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The Year That Was… 2012

31 Dec

The year of 2012 will soon be over, we will wave it farewell as we enter a new chapter.

Is it because I’m getting older or do the years really fly by so quickly? It seems not so long ago I was sat here writing a post summing up 2011 yet here we are again fast approaching the year 2013… I can hardly keep up!

So, how was 2012 for us? Well, amazingly it was pretty drama free (just the way we like it)! With little man now really settled at his new school things have been… Well… “Normal” I mean I no longer get daily phone calls from head teachers demanding I collect little man! I’m actually able to go shopping without that niggling fear that my mobiles about to ring as soon as I start loading the supermarket trolley.

We have had some wonderful highlights to this year one being our second Mad blog awards win where the blog was crown most inspiring for the second consecutive year in a row. It was a truly wonderful surprise and one we didn’t expect. Lets just say I woke up with a somewhat sore head the following morning.


I was also a runner up for most inspirational blog in the BIBs (brilliance in blogging wards) run by Britmums.

At the beginning of the year I got to attend Little mans first ever sports day. Ok, his 12 years old so that may seem strange for some. But those who like me have a child on the autism spectrum will likely have experienced the same… Their child being excluded from everyday activities as they are branded something of a health and safety risk.


Little mans attendance at his new special school has brought with it a lot of “firsts” this year, including his most recent Christmas performance that almost had me in floods of happy tears. I also attended the school Christmas lunch which is such a big deal when you have got to the stage of thinking “You’re child will never be given such opportunities” such negative thoughts are all based purely on the bad experiences of the past.


Other wonderful things that have happened this year include, being chosen as Toy R Us Toyologist. Alice and little man were blue group reviewers and lots of fun was had reviewing all the great toys in the run up to Christmas. Little man discovered his love of making review videos and mini tutorials, his confidence grew and as a result his only gone and started his very own youtube channel.


We were also invited to be LEGO Family bloggers this year and as you can guess, that news had the little man excited beyond belief.


Another really big surprise was being chosen to be one of Butlins Ambassadors. Next year we will be visiting Bognor Regis resort and I’ll be able to share with readers our experiences including how the park caters for children with additional needs and sen. We start our holiday on the 1st April and I for one really can’t wait.


October see me as one of ten bloggers and writers who were chosen as finalist in the Savoo smartest shopper competition. I was in with the chance of winning a prize of £10,000 plus the chance to write my own money saving blog. No I didn’t win! But looking back I do realise what a wonderful achievement it was to be in the final amongst the red hot competition.


This year seemed to be the year for competitions. What with Alice being a runner up in the Ice Age Jr reviewer competition winning a fab trip to Bristol, Little man bagging himself an iPad Mini on an online raffle that was organised by his school reward system Vivo, and that of Alice finding out on Christmas Eve that she had won £750! This was for her amazing entry into the post card from Santa competition run by Travel Supermarket (the entry & video can be seen on my sister blog mummy of many talents).

20121231-133607.jpgAbove… A beautiful trip to bristol

On the whole the year has been a kind one. Sadly we do still have the worrying situation involving my sister and the SS (see the blog post peek a boo) following us into this coming new year. As a family we are continuing to support her the best we can while fighting the system that is destroying her.

So… What will next year bring? New opportunities, more school plays and sports days. I don’t hope its a good one I’ll be sure to make it a great one.


Silent Sunday

11 Nov


We’re Toys R Us Toyologists

13 Sep

As some may already know myself and the children have been selected as 2012 Toys R Us Toyologists which means from now till Christmas we will review and share some fantastic toys.

Last week we received our first box and we’ve had great fun with the toy testing.

The reviews we will be doing are aimed at those aged 7+ so its Alice-Sara and the little man who have the exciting job of testing all the toys. Though I’m sure Harley will find his way in there some how.

We are so pleased to have been selected as part of the blue group of Toyologists. We were one of just 24 families from over 800 who were selected. How cool is that!

Yesterday we did our very first review. Below is the trailer…

Visit the Toys R Us Toy Box to read the review and discover who the other 23 Toyologist are and what they are reviewing.

Plus check out the Toys R Us Facebook page for all the latest Toyologists news, including future applications for the TRUtoyologists programme.


Moshi monsters clay buddies great for sensory play

17 Oct
Image representing Moshi Monsters as depicted ...

Image via CrunchBase

I love it when a really fab pocket-money toy hits our shelves, especially when it’s a something that is educational, fun and involves creativity.  

 That’s why I was happy to agree a review of the new Moshi monster clay buddies.

 Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies are a new pocket-money collectible from E-max. Combining the super cool Moshi Monsters characters with the creative play, children will have the opportunity to create their very own Moshi Monster out of colourful plasticine, attaching the cardboard body parts supplied to complete the Moshling figurine.

 Children love to have fun with modelling clay and as I’ve stated once or twice before, it’s particularly beneficial to those children on the autism spectrum and those with Sensory processing disorder (SPD)

 The clay itself offers a child sensory input (great for the sensory seeker) and encourages children to use their imagination.

 However, not all children on the spectrum take well to modelling clay/play dough. Little man is tactile defensive and his not that keen on the texture of some types of modelling clay, he hates the smell of play dough and avoids the stuff whenever possible. We tend to make odourless dough for the little man, we also add small beads or sand to help him get used to the different textures which seems to be working nicely. 

 My nephew (partners, sister’s son) is also on the autism spectrum and isn’t as high functioning as Little man, but just as entertaining all the same. 

 Alfie has a fascination with plasticine he loves the stuff! His 9 years old and an incredibly talented little guy when it comes to art (we have a picture he drew featured on our art page) When it comes to clay he make the most amazing things (normally aliens or some form of baddies) So, of course Alfie was the perfect candidate to try out the Moshi monsters. 

 So, together with my creative daughter, Alice-Sara, both got modelling with their Moshi’s 

 What you get per packet 

  2 Moshi features cards

, 3 coloured pieces of modelling clay

  1 adoption book that includes information about the character

, instructions on how to make the Moshi & activity suggestions

  adoption certificate. 

 How to make a Moshi Monster


Well, here’s the thing, Alfie is very creative with his imagination when it comes to using modelling clay, however this wasn’t about free-styling but creating the Moshi monster on assigned to you. I did worry he would have difficulty with the instructions but thankful the guys at E-Max have used pictures as well as words making this a much simpler process for the child with autism.

 He enjoyed creating his monster, despite breaking it up as soon as he had finished, in-order to do it all again. But hay, he enjoyed it!


Alice, loves anything creative so I knew instantly that she would enjoy the clay buddies. 

She followed the instructions well, and loved the one she got (packs are blind foil wrapped, meaning you don’t know what Moshi you have in till you open it).

 At first I wasn’t to sure what the benefit was to the child in terms of the build foil as I can’t really see children engaging in swapping activities when it comes to the clay buddies, then once I had thought about it a little more I remembered the Moshi Monster Clay buddie cards supplied and can see this actually changes things a bit. 

 I think £2.99 is a tad steep as thinking about it this is simply a small amount of clay, some cards, Velcro, and small booklet. Though I’m not stating it’s massively expensive, I just think a price of £1.99 seems more reasonable. 

 Regardless of that above, I still consider the Moshi Monster Clay Buddies a brilliant pocket money buy. These encourage creative play, but also have that whole collecting aspect to them which kids love (and children with autism go crazy for)! 

Will we be buying them in the shops?

 Well, lucky for me. The little man is all for collecting bumpeez and his sticking with these. I think Alice will d be requesting a packet every time we visit the local newsagents (what a joy)! As for Alfie, I know he enjoyed them and my guess is his mother can expect the same request when popping out for the newspaper (Sorry…) 


Children can now upload and share their monster creations at



 If the above isn’t exciting enough, children can now visit the all new, first ever, UK 

Moshi Monster Clay Buddies Facebook page.

Children can share their creations, take part in competitions and here all the latest news with fellow Moshi fans.

 To Like the Moshi Monsters Facebook page click HERE

 Moshi Monster Clay Buddies are now available to buy form all good newsagents, Toys R Us, The entertainer, Smyths, Next and Hobbycraft 

With a RRP of £2.99

Special Moshi Monsters Clay Buddies box set is also available for a RRP of £5.99

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