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Vax Air 3 U88-AM-B Review

22 Oct

As part of the Vax voice panel I get to test some of their newest products.

This time it was the newest in their range of Vax Air’s. It was time to try out the New Air³


Vax say “The Air³ is the lightest multi-cyclonic full-sized vacuum in the world. It is lighter than the competition, without compromising on performance. With the turn of a wrist, the Air³ is easily manoeuvred around furniture in one motion.”

Normally when I take a delivery of a Vax the box is huge and I need help from the delivery guy to get it in the door. This wasn’t the case this time. Even with all its packaging the the Vax Air³ is super light weight. I was shocked at how small and thin the product was, it resembled a toy cleaner and I was unsure how this could possibly be as powerful as other cleaners.


The Air³ is easy to connect. It has a quick guide attached to the handle and there is only a few pieces that need slotting into place. What’s great is how you can be using the Air³ within minutes of receiving it.


2.0 litre dust container
Slim and lightweight, but with a full size capacity dust container.

Multiple cyclones separate dirt from the air, so the suction is always as powerful as the first time you used it.

225 air watts
All the cleaning power of a conventional upright, so there’s no compromise in performance.

Reduces allergens
H12 HEPA filtration helps to remove very fine dust particles, pollen and other allergens.

Outstanding manoeuvrability
The dual-axis allows you to twist and turn around your furniture with a flick of the wrist, for easier cleaning.

Only 4.9kg in use
Weighs a third less than conventional uprights, so it’s easy to carry upstairs and from room to room.

I hate heavy vacuums and I’d go as far as to say that they actually put me off wanting to do the vacuuming. The Air³ is super light weight and is extremely easy to carry about. The handle is adjustable too so even the children have little problem vacuuming their own bedrooms.

Another great feature to this Vax is how it manoeuvres. The unit simply reclines and with the twist of the handle it can be easily manoeuvred under and around the furniture.


With most of the Vax systems I have been lucky enough to test, those with a brushbar are triggered as soon as they are turned on. With the Air³ its brushbar is not triggered unless you switch it on with the touch of an on/off button. This means its therefore an optional feature. The brushbar is actually designed for carpets so if your like me and have lots of hard floors (wooden etc) you can just opt to keep it of.


If I had to pick a fault it would be the fact the vacuums hose is simply not long enough. I found that the unit would tip when trying to use the hose on the stairs or around the sides of the room. If like me your lucky to have a connecting hose to attach therefore extending the hose to a much greater length, the problem is therefore easily fixed.

I was really surprised at how much dirt it was able to hold before I needed to empty it. For a small unit it does hold just as much as any of their bigger units.

I really do like the new Air³ from Vax. For me what makes it so great is its ease of use. It is very lightweight and the new dual-axis feature makes getting around furniture an absolute breeze.


18 Sep

As you may all well know already, I’m part of the Vax voice consumer team and as a result I get to test some awesome Vax products.

It’s been awhile since I featured any Vax products on the blog… Life has just been to hectic but here’s our latest instrument.


The products: Vax Spot & Stain Cleaner


What Vax say: “The Spot & Stain Cleaner is suitable for use on wool, polyester and raffia carpets. It’s best for breaking down and removing specific stains like red wine, cola, juice, oil, sauce, team and coffee and other common household spills. Just spray the solution directly onto the stain, leave for a couple of minutes, gently rub with a clean colourfast cloth, leave to dry and vacuum as normal.”

We don’t have a large amount of carpet to clean, just in the bedrooms. We also have a Vax carpet cleaner we use often so at first I wasn’t sure how much I’d need to use this. However, I discovered this was a great product for them little emergency spills or just when I couldn’t be bothered to drag the carpet cleaner from its home in the hallway cupboard. It did what it said on the tin and did it well. I don’t know if I was meant to but I did use it on other areas such as spills on the push chair and other upholstery. It may not state you can do this but I did and thankfully didn’t regret it. I was actually really pleased with just how well it removed stains from the push chair and will be buying it for this reason in particular in the future.

For just £2.99 I’d say it’s excellent value for money.

Product: Vax Carpet Shampoo


What Vax Say: “The Vax Carpet Shampoo is best for use on wool, polyester and raffia carpets. It provides deep cleaning for those without a carpet washing machine. It breaks down stains and refreshes carpets and rugs, without any sticky residue. Just mix with water, use a clean cloth or sponge to apply to the carpet, leave to dry and vacuum as normal.”

Well, I do have a carpet cleaner and the thought of doing this on my hands and knees didn’t overjoy me! I asked my mum if she fancied trying out the product and being a little OCD when it comes to cleaning she was more than happy to put it to the test.

The feed back I received was that the solution goes a long way when mixed with water. It’s best used on fresh dirt as opposed to old stains but does require some good old elbow grease to get results. Mum told me that £2.99 is a reasonable price for the solution. However, she may just borrow my carpet cleaner next time. 🙂

For full details and products visit VAX online.

Review – The Vax Bare Floor Pro

23 May

I’ve been on the Vax voice panel for a while now and I’m loving it! The products are awesome and I’ve got to try some great Vax appliances that I’d never have been able to try otherwise.

This time they sent me the new Vax Bare Floor Pro and I feel for £99.99 it’s a gem of a buy. You may feel a hundred quid for a mop is kinda pushing it, but this is no ordinary mop, this is a super stream mop that along with the specially developed detergent, it does an awesome job in getting floors super clean and smelling beautifully citrus fresh.


The Vax Bare Floor Pro, is so simply to use. Just fill with the required amount of water and detergent with the measuring jug, plug in and within seconds the green LED light comes on and your away.

The appliances is super light weight weighing in at just 2.9kg making it dead easy to manoeuvre.

What’s even greater about this appliance is how little water and detergent it requires so even when filled its still really light in weight.

There are water tanks (one for water alone and one for water combined with detergent). One is located on the front of the machine and the other located on the back, both are easily removed and filled.



The mop did a mighty fine job on my yucky laminated floors that were covered in the contents of our garden with some ice cream and other stickiness thrown in for good measure. The mop uses stream so the floor dries extremely quickly which is great when your a busy household full of children and pets that don’t quite grasp the term “don’t walk on the floor, it’s wet!” Seriously the mop makes the job of cleaning the floor quick and easy, less then half the time as when using a standard mop.

The micro fibre removable pads are machine washable and I was pleasantly surprised how clean my every day soap powder brought these out (considering what they looked like once the job of washing the floor was finished).

It’s my opinion that this is a very good investment for any household especially considering your also getting a 2 year guarantee. The Vax Bare Floor Pro will last heaps longer than any standard mop and accessories and detergents are reasonably priced (remember this takes only a small amount of detergent so it last a while). What’s more Vax include micro fibre pads and detergent in with your appliance making it an even better buy.

I absolutely love this steam mop and having only had it a little over a week, I’d still now be seriously lost without it.

You can order yours over on the Vax online store where you can opt to pay in one go or in 3 affordable monthly instruments of just £33.33.


Air Force 2 Total Home U89-MAF2-T

11 Mar

Evening all, just popping on to share my latest thoughts on our latest Vax.

Being a Vax consumer tester is a brilliant opportunity and I was most lucky at being selected late last year. I’m now currently on the third product, which is the “Air Force 2 Total Home U89-MAF2-T” the latest upright in the Air Force Collection. This mighty machine is the daddy of upright cleaners and is a lot like the Vax air total that I reviewed right at the end of the year (December the 29th). Saying this, mine is however a cylinder vacuum cleaner, where as mentioned this is an upright. With this awesome compact little device already tucked neatly under my stairs and a mother with a vacuum cleaner that struggles to lift the smallest of crumbs, it was decided that I’ll pass the Air force 2 total home, to my mother! Of course the vacuum was welcomed by mum who really appreciated it which isn’t surprising given the lack of efficiency from her old cleaner. Now… as much a I love my mother, this was handed over with a few conditions attached! Condition 1) she vacuums, while I follow her like a lost pup in-order to comply my note and snap some pictures 2) She tells me what she thinks 3) She doesn’t run me over in the process. With all conditions agreed, it was time to test this baby out.First impressions: Myself and mother pretty much agreed with one another when stating that although it’s a really smart design, it is on the large side, also being quite heavy. However, the fact that this has nearly every attachment you could possible think off means, you can leave the body of the upright at the bottom of the stairs, what with its super long hose that easily reaches the very top of the staircase.

Instruction manual: Clear, easy to follow instructions with words and diagrams in host of languages.

Overall performance: This is 340 air watts and is listed as the brands most powerful muti-cyclonic upright vacuum cleaners Vax sells to date. We, meaning myself and mum, can second this statement! We found it to be extremely powerful, unlike nothing I’ve yet discovered (watch out this can super suck a number of objects quicker than a blink)! Mum almost sucked up the famous odd sock bag and demonstrated its suction power by attacking her own daughter, almost sucking me up and transforming me in to billions of dust particles (really… how childish)!
To manoeuvre the vacuum is pretty much OK, through it is a heavy machine so sometimes a bit tricky to get into the corners. Nonetheless, the many attachments give a solution for any given problem, however big or small.
Extra Long Hose and Cable: Big bonus… not only does this have a great long hose for the stairs but an extra long suction pole to reach tops of curtains and corners of ceilings.

Flat upholstery Tool: This is ideal for giving hanging curtains the once over. Perfectly designed to vacuum without the worry of actually suctioning them of their runners.
Large capacity: This upright has a very large 3 litre dust capacity which means more vacuuming and less emptying… Result!

Antibacterial H12 HEPA filter: My mother has a 9 month old pup as well as my sister and her new-born in the house, so, the antibacterial HI2 HEPA Filter was a must! This is a great filter for those with pets as it removes bacteria and allergens while actively reducing any pet related odours.

TurboTool: Another impressive attachment, that also come’s with my cylinder vacuum and I use excessively. I can see this being my mum’s new cleaning buddy, what with a puppy and growing baby in the house. The TurboTool is ideal for cleaning stairs, upholstery and car seats.

Flexi Crevice tool: Yes funny name I agree, through this craved tool gets down the sides of the sofa a treat, what with its almost paper like flatness.

Emptying the collecting container was easy, and locks back on with no difficulties. Did have small issue trying to work out how to remove filter for washing, finally worked out that I was meant to be twisting then pulling as opposed to just trying to pull it out. Not the Vacuums thought, more likely down to me being inpatient and probably had little sleep the night before, as mum hasn’t had issue removing since.

My mum has a new sheep skin rug and its recommended that you vacuum the rug to remove access fluff when you first lay it down. Well, I was surprised that there was any rug left given how much fluff was removed by the Vax Air Force 2, just check out the slideshow below!

Pros: Powerful suction, array of attachments, extra long hose, (no need to carry to vacuum stairs) large capacity of 3 litres, Anti-bacterial filters, easy clean, Massive 6 year guarantee included (giving peace of mind), removable handle shortening devices for storage

Cons: Little heavy (though with attachments and hose not much need for carrying) tad bulky so need some where to store.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Attached Price Tag: RRP £279.99 (prices vary from one retailer to another) Click HERE to check it out over on the Vax UK official website

Value for money? This is super powerful, comes with great attachments and a 6 year guarantee! I classify that as an investment that you can rely on.
Model no: U89-MAF2-TPower Multi-cyclonic AirWatts 340AW
Variable Power: No
Capacity: 3.0 litres
TurboTool: Yes
Turbo Brush: No
Cord: 10 metres
Filters: Anti-bacterial H12 HEPA
Hose: 4.2 metres
Suitable for hard floors: Yes
Weight: 8.8kg
Guarantee: 6 year guarantee
Other tools included: 3-in-1 crevice tool (crevice tool/dusting brush/upholstery tool), flexi crevice tool, flat
upholstery tool

10 positives to parenting a child with Aspergers Syndrome

5 Jan

Having posted a post full of doom and gloom a few days back (Questioning your coping mechanisms) I wanted to post something a tad more upbeat and cheery today.

So… with this in mine, I have created a list of the top ten best things that come with parenting a child with Aspergers Syndrome. Yes, its full of them quirky little traits I love and the reasons while I just couldn’t live without them.

(1) HONESTY: Now don’t believe everything you read, a child with Aspergers can tell the odd porky pie, why? Because they are intelligent and learn how to do such a thing! However, 99% of the time you will find that your child, friend or family relative on the autism spectrum is indeed extremely honest! Little man speaks his mind and although this may have gotton him into the odd spot of bother (example… telling the head teacher at his old school that his breath smelt similar to that of a dog) it’s also a credit to him. When little man tells you something that sounds like it is the stuff of make believe, you’ll likely be surprised to find that… yes it’s actually true!

(2) SPECIAL INTEREST: When your child has a diagnosis such as Aspergers, you’ll find that

Wikipedia: Image of London Bus Child Ticket

Image via Wikipedia

with that title comes that of the ‘Special interest’ and if like little man, that special interest happens to be London Transport… you’ll never miss a train or a bus again!

(3) EYE FOR A BARGIN: When out food shopping with the Little man, there is a high prospect that the breakout of a meltdown may occur (what with the crowds and the tendency to become over stimulated). I try my best to keep the Little man calm and focused by getting him to help me with the shopping list! Here’s the great thing… I never end up out of pocket due to purchasing offers that secretly are not really offers at all! Little man has the tendency to act like a human calculator. I remember going to buy a bottle of coke that had so much free and at what I considered to be a good price! That was in-till my Little Man informed me that actually by buying the two smaller bottles I’d end up with more litres for less money… Clever lad!

(4) RULE BOUND: When Little man recently took a trip with a friend to the little row of shops around the corner from our house he went knowing the golden rule, “Cross at the traffic lights and only at the traffic lights!” When his friend tried to persuade him to cross the main road without the safety of the lights, little man refused and came back home! That’s my boy!

English: A Led Traffic lights

Image via Wikipedia

(5) YOUNG & BUSINESS MINDED: Many children at eleven are not sat for hours, days, weeks or years even, planing their business empire! Well, Little man is… ambition: To be the next Richard Branson (not a bad ambition for an 11-year-old kid, is it)? My little man already has a name for his brand and plans how he will take the world by force on a daily basis… Watch this space!

Image representing Richard Branson as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

(6) TAKES A SHINE TO YOUR VAX: No… Not Fax, though I’m sure if I had one he would love it! I mean, ‘VAX’ a brand of vacuum cleaner. Oh… Yes, I can just see all them parents of children on the autism spectrum nodding their heads at speed because yes, the child with Aspergers Syndrome does have a tendency to like household gadgets or items considered odd by peers of the same age! Why is this a good thing? Well, what other 11-year-old do you know who offers to hover the living room and stairs for you on a daily basis? What a great job he makes of it too!

(7) HAVING A LAY IN: OK, OK my son isn’t the best at going to bed and falling a sleep of a night, he often struggles till 3am or later even with the use of Melatonin (natural sleeping medication) however when his head hits the pillow he refuses to move it and after a late one making sure he gets of to sleep, I deserve a lay-in! (NOT GREAT ON SCHOOL DAY, JUST WEEKENDS)!

(8) PERFECTIONIST: Not always a good thing, especially when it means they refuse to do school work as they feel they just can’t do a good job of the task at hand so outrightly refuse to try at all. Nonetheless when the child is passionate about something, they do a mighty good job of it, making the parent a very proud one (I have some amazing pictures of little man’s LEGO creations).

(9) MANNERS: Little man has huge problems with his use of swearing and at times I’m dead embarrassed when out and about a meltdown breaks out which often starts with some really offensive obscenities. Yet, when the Little man is polite and his engaged in a conversation of interest or sat talking to the elderly lady on the bus, his manners are outstanding and many comment how proud I must be 🙂 Put it this way… My son has never got of a bus without thanking the driver, always holds doors open for little old ladies and once offered FOR ME to carry someone’s shopping to their car at Tesco!

(10) AMAZING MEMORY: Little man may not have the best short-term memory especially when asking him to fetch his dirty washing or find his shoes, but when something interests him he gathers the facts surrounding the topic and stores them away safely. It is truly amazing that Little man can tell you where almost every bus in London is destining for just by giving him its number!

A fMRI scan showing regions of activation in o...

Image via Wikipedia


29 Dec

As part of the Vax Voice consumer testing team, I’m lucky enough to be given the opportunity to test some of the latest “Must have” Vax products on the market, feeding back my honest opinion to the world (well, anyone that will listen that is)! 

 My first product was the awesome Vax rapide ultra 2, the all new carpet cleaner that rated so highly with us! I’ve now been sent the latest Vax compact cylinder vacuum cleaner that goes by the name of ‘Air Total Home C89-MA-T’.

 When I heard this was the next product to be sent, I was pretty chuffed as this is a vacuum cleaner designed to help reduce pet-related odours & allergens, what with two cats yet to leave the house and explore the outside world, this was ideal. 

 The Air total Home C89-MA-T arrived in no time at all and before I knew it I was lifting my new vacuum cleaner from its box! First impressions were good, the product was lightweight, came with lots of accessories and looked dead sleek (as sleek as a vacuum can look) in its red and grey design.

Attractive design

 I have always used an upright which is fabulous but not ideal for use on the stairs, plus ours is reasonably heavy. I found that when using an upright on the stairs it’s hard work, even with the supplied attachments as it forever falls forward so, I was keen to give this compact device a try. 

 The extra long hose was a dream as it allowed me to reach the top landing without having to manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner whatsoever, so hovering the stairs is a much simpler job that takes a faction of time.

 As for the performance, I cannot fault it! The Air Total does what it promises, and for such a small device it has some almighty suction power! Vax, claim it’s their most powerful compact multi cyclonic cylinder and despite not having tested them all, I could easily believe it to be true! The suction power is the best I’ve yet to come across and even the little man who has Asperger’s syndrome and a little thing for vacuum cleaners gave it a big thumbs up (may sound strange but at least his always happy to help mum with the chores)! 

 This powerful suction power is down to the vacuums filters which don’t become blocked, all dirt collects in the container which is bigger than average and easy to empty, the vacuum therefore never loses suction and you don’t lose your rag!

Just check out that impressive extra long 4.20 meter hose

 I’ve been using the Air total Home C89-MA-T for almost a month now and can safely report that its never performed badly, I’ve never once found myself banging it angrily against the wall trying to dislodge a blockage. 

 As for the pet hairs, I found the Air total Home C89-MA-T removed them without problem! Note, the vacuum comes complete with a number of attachable accessories such as the Turbo tool and the Turbobrush both designed to lift stubborn pet hair with ease, through I found the brush I had already attached to do an already efficient job.

This is a really impressive little vacuum cleaner, that despite its compact size is big on performance and brings with it an impressive 6 year guarantee which allows you to clean in a worry free state. 

 If I had to report any disadvantages, it would be that despite all the great attachments supplied the actual device holds no storage capacity for these attachments! I would also suggest that you remove the extended hose for storage keeping this and the other attachments in a separate box as storing with this hose connected is much harder as despite the vacuum’s small compact appearance it becomes somewhat taller with the hose on what with it extending 4.20 metres in length (hard to explain so added a picture).

The attached hose does add height disconnect for storage (now you can see why this reaches tops of stairs). 

Nonetheless, the Air Total Home C89-MA-T with its overall performance, great suction, compact, lightweight design and antibacterial filters, plus fantastic 6 year guarantee, far outweigh any miner disadvantage of that given above. 

 With this now replacing our usually device, its safe to say that I think this cylinder vacuum-cleaner is the business!

The Vax Air Total Home C89-MA-T has a RRP of £249.99 for further info or reviews Click HERE

Disclaimer: As part of the team of consumer testers for Vax Voice I received the product in exchange for an honest review! All opinions are my own and haven’t been influenced in any way.

Review of the Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra 2

6 Nov

Vax Voice

How excited was I when those lovely lot at Vax invited me to be a Vax consumer tester by joining the new ‘Vax Voice’

What a great opportunity to be given, I was made up!

Now I wont lie, I don’t love cleaning, it actually drains my soul & I could think of a million & one other things I’d rather be doing! So, I’m not going to start this post by declaring to the world how much I love to clean!

What I do love is finding a product that will help me get the task at hand done in both the most efficient and speediest way possible. That’s why I’m dead chuffed to become a part of ‘Vax Voice’

I first discovered the beauty of Vax a few years back when I invested my pennies in a “mean machine” the nick-name I have given my first ever Vax upright vacuum-cleaner! Since then I’ve never looked back and continue to use the ‘Mean Machine’ to this day.

Being a mum is a time-consuming job, especially when you’re a mother of three, one with Aspergers syndrome and another fast approaching the age of two. I therefore like to use a product that’s not only going to give me the best results but one that’s going to do it in the fastest time possible. That’s what I get from Vax.

The Product… Vax W90-RU-P Rapide Ultra Carpet Washer 

I couldn’t wait to discover what these guys had in store for me. Well, in true Vax fashion I didn’t have to wait long to find out! Early morning I was greeted by a guy with a massive box stood outside my front door. The guy (aka the delivery man) had just become my father Christmas delivering me my new, ‘Vax W90-RU-P ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ carpet washer. Out came a knife to score open the very large box that held my new appliance sent to get my carpets all fresh and sparkling clean in the quickest of time! My first impressions of my new appliance was, “What a handsome devil you are”

Despite its intended use the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ was surprisingly light and reasonable slim. ( though this is without the added water). Everything had its place, meaning it was extremely compact what with its removable handle allowing easy storage (new home allocated under the stairs).

Accessories included were

Float chamber, handle locking pin, pre treatment wand & holder, cleaning solution.

I’m normally a really naughty girl when It comes down to reading the enclosed instructions/user guide. I fully admit it! I’m the person that everyone hates, the person who never bothers to read the manual, only moaning later when I don’t fully understand how to work something. I somehow come to the conclusion that me and my new product, what ever that may be, will just gel, understanding what one another expect.

So, with a coffee in one hand and the user guide in the other I hit the sofa and engaged myself in some serious reading.

I Waited till both my elder children had returned to school following the half-term before putting the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ to the test! (Little man and gadgets together is far too much to think about.)

Before you get started!

First I needed to assemble my product, first was the handle, this was easily done in a few simple steps.

Next up was the Pre-treatment wand that fitted to the front of the cleaner, again with the easy to follow step by step instructions given in the user guide I done this easily by myself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I started with the recommended pre-treatment which is recommended for any hard to shift stains. I was doing the hall carpet that has seen better days. Lots of muddy shoes and bike wheels have graced its path over the course of the year. The solution needed to be mixed with water and then added to the cold water tank. Using the attached wand you then spray the desired area.

Vax recommends that pre-treatment is left for the full recommended 10-15 minutes before starting the full carpet cleaning process.

Getting on the job

The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ uses a rotating brush action that is triggered when reclined which was easy to do with the use of a foot pedal located on the base of the appliance. The rotating brushes ensure a deep clean removing any allergens and odours (which is great if you have pets). I found it very easy to navigate around the hallway and even with the water tank filled, it still wasn’t overly heavy, (I recommend you don’t carry this up the stairs filled with water as this will make it much heavier). ‘The Rapide Ultra 2’ also comes with a hand-held brush for the hard to reach areas. Cleaning solution is dispensed via a number of trigger buttons. When using the upright cleaner this is done via the easy to reach button located on the top of the handle where you place your hand to steer the cleaner. The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ uses a float which you fit to the dirty water tank. It’s this float that alerts you by a change in engine sound, when you need to change the water.

There are a number of gadgets that together with the appliance make this a fantastic product (you can even suck up spillage’s quick and easily) which is a great feature for any mum!


All the parts were easily removed and reattached (including the water tanks). The hose wheel located at the back keeps your appliance looking tidy and compact as did a number of other clips for the various parts.

The maintenance is very low-level, with the float chamber only requiring a rinse under a running tap and the tank just needing to be cleaned with fresh water and dried before being reattached.

The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ done a grand old job on my tatty carpet (tatty it is no more). It was simply to set up and the ease of use was fantastic. I did worry that the carpet wouldn’t be dry in time for the children return home from school, but I need not have worried as like it promises the carpet dried reasonable quickly. The cleaner doesn’t let off excess water making your carpets soaking like many others tend to do. This is the result of the New Dual V technology that ensures consistent, powerful suction so carpets dry really quickly.

The only disappointment for me was the fact I didn’t carpet the living room as I wanted to last year (Instead went with the option of wooden flooring, what with my children, I thought this would be the best option) I take that back now as this was easier than scrubbing the decks so to speak.

Product information

The ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ does display a price tag of £279.00 and yes, I am extremely lucky to review this as I currently couldn’t afford this kind of money, however saying that, if I could then I would invest it in this. The good news is, Vax are currently selling it for a  special price of £169.99 for a limited time only!

 My ‘Upright hover’ I invested in a few years back is still going strong and normally by now I would have replaced an average hover maybe 2 or more times.

If you have carpets that regularly require cleaning, especially if you have young children, then I highly recommend the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ as the perfect cleaning companion.

(Note the small hand brush means car interiors, stairs,upholstery and more can be cleaned using the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’.)

If any problems occur with any Vax appliance they are quick to help, all you need to do is call their customer service team and they will do their best to help. Plus The Rapide Ultra 2 comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Click HERE to buy or gain more information. 

Click HERE for a video demonstration & other consumer reviews.

 (Note spares for your ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ can also be brought online with ease.)

We were very lucky to be given the ‘Rapide Ultra 2’ in exchange for an honest review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion in any way, all views remain my own.

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