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The Talking Om Nom Review

24 Apr

When we arrived home from a recent holiday I found a little cute green thing waiting to greet us.


Yes, it’s Om Nom the adorable sweet munching green thing from the very successful game and app ‘Cut The Rope’

It was the boys who instantly feel head over heels in love with him. What with his great big eyes and cute Om Nom sweet munching noises, who wouldn’t?

To be honest the little man didn’t get much of a look in and Alice Sara didn’t get near the thing full stop! Why? Because the toddler has sort of claimed him as his own. We are off to Butlins for the weekend on Friday and I’ve already been informed that Om Nom is coming too! Watch out Bognor Regis… Lock up your yummy sticks of rock as Om Nom is coming to town.


Children who love the game will love the all new adorable talking Om Nom plush by Vivid Toys! Even those who have never even played the game will have a hard job rejecting the Om Nom.. The toddler is proof of this!

All you have to do to get Om Nom talking is gently push the very top of his head. Note… The batteries are non replaceable, though I’ve been informed they have lasting power so here’s hoping.

Om Nom can be brought from all good toy retailers and has a RRP of £9.99

Oh, and if this isn’t exciting enough kids can also get their hands on cute collectable Nommies! Perfect for pocket money spenders at just £1.99.

Check out the Vivid Toys website to find out more.

Disclaimer: The children were sent the Talking Om Nom free of charge for the purpose of this review. Nonetheless all opinions are honest and that of my own.

Get Sugar Poking

19 Jun

when looking for gifts online it can be a bit of a jungle out there. But there are some real gems to be discovered and the fabulous Sugar Poke is one of them.

If your looking for something special, personalised yet yummy Sugar Poke is the place for you (especially with its 5 star rating).

Sugar Poke allows you to choose a fabulous delicious edible gift from its huge online selection whether your after sweets, chocolate, muffins, brownies, cakes, cookies and more besides, Sugar Poke will have something right up your street.

You then choose a free card from the many designs available and personalise it with your chosen message.

Your chosen gift(s) will then be packed with tender loving care and sent to your door by first class post. They even stock many letter box friendly products, perfect for those not in to take delivery.

Oh and did I mention first class post is free?

Sugar Poke offers so much more than your average box of chocolates, packaged in pretty packaging and tied in pretty ribbons, or something more manly perhaps, Sugar Poke takes care of it and best of all… It’s a really inexpensive way to put a smile on someone’s face.

I was chuffed to get the opportunity to review one of the Sugar Poke products, I had no idea what was being sent which kinda added to the excitement.

From the time the review was arrange till the time it landed on my door step this was nothing more than a couple of days. Everybody loves a speedy services and this was just that. The children had not long set of to school and it was just myself and the toddler at home when the delivery came. Harley always gets excited at the sight of the postman which is probably down to my eBay addiction *amen* So, he was keen to see what was in the box and yes, so was I!

Well, the toddlers eyes almost popped out from his head at what we discovered. A beautifully packaged feast of sweetie treats and cakes and enough for the whole family to enjoy.


We had been sent the wonderful “Fruity Affair” to review

A large green bucket filled with fruity sweets and cakes, then packaged in a beautiful green cello covering and tied with red ribbon. What an impressive bucket load of treats to feast on (diet we will meet again next week)!


The bucket load of treats cost just £16 with free first class postage (next day delivery is an additional £4.99).

I think what we received is very reasonably priced and I would be pleased to receive this from a loved one as way to brighten my day or even be the gift bearer.

Here’s what our sugar poke consists of

Oh so fruity! With: 3 x Berry Delicious fluffy blueberry muffins…

2 x Carrot Cake Genius: A big slab of moist, melt in the mouth cake packed with carrot, fruit and spices and finished with a delicious sweet sugary glaze and cream cheese frosting… Yummy ….

Nice Pear (Drops): A bag of retro pear drops in vibrant colours…

Blimey Mate: A retro treat of 10 scrummy chocolate limes with a zingy lime shell filled with milk chocolate…

Who Love’s Ya Baby: 6 delicious assorted fruit flavoured lollies, the toddlers favourite…

Gotta Chew: Bag of 10 delicious Haribo Maoam stripes chews!


This was an awesome little treat to receive on a Thursday morning.

There is so much to choose from on the Sugar Poke online store. Prices range from as little as a fiver so there is something to suit all pockets.


To check out the lovely Sugar Poke just click here. You can also check them out on twitter.

Disclaimer: This is a product review. I was not paid to write to review but did receive a product sample in-order to share my honest opinion with my readers.

Little Man Sets Up Shop

13 Jun

So, the little man has been using that clever brain of his to make himself some money.

The little man has always had a keen interest in money, then again who doesn’t?

So… The boy has come up with an ingenious plan to make some. His set up shop, yes you did hear that correctly. His actually set up shop in his bedroom.

Today he attended a school trip to Chessington World of Adventures and instead of spending the whole of his £10 treat money he brought home £7.50 (yes, I was amazed)! Following a trip to Costa coffee (don’t ask) he went to the shop across the road from our house and purchased £3.00 worth of mixed sweets. He then brought some plastic cups and emptied the contents of his sweets into a large ice cream container and the shop was then officially open for trading!

So… Just what was he selling? A cup of mixup for £1.00 yes… One whole quid. He sold me two cups for his siblings, his dad came round and brought 2 cups, his friend next door couldn’t resist and neither could his cousin! The little man has therefore made a whole £6 and he still has over half his container of sweets remaining. This means the little man is already over £2 in profit… The clever little sod.

My son already has big plans for his future and talks highly of people such as Richard Branson (his idol) he tells me that his going to make millions and I’ve now taken up using this to try and engage his learning and school attendance.

Life isn’t always easy when your child is on the autism spectrum but it also has far more up sides and this is truly one of them (even if it’s costing me a fortune buying sweets)!


Domestic Goddess

29 Sep

Well, people don’t let the title fool you. Sadly this mum isn’t a domestic goddess, especially when it comes to baking! Actually, to put it mildly

“I’m Crap”

No sugar-coating can be found here (Sorry)! 

 Have I ever baked a cake? Of course! Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean to say it was edible!

 Seriously, I follow the step by step instructions, have all the right ingredients, I’m convinced all is going according to plan, that is in till I get the thing out the oven and it looks like road kill and taste like something the dog brought in from the back garden! 

 Yes, this is highly disappointing, you see I like to think I’m quite a creative person (just not in the baking department, obviously)! Lately I’ve had a bit of a thing for cupcakes, not just an interest in eating them, but lots of admiration for whoever the clever so and so was who decorated them. This would be everything from the light unburned sponge to the fantastically iced rose that sits perfectly on top.

 So with my love of cupcakes, yet lack of baking skills some may wonder why I’m reviewing a lemon cupcake mix curtsey of the, ‘Real cup cake company’ 

 Listen, it’s these guys doing the hard stuff!

Yep, they make the batter and beautiful lemon icing and then send it out to me! Though this isn’t your shop brought powdered rubbish, oh no! This is freshly made batter requiring immediate refrigeration on delivery. 

As I’m not the best baker, I considered it wise to take my kit around to my mothers where I roped my younger sister into helping me (you’re honestly going to die laughing when I tell you the few simple steps required in creating this cupcakes). 


Bag of batter mix 

Piping bag full of real lemon of icing 

spare piping bag

2x nozzles for your piping bags

12 cupcake cases

small bag of sweets for decorating

small instruction booklet

Step by step of we did!

 I preheated the oven to 180

 Spooned the batter into a large mixing bowl and added to medium to large eggs.

 I whisked in-till smooth. I used an electric whisk which took around 3 minutes 5-6 if doing it manually.  

Place the 12 cup cake cases on a baking tray then spoon in the mixture equally. This was my sisters job (evil laugh)!

Next we placed them in the middle of the pre heated oven and cooked for 15 minutes, making sure not to open the oven in the first 10 minutes, as instructed. 

 Once ready we left them to cool for around 20 minutes.

Once cooled we started the fun stuff, Icing :p

We sniped the piping bag and added the nozzle we required. Following the instructions we iced the cupcakes (we also iced the contents of my mother’s kitchen when the icing bag split and without realising I continued to ice).

We all had a turn, all being, myself, sister and her boyfriend. 

 Some done better than other!

We left the icing to set a little, then my daughter Alice-Sara had the fun job of decorating the cupcakes. We had the sweets provided with the kit, plus some other cake decorating bits that we found in the cupboard.

Don’t these look pretty

Good Job Alice-Sara

The Taste Test!

Yummy! We all liked them, even the toddlers Harley and Amy. My daughter however found the lemon a tad over powering as did little man.

All ingredients are natural, no artificial colours, favours or preservatives are used. The cup cakes are also dairy free.

The lemon kit is priced at £9.99 (great value) other kits can be brought such as strawberry, orange and even Champaign. 

To get yours visit the real cupcake company online at


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