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Aspergers sites.

10 Dec

When i first heard that my son may have Aspergers i wasn’t sure where to turn for help.

If your new to my world then I’m guessing you are in search of some answers and like myself have turned to the Internet find them. I hope that this site helps you along but I’m a mother not an expert. And as this blog is fairly new i fault i would share some off the great AD sites that have helped me  over the past few years.








Getting a diagnosis

10 Dec

Are you worried that your child or someone you know has Aspergers. There are many sites on the web that offer help on getting a diagnosis. Please note that this is not an easy process. Be prepared a  for long wait.

discuss your concerns with your GP or if it is a child you are concerned about you could speak to his or her school. They may have a educational psychologist that could help.

The best way to avoid a long wait would be to chose the most costly option which is to go private. There is a great organisation which goes under the name of Oaasis. They offer a great deal of  information and support on all things AD. And if you are thinking on taking the private route this organisation really can help. To contact Oaasis you can phone them on there free number 0800 902 0732 or visit there web site at www.oaasis.co.uk.

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