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Are you unintentionally taking from a child with additional/complex needs or a serious illness

28 Jan

As a parent to a child with Aspergers Syndrome who writes about the condition and runs a support group, I’ve come to hear about a number of charitable organisations designed to assist the child with additional/complex needs or serious illness along with their families! One of these organisations is the ‘Family Fund’ an organisation that’s aim is to assist those families described above in way of providing them with grants to assist in a number of areas. This can be in a way of providing families with a means to purchase essentials, such as a washing machine to replace one that has broken, a contribution to a parents driving lessons to make getting about far easier, family fund even provide families with vouchers to enable them to enjoy a family break together in UK resorts such as Haven and Butlin’s holiday camps. Some families are even offered assistance to enable them to enjoy a trip aboard and this is done in way of providing the family with ‘Thomas Cook Holiday Vouchers’ known as the “Happy Holiday Vouchers” 

 However, lately it would seem that a certain number of families are accruing such assistance on false pretences. This is being achieved as it has come to light that a certain number of applicants are falsely obtaining Thomas Cook vouchers, only to sell them on for their own financial gain.

 Family fund has recently highlighted how huge a problem this is becoming as more and more reports are being given by the public, all stating that they have either been offered these vouchers to buy at a reduce price, of that of their overall value, or they have come across advertisements/ads on Facebook groups from members trying to sell this vouchers. 

 Family fund regrettably cannot help everybody that applies and due to the growing numbers of applications made on a yearly basis, its pretty common for the fund to offer an award much smaller than they would have liked to give. The families who are obtaining these vouchers for they own greedy need, are actually depriving families who could really benefit from such help. 

 Despite the difficult funding environment of today, the Family Fund continue to assist as many families as they possibly can with the added help of donations and fundraisers stepping in to offer their help. The Funds last annual review of 2010/2011 shows how the fund was able to help support some 56,700 families across the UK. Yet, we now have to ask ourselves, just how many applications were in fact genuine? 

 What is somewhat harder for me and many others, to understand, is the fact that those selling tickets online are actually families of a child with a serious illness or disability! These parents should know more than anyone how much these grants make a difference to those families applying. They are not only depriving their own child, but hundreds more, by gaining tickets given in good will, only to sell them to gain 100% profit. 

 Have you recently brought any of these tickets? Have you seen any “Thomas Cook Holiday Vouchers” known as the “Happy Holiday Vouchers” which clearly display the family fund logo, being sold on facebook groups or pages? Maybe you have seem them on local parenting pages or free ads like gum tree or even Ebay as displayed here

 I decided to blog about this today as I have many parenting bloggers on my reading list as well as twitter and facebook list. Like me many of these readers/followers use such forums and I am asking for you all to keep a watchful eye out for these vouchers.

 If you do see any, or have accidently obtained some, please contact the Family Fund on their Facebook Page and help stop the unlawful selling of these tickets and also the reissuing of these tickets to the families involved! Remember, members of the Family Fund can apply on a yearly basis, we need to stop the scum in their tracks!

 Thanks for reading 

Claire Louise

ICT4Autism Set to make it happen

10 Apr

As promised here is a charity and campaign worth backing! And what better time to show your support then Autism Awareness month.

ICT4Autism a non-profit organisation is reasonably new charity that was recently featured on the UK news. It’s founded by Sally Hugget a mother to two children one with autism and supported by UK television presenter Paul Ross.

Sally is on a mission to make a real difference to the lives of UK autistic children by providing them with computer systems that have been adapted for their needs. This would mean the computers would feature certain impressive technologies like Large keyboards, trackball mice, and touch screens. Her aim is to provide at least 150 systems to autistic children in her first year. This is going to cost an astounding £150.000 which will be made up from donations, pledges, and fundraising events.

This Mother is an inspiration to many! Me included. Not only does she look after her two beautiful children that have special needs but she puts her heart and her soul into making things happen for our autistic children. She believes all children with autistic spectrum disorders will be able to reach great heights if given the chance! And I have to say I’m in complete agreement with her. ICT4Autism is going to change the lives of many autistic children within the UK for many years to come. If you’re looking to support a charity that is aimed at making the lives of autistic children more enjoyable with the prospect of a more rewarding future then ICT4Autism ticks all the boxes.

Look Into My Eyes, There’s A Person in There is a campaign Sally has created to run along side ICT4Autism. Photographer Phil Burrows the owner of Avant Photographic has created a wonderful campaign poster that not only looks fantastic but also gets the message out there. The campaign was launched to bring awareness and show society that autism is not as rare as people may think! Sally says the message is simple! There is a person behind those eyes. Given the right tools and encouragement they can go on to have fulfilling and rich lives.

Look into my eyes there’s a person in there is also launching a magazine called L.I.M.E (Look into my eyes ) aimed at parents of special needs children. This is due to be published in June by ICT4Autism. L.I.M.E will feature advice for parents of children with ASD, Fragile X, Downs Syndrome, cerebal Palsy and more. The magazine will be linked to its own Website which is still under construction. Keep a look out in the sidebar as I will add the link once it’s all up and running.

Want to learn more, receive updates or contact Sally? Then why not Join one of her fantastic Facebook groups or have a look at her blog, packed full of wonderful post that tell the story of a busy, Inspiring mum and her adorable children.

The Campaign poster remains the property of ICT4Autism & Avant Photographic.

Check it out… ICT4Autism

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