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#HAWMC Day 3 – Just call me supermum

3 Apr

When asked “if I had superpowers what would they be and how would I use them?” I didn’t even need to think before knowing the answer, only I’ve often day dreamed about acquiring such a power as the one I desire!

You may wish to be invisible, fly or get yourself some X-ray vision, not me, I want something much simpler then all the above!

To see the world through the eyes of another, if only for one day, that would be the superpower i’d acquire! Strange to you this may seem, for me it’s not strange at all, fore my child sees the world in what some would refer to as an untypical way and as his mother I want to stand in his shoes!

I can sit here all night stating I fully understand my child, his emotions, fears, interests/obsessions, his overall out look on life and those he shares it with! That would be a lie, how can I possibly? I can only try and there are times that trying simply isn’t enough!

Aspergers Syndrome gives me as a mother a lot to think about, over the years many questions have risen and been answered, just when you think you know all there is to know something else comes your way. We have experienced some tough times especially during the time Little man was mainstream educated. It was at these difficult times that my son would become terribly upset, stating “You don’t understand what it’s like to be me” There were occasions he missed school activities and trips, deemed a health and safety risk, I can’t imagine how that made him feel, but stating “I wish I was normal” doesn’t sound promising.

There are also good times, plenty of them. When his super excited about situations that to me seem the most simplistic of situations, ones not worthy of a smile, I wish I could really experience the feeling of excitement he gets or at least experience it with him.

I’d love to know how his mind ticks, his incredible skills and abilities to work out mathematical problems or the fine details he acquires about his special interest.

Little man has a very black & white thinking style, it’s not always ideal but his learning! Just to see things as he sees them I’m sure I’d do one or two things differently making life that tiny bit more pleasing for him!

Well, I already have a super mum cape hung in the wardrobe and I’m just about ready to get it on and fly downstairs to breakup a confrontation between Little Man and his sister, sworn enemies from different planets.

What superpower would you like and why?


This is post 3/30 in the health Activist Writers Month Challenge (#HAWMC) organised over on the Wego site

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