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14 Apr


Homemade Vintage Christmas Gifts

11 Dec

Christmas is a really expensive time. There are so many gifts to buy which adds up to a considerable amount of money.

However, Not everything has to cost the earth. We Can actually give really special gifts In a cost-effective way.

It’s all about being creative and using your resources. Plus homemade gifts can be much more special. Its shows that you put thought into your gift and that means more than the price tag.

Here we have a simple upcycle gift that’s perfect for the lady who loves everything vintage and shabby chic.

Vintage inspired Jewellery stand made with vintage Queen Ann Tea set

Tea set brought from Auction as part of a huge box full of china for £3


First choose a selection of vintage style saucers and side plates these must descend in size (around 3 is good) you will also need a tea cup and 2 Miniature Glasses for example… Sherry glasses.

Other items you will need is a glue brush and some good strong Adhesive (I’m using Mosaic adhesive).

Make sure all your saucers, glasses and tea cup are clean. Also be sure to check your chosen china isn’t some vintage Antique find that’s worth a small fortune.


Right now to assemble your jewellery stand.

Step one… Start with the largest of your 3 plates and chose a glass. Stand your glass upside down and glue around the the bottom of your glass. Now carefully place your saucer/plate decorated side down, on top of the base of the glass being sure to place the base in the centre.


Be patient and hold firmly for a few minutes.


Wipe of any excess glue that may have come out from the sides of your glass onto your saucer.

Step two… Once you feel the plate is now strong enough stand up the right way so it looks as though the glass is just stood in the centre of your side plate. Now very carefully glue around the glasses rim and place your second plate that is smaller than your first on top of the glass. This time you are gluing the glass to the centre base of the plate. Again hold firmly and wipe of any excess glue.



Step 3… Once your plate is strong enough take your second glass and add the glue to the rim of the glass. Now place onto the centre of your plate. This can only be stuck to the decorated side of your plate. Hold and wipe of excess glue.


Step 4… Now glue the rim of the same glass and place the base of your smallest saucer on top.


Step 5… Lastly glue the base of your chosen tea cup and place it on top of your plates decorated side.




To finish add a pretty vintage gift tag tired with twine and dangle from the teacups handle.






This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Experience Days Christmas Craft Competition”

Tots100 Experience Days Competition

Shabby chic with a modern twist

7 May

I love feature walls & when having a nose around on Pinterest I came across this beauty of a pin.


I instantly fell in love with the stunning feature wall featured in the pin and had visions of it stuck on my daughters bedroom wall.

Just a few days later I was on twitter when I came across a tweet from @toddlerlandeu, they were looking for parent bloggers to review some of there room decals. I volunteered my services and was delighted when Toddlerland invited me to check out their site and select a Decor to review.

Admittedly, I was still lusting after my Pinterest find and anything offered would be hard to match up to this. Well, can you just imagine my delight when discovering that very same Decor featured on their online store.

Alice-Sara like me loves the design as I knew she would, now I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and get it up on her wall.

However, despite a fast and excellent delivery service it was some time before we could get this up. Firstly we were plastering which turned into a disaster (long story). Then we had a caved in ceiling to deal with. Everything just seemed to be happening one after the other and each problem felt like it took a life time to repair!

Eventually we had the green light and started the project while Alice-Sara was in school.

Roomates decals are removable, they can be repositioned and reused (this was handy as admittedly I made a few bum errors). Nonetheless, these are not in any way difficult to apply. Simply peel the decals from the backing paper then stick to any smooth surface. Seriously it is that simple!

Roomates have a special adhesive which is strong enough to hold and keep the decor stuck to the wall but also delicate enough to allow endless repositioning without damaging any of your paintwork (note, it is advised that newly painted surfaces are left for a period of at least two weeks before applying decals)!

Our chosen design came with instructions which were numbered making the process very visual and therefore easy to follow.

ToddlerLand.eu have a fantastic range of designs suitable for a vast spectrum of ages and design needs. They even have a glow-in-the-dark Decor range, how cool is that? Great for a sensory room!

I love Roomates Peel and Stick Mega Pack – Scroll Tree, which covered a whole wall in my daughters room with ease. This made it a sophisticated yet fun focal point to the room. Alice-Sara doesn’t have the largest bedroom out the three in the house but she certainly does have the coolest feature wall!



The scroll tree design is really very pretty, what with it’s curly brunches and pretty flowers, it really is quite stunning. The birds give it a funky edge and the owls really are quite cute!




We are still not 100% finished on the whole make over front, we’re aiming for pretty shabby chic with a modern twist.

The Scroll Tree Decor has definitely contributed to creating this, it’s beautiful!

Roomates Peel and Stick Mega Pack Scroll Tree Decor is priced at €44.99 which is totally reasonable for what you get.

You can check out the Scroll Tree and many more designs over on the Toddlerland.eu online store.

This is a review post. All opinions are honest and that of my own. I was not paid to write this review but was sent a sample of the product in order to share my opinions.


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