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Spend Less Time Cooking And More Time With The Kids This Christmas

5 Dec

I absolutely hate peeling spuds, the whole tasks really grinds my gears. Not only does it somehow make the tips of my fingers sore but I also seem to lose half a potato to the bin by the time I’m done!

What a time consuming, boring task!

Over the years my peeling of potatoes hasn’t really improved despite the increase in family size. A great example would be Christmas Day… Its on this day that I seem to spend the majority of the morning stuck in the kitchen peeling veg instead of enjoying the festivities with the children. Yes… I do enjoy cooking but I’m not a massive fan on the preparations side of things.

But seriously, its not just about peeling potatoes, its more the issue of missing important family time to the kitchen.

The video from Aunt Bessie’s highlights my point perfectly. If anything I feel somewhat envious of the mothers ability to get dinner on the table so quickly therefore allowing her more time with the family.

With this I thought I’d have a go at sharing some of my ideas on ways to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family this Christmas.

1- Frozen & Ready peeled Veg – This year I’ve decided to do a mix of my own roast potatoes and that of Aunt Bessie’s. I’m also going to opt for some ready prepared veg. Given the child’s father is with us for dinner he will be doing the peeling and if I can get away with it, the cooking too.

2 – I will prepare the sausage meat stuffing for the Turkey on Christmas Eve. If I’m feeling really lazy I could just add some sausage meat to some packet stuffing! However, I do love homemade stuffing and given I don’t do it that often I’ll make to effort.

3 – This year I plan on not over doing it when it comes to the selection of veg on offer! I always do this and find I have it being cooked on all four hobs as well as in the steamer. I don’t know why I do this every single year, especially given there is always loads left over. I just never learn!

4 – I plan on making a really fancy dessert this year and will again make this on Christmas Eve. I’m planning for it to be a dessert that can be served cold so I’m not required to spend longer than needed in the kitchen come Christmas Day.

5 – the last few weeks I’ve seen the shelfs in the supermarkets filling up with treats. Some of which have been on offer and actually look incredibly tasty. These include nibbles and party foods that you tend to serve Christmas during that of the early evening. This year I will most defiantly be stocking up. Who wants to return to the kitchen to spend even more time preparing food instead of eating from a tin of Quality streets while watching the ‘Polar Express’ with the kids?

Oh… And like stuff isn’t stressful enough this year, but I’ve found myself needing a new built in cooker or replacement door as our cooker door has quite literally fallen off and smashed into a million pieces. So, unless I pull the pennies together and fast, Christmas dinner will have to be elsewhere…. Actually is that such a bad thing?

Whether your having the whole extended family over for Christmas or its just you and the kids, its important to remember that as great as Christmas dinner can be, its nowhere near as great as the time spent side by side with those you love.

This Post contains a sponsored video. However, all words are honest and that of my own.

My SOS call

9 Apr
Hello all my fabulous, stunning, goddam beautiful blog readers!
I’m posting today purely to grab some attention and ask every single one of you to do me a little, teeny-weeny favour (hence the major sucking up)
A little birdie with the name of, ‘Twitter‘ informs me the ‘Mads Awards’ are back for 2011 and this year they are being sponsored by parentdish. nominations are now open and the mum & dad blogging community are going crazy. I sat wondering what the hell all the fuss was over! So, me being me popped over for a nosey. Well, this mum got quite excited, I was like a kid at christmas. I suddenly thought to ones self, “Mmm I fancy a piece of the action!”
Well, let me explain… there are fifteen categories and I quite fancy the title, ‘Most Inspiring blog’ Catchy don’t you thing?
I wont give you no sob story, (you should know me by now) instead I’ve decided to jump in at the deep end and do some serious begging. I can’t do this alone, it’s only you guys that can possibly make this happen! So if you love the blog as much as I love writing and sharing it, then please, please begging hands and knees style, nominate the blog for the ‘Most Inspiring Blog’ award.
Yep, it’s a tad cheeky I know, but, “hay what is a mummy gotta do to get an award around here” 🙂
On a very serious note, I should state that this plea has not been made just because I wish to get my mitts of the gorgeously, wonderful prizes (though gosh I wouldn’t say no to anyone of them) This plea is made as it’s my belief that by you lovely people taking a few seconds to nominate this blog, and then me actually getting somewhere, we can together create even more awareness for that something that lies so close to my heart and most properly yours, ‘Autism & Aspergers‘ I convinced myself this could be fate (what with it being April and autism awareness month and all!)
Just kidding :0
Well, if you find that the blog ‘A boy with Asperger’s’ gives you inspiration in some way then please take a quick two seconds to nominate by clicking the image within the post or in the sidebar.
Please note the blogs full URL is required, ‘aspergersinfo.wordpress.com’, and you must first nominate the blog as blogger of the year! The following page will list the fifteen categories. As mentioned, I would love you all to vote for us within the, ‘Most Inspiring’ category. (Feel free to add us to anymore you feel fit! So cheeky, I know!)
Well I thank you in advance my talented, handsome, beautiful, exquisite, ravishing readers……..
Ps It will make the Little man’s day 🙂
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