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Vax Air 3 U88-AM-B Review

22 Oct

As part of the Vax voice panel I get to test some of their newest products.

This time it was the newest in their range of Vax Air’s. It was time to try out the New Air³


Vax say “The Air³ is the lightest multi-cyclonic full-sized vacuum in the world. It is lighter than the competition, without compromising on performance. With the turn of a wrist, the Air³ is easily manoeuvred around furniture in one motion.”

Normally when I take a delivery of a Vax the box is huge and I need help from the delivery guy to get it in the door. This wasn’t the case this time. Even with all its packaging the the Vax Air³ is super light weight. I was shocked at how small and thin the product was, it resembled a toy cleaner and I was unsure how this could possibly be as powerful as other cleaners.


The Air³ is easy to connect. It has a quick guide attached to the handle and there is only a few pieces that need slotting into place. What’s great is how you can be using the Air³ within minutes of receiving it.


2.0 litre dust container
Slim and lightweight, but with a full size capacity dust container.

Multiple cyclones separate dirt from the air, so the suction is always as powerful as the first time you used it.

225 air watts
All the cleaning power of a conventional upright, so there’s no compromise in performance.

Reduces allergens
H12 HEPA filtration helps to remove very fine dust particles, pollen and other allergens.

Outstanding manoeuvrability
The dual-axis allows you to twist and turn around your furniture with a flick of the wrist, for easier cleaning.

Only 4.9kg in use
Weighs a third less than conventional uprights, so it’s easy to carry upstairs and from room to room.

I hate heavy vacuums and I’d go as far as to say that they actually put me off wanting to do the vacuuming. The Air³ is super light weight and is extremely easy to carry about. The handle is adjustable too so even the children have little problem vacuuming their own bedrooms.

Another great feature to this Vax is how it manoeuvres. The unit simply reclines and with the twist of the handle it can be easily manoeuvred under and around the furniture.


With most of the Vax systems I have been lucky enough to test, those with a brushbar are triggered as soon as they are turned on. With the Air³ its brushbar is not triggered unless you switch it on with the touch of an on/off button. This means its therefore an optional feature. The brushbar is actually designed for carpets so if your like me and have lots of hard floors (wooden etc) you can just opt to keep it of.


If I had to pick a fault it would be the fact the vacuums hose is simply not long enough. I found that the unit would tip when trying to use the hose on the stairs or around the sides of the room. If like me your lucky to have a connecting hose to attach therefore extending the hose to a much greater length, the problem is therefore easily fixed.

I was really surprised at how much dirt it was able to hold before I needed to empty it. For a small unit it does hold just as much as any of their bigger units.

I really do like the new Air³ from Vax. For me what makes it so great is its ease of use. It is very lightweight and the new dual-axis feature makes getting around furniture an absolute breeze.

#HAWMC DAY 13 – The 10 things I can’t live without!

13 Apr

The health activist writers month challenge (#HAWMC) is in full swing and I’m really quite enjoying the daily prompts. However, I wasn’t overly keen on today’s but given this is meant to be a challenge, I didn’t bail out.

 So, when asked what 10 things I couldn’t live without, I got my thinking cap on…


1) My Children: Obviously the first thing I’ll list is this! My children, they’re my everything, my who entire life, the reason I breath. A life without my kids truly isn’t worth living!


2) Friends and family: My mother and father who reared me and made me the person I am today. Friends who have been amazing through some of the most difficult times of my life… I’m truly thankful to you all, if only you all knew how much!


3) Health: I want to be around for many years. I want to watch my children grow and evolve into adults, finish education, get there first job, get married and invite me for Sunday lunch.


4) My blog: How superficial you may think? But this is my outlet, a place to let of steam, share any happiness and achievements along the way. It’s got me through tough times, provided a connection to something I never knew existed. Who would ever think a blog could save someone? It saved me from insanity, that I’m thankful for!


5) Passion: It’s what drives me to do the thinks I do. To live without passion would be like living without food and water for me!


6) Dreams: Whether they amount to anything is totally irrelevant, they keep me smiling and give me something to aim for… surely we all have a dream?


7) A Voice: No I can’t sing (I actually recall my mother telling me I sound somewhat like a cat crying out in agony) but it does give me a way to speak up when it comes to the things I believe in! It’s helped me to raise awareness for autism and aspergers as-well as a number of other charities and campaigns. I’ve realised how powerful a tool one persons voice can be, you’ve just got to know how to use it!


8) Technology: I can just imagine my grandmother shaking her head if she was alive to read this! Yes, she would likely tell me and in no uncertain terms, that In her day people spoke to each other face to face, not all this texting and emailing rubbish! But we are now living in a modern world, one where my Mac and my iphone have become something of a second skin. These tools along with the rise in social networking sites have provide me with more than just a way to communicate with those out of reach but has also provided me with a platform to raise awareness for something I believe in and feel passion towards! The facebook support page now has over 5,000 members and continues to grow, I love that it’s become a place for parents like myself to gain support and friendship with those who relate most. I’ve also found a place to release inner creativity, experience things I otherwise couldn’t or wouldn’t have! And along the way I’ve meet some amazing people, some Im pleased to have become firm friends with.


9) A Little Me Time: Sounds a strange one but without it I’d go absolutely bonkers… I’m sure of it! I may not get a whole heap of it but what I do get I fully appreciate it.


10) Memory’s: It’s memorise both good and bad that help me mould my future. I am able to learn from past mistakes, avoiding any recurring undesirable situations. Those help memories keep me smiling when times are difficult… Memories really do help create a more positive future. 

And an extra one for good measure…

A sense of humour, the ability to laugh at yourself. Life is a serious affair but a bit of laughter is good for the mind!


Post 13/30 #HAWMC set by wego health


6 Mar

This post may make you giggle

You see it did me, but it also made me turn a funny shade of red.

We went shopping on Wednesday evening ( brave given the trouble Little man gave me last time! Read my post what did you say about me mum? and you will understand where I’m coming from. Well yes we were shopping and yes yet again little man was not the most easiest child to shop with’ But I coped! G had his pocket-money with him, as did his sister Alice. As she browsed the toys little man strolled down the aisle putting milk, yogurt, toothpaste, mouthwash and other strange products into his trolley. Note when I say strange I mean strange items for a 8yr old boy to want to spend his pocket-money on! Don’t you agree.

The last item he got was a child’s bottle of bubble bath. He then lined up a the checkout beside the one I had chosen for us. He was going to pay his own shopping bill, then pack it away. G was acting the big man. Let me add something here. This was not play to him it was very much real. I sometimes feel that he forgets his 8. He is forever trying to get in on adult conversations, passing his views like it’s the norm for a child to do. The thing is he speaks like a little man ( That’s how the nickname come about ) When he does this to random people strangers in fact. They look at him in total disbelief. He knows mummy and daddy don’t want him talking to strangers but some how he just don’t allow himself not to talk to them so your forever on the run making sure his not starting conversations with random people. Has anybody seen Home alone the film? Well it’s a really well-known film so I guess you all have! Well G at the checkout reminds me of the scene when the little boy Kevin is in the supermarket doing the shopping. His all alone and when he gets to the checkout he comes across like a funny little man. His also 8 in the film. Well that’s just what it was like with G apart from he wasn’t really alone even though he acted this way and was asked a number of times where is your mum or dad?

I gave the checkout girl a wink! She either fault I was a lesbian or I was confirming little man was with me and yes he was for real! She smiled as she scanned the items of interest though the till.

” hey how are you this evening? “

“fine love fine but busy”

MY GOD LOVE!! Where that or any of it come from I was unsure. After all I’m just mum!

The girl let out a chuckle. G looked up as to say WHAT YOU DOING THAT FOR?

“So are you paying for your mummy’s shopping?”

Um no this is mine not my mothers shopping as you can see mum gets rubbish stuff that is no use to me”

Well I had to laugh and I know she did! I think everybody heard. She shook her head in total disbelief. And said where did you get him from? OH NO WRONG THING TO SAY! Just as this Thought hit my messy head out it come…

” What a silly thing to ask my mum! I come from inside her, I came from a egg implanted in mum that my dad helped to put there. And can I get on and pay now I’m a busy busy boy.

Well I laughed, she laughed, the supermarket laughed. But I also wanted the floor to grab me and suck me in so no one would see my strawberry red face that kind of felt like it was burning in flames.


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24 Jan

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