes on, I did!

Nikki owner of ‘A cat a mouse, and a bumblebee’ is currently looks for party planners to join her team! Check out the site then contact Nikki for more information via the contact page. 

Ajo Bebe Travel wipes case from A cat, a mouse and a bumblebee

Cost £19.99

Click HERE to buy or have a browses at some truly lush pieces .

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