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A week in Little man’s shoes

18 Nov
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Little Man’s  had a not so good week, lets just say it’s been somewhat trying! Sadly I had a funeral to attend at the beginning of the week after a family member passed over. Mid-way through the week Little man throw an unexpected yet almighty meltdown at 8 am and was impossible to clam! As his transport arrived and his escort knocked on the door to collect him, I knew it would be an impossible task to get him out that door, and it was just that! This resulted in him not attending school, despite my attempts to persuade him to leave the house and let me take him on one of his favourite modes of transport, ‘The Train’

In all honesty Little man has been a little off the wall the entire week. Of course the events of the past few weeks didn’t help, he finds it hard to understand how people pass on and especially so suddenly. It was only March this year that a friend of the family passed away, again it was sudden and confused Little man a great deal. After speaking to his teacher over the phone, I was informed that when the receptionist had called down to speak to the class teacher, Little man had answered the class phone and reported back to the receptionist when she asked to speak with the teacher, that she couldn’t come to the phone as she had died suddenly!

However it’s not just the whole situation surrounding death that’s bothering him, though I’m not actually to sure what else is.

I do worry somewhat, as I am still fighting the nightly battle to get Little man to complete any homework, this goes for the revision of spellings and even reading his reading book! He reads to himself, yet this doesn’t enable me to judge how well his doing in-order to report back to the school.

Another issue lately is the return of the tummy ache, through I think this maybe entirely anxiety related! His teacher reported in his contact book that he had suffered a good proportion of the day with this discomfort, I was called but was unfortunately out for the count (I dunno what happen that day, I just crashed out, but goodness… I must have needed it)! He did still have the tummy ache once home and after some soup and a little rest on the sofa, he perked up somewhat and trotted of to engage in a game of Sims (which I must add is driving me loony).

As for Little man’s sleeping, well, the Melatonin is now up and down! Don’t get me wrong, if he goes to sleep the pro-long release works amazingly, it’s just getting him to this stage. We made some amazing breakthroughs over the last month, he started sleeping in his own room (which he hasn’t done since hearing the horrid car crash that resulted in half a car rammed into the neighbours gate) So his progress was something to celebrate. nonetheless things again started to slip, and yes I held my ground when stating he will not drag his chair bed into my room but instead go and get back in his warm and cosy bed in his own room! Yet, my son has a fantastic ability to continue begging at my door some 2 hours after having first started and what with him and his sister needing to attend school the following morning, giving in seems my best option, well… at the time it does anyway!

That was a few weeks back, and yer… you’ve guessed it, he hasn’t slept the night in his own room since, which is also my own fault, though I’m just to tired to do consistent right now!

The upside to the week was a call I received from a psychologist at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London. They are currently running a study to piece together the puzzle that surrounds child anxiety disorders for those in children with autism and aspergers syndrome! The study in question is titled ” Evaluation of diagnostic techniques and cognitive and physiological correlates off anxiety in young people with autism spectrum disorders” and the principal investigator is, ‘Emily Simonoff’ at the ‘Department of child and adolescent psychiatry, Kings College London.’ Now, my son is no “Lab Rat” however he is a child who suffers greatly with anxiety, to the point it interferes with his day-to-day quality of life. He has the opportunity to take part in the study which just involves some task done through the use of a computer. They have booked him in for the 1st of December, and we will need to spend the day at the hospital in order to take part. Little man loves computers and he seems pretty up for getting involved. It’s my opinion that as long as little man is fully willing to do this, then why not try to help make sense of it all and maybe one day the research will benefit my son and others like him, after all childhood anxiety is a huge problem, one that I myself suffered at the hands of so greatly as a child.

This wont be the first time Little man has taken part in a study! He was also involved in the MRI scanning for children with autism research, which I must add, made me extremely proud. He faced a host of difficulties when it came to the scanner yet he did manage to stay in position and have some images taken though this was in small sections and each for a very short period of time. Just to get this far showed how amazing the little guy is.

So, as long as we get the letter I have requested from Kings which I want to give to his school in order to hopefully authorise his absence, given that they agree, then we will head to kings on the 1st of next month and hopefully have an update one day soon after.

Well, as you can see, things are really up and down at our end…. Here’s hoping we have a settled and trouble-free weekend.

Oh… and of course… Here’s hoping yours is a good one too!

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