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Mookie Toys – Pillow Pets

4 Mar

Mookie Toys have a number of awesome products, some of which the children have reviewed. This time Mookie have brought to the UK, from the US the original Pillow Pet.

Pillow Pets are more than just your average pillow but a super soft cuddly toy that can be hugged but also slept on once the velcro strap has been released and the cuddly toy is converted into a beautiful soft cosy pillow.

We were sent one of these Pillow pets by Mookie Toys to review. We choose the awesome brightly coloured yellow Bumble Bee known as BumblyBe! Others in the series, include a cuddly Monkey, playful Penguin, Cosy Panda, Cute Puppy, Magical Unicorn and a whole host of others. What’s more a new range of fluffy bunnies are due in for Easter!

We love these and although the pillow was intended for Alice-Sara (the toddler got something similar before Christmas) It’s been the toddler who has claimed it! Honestly no one is getting near this thing, Harley loves it! He can either be found cuddling up to it or resting his head on it as he watches one of his many Bob dvds!

These are seriously super tactile so ideal for the child who is tactile defensive, or those with sensitive skin. Little man loves the feel of pillow pets but given Harley is guarding BumblyBe like his life depended on it, Little man hasn’t really stood a chance of cuddling up to it!

Pillow Pets are really lovely soft cuddly toys that double up as fluffy inviting pillows. If you fancy getting your little ones a pillow with a difference, it’s hard to go wrong with one of Mookie’s Pillow Pets, even I’ve had a cuddle (at my own risk)!

Check out Pillow pets by visiting pillowpets.co.uk (prices from £16.95)

Natural and Clean the green way to clean your home

21 Nov

I was recently asked to review some products from the ‘Natural and Clean‘ range, Of course I said, “Please, bring them on” Why wouldn’t I? As much as I hate to clean, I still find myself engaging in such a task, what with three children and two kittens, I don’t have a choice!

Natural and Clean are UK specialist that sell a selection of  home, travel and pet cleaning essentials that are all 100% natural, no nasty chemicals to contend with and environmentally friendly!

The lovely people at ‘Natural and Clean’ sent me a great selection of their products to put to the test, these were…

100% Natural Cat Litter

This Litter is 100% Biodegradable and consists of 100% waste vegetable matter from only sustainable sources. The patented odour control formulation removes the smell of cat urine permanently and with this clumping formula, you need only remove the waste clumps. A 6 litre bag will last 1 cat approximately 4 weeks and can absorb 300% of its weight in liquid and this lightweight formulation makes it even easier to carry!

My thoughts… It all sounds fabulous, I received the litter (which was as light as a feather) and started using it straight away. However all was not fabulous for these two naughty kittens, as they went a toilet everywhere but the litter. The kittens just wouldn’t go near the stuff and I only noticed having discovered a puddle of pee smack bang on the middle of the living room floor. I persisted, yet no matter what, the Kittens just wouldn’t use the litter. I think this may have been due to the fact it was so… different to what we were using before! Sadly my kittens had got a bit used to the cheap crap ( kittens are not cheap to keep so I had been using the cheap rubbish that is super heavy to carry, for far to long) I only wished my kittens had taken to this litter and maybe I should have tried mixing it with the rubbish I’ve been using. If this does what it claims to do then it will be an excellent product! Sadly I can’t comment and only wished I could give more useful feedback. £6.65 would seem a high price for cat litter, but if it does last the length of time it claims, then it’s actually no more expensive than any other litter as the cheaper brands tend to last no more than a week!

Whoops a-daisy

The fine crystals of Natural & Clean Whoops a-daisy! Convert liquid spillage’s into gel, making them easy to control and remove. Whoops a-daisy! is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use around both children and animals. It can be used on any carpet, hard flooring, upholstery, bedding or clothing.

My thoughts… I’m a massive Whoops a-daisy fan, I’m not the kind of girl you will usually find raving about a cleaning product, it’s just a cleaning product right! No, not right… you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. Honest, this stuff is my new best friend, it’s converted me into an advertisement, seriously whenever someone comes around mine, I find myself pouring water on the floor just to demonstrate its magic. I can’t stand having to deal with all them nasty accidents what with the kittens not taking to the litter and a toddler in potty training mode I’ve had to deal with my fair share this week alone. Whoops a-daisy makes it real easy. I love the fact there is no strong and overpowering odour. Little man is sensitive to certain smells and I can only use everyday cleaning products when his at school or sleeping , etc. In this respect We didn’t have any problems with the ‘Natural and Clean’ range. Basically you sprinkle some whoops a-daisy on any spillage wait a few minutes and the powder absorbs the spillage along with it’s odour, once fully absorbed you can hover or use a dustpan and brush to remove the power and it’s horrid contents that has now become some form of jelly. It’s fantastic for them emergency accidents like blood or red wine on white carpets. Honestly I’ll be buying more, its awesome the results are instant and amazing. Priced at £4.99 it’s simply a ‘Must Have’ bargain.

The Natural clean and clear essential travel clean up kit

The Essential Travel Clean-up kit is the ideal portable solution for accidental spillage’s when on the move, potty training or coping with your little one’s sick bug. Suitable for carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces, the travel kit is perfect for use in cars, buggies, caravans, boats or planes. The simple to use products contain and absorb the spillage and the clean-up process is completed with a deodoriser to remove any odour. £10.99

My thoughts… Excellent product, it contains a travel sized Whoops a-daisy some cardboard scrapers to remove any horrid accidents, some throw away silicon gloves, deodoriser, travel hand sterilising solution and a disposing bag. The only thing that I couldn’t get my head around was why the disposing bag was so huge? I dunno maybe others have a lot bigger accidents than us! However I think it would have been more useful to have maybe one or two smaller bags. All contents came in a handy carry zip case, and I kept mine under the pushchair. I used the emergency Whoops a-daisy when little Harley spilt his juice all over his trousers, the water was removed quickly leaving them a tad damp instead of soaked. Price £10.99

Natural & Clean spot remover wipes

Disposable Natural & Clean spot remover wipes makes removing spots and spills more convenient, eliminating the potential to over wet the carpet. The special cleaning formula leaves no sticky residue and dries to a powder, preventing re-soiling and ensuring carpets stay cleaner for longer. The safe to use Natural & Clean spot remover wipes are pH 5.5 and have a unique “active plant” formulation for gentle, effective cleaning of all spots and spills. They contain a naturally derived fragrance and are free from solvents and phosphates.

My thoughts… At first I really wasn’t sure about this as when I opened them they felt as if they had dried out, however once using them on the carpet I released that they are actually meant to be this way. The wipes don’t make the carpet overly wet and instead turn to a powdery substance that you can just vacuum over. Some wipes really do make a spillage so much worse, these didn’t. A really good product, though it has nothing on Whoops a-daisy (I really can’t see how anything will ever compare again). A good price at just £3.49

Natural & Clean Pet Shampoo

Natural & Clean Pet Shampoo is suitable for all Dogs, Puppies, Cats & Kittens. Its low irritation green formulation is kind to pets’ sensitive skin; leaving coats not just soft and clean, but smelling fresh.

My thoughts… My Kittens again would have non of it! I found myself chasing them around the house like a mad woman (they can get in the tiniest of spaces)! After a week or maybe two I gave up and passed this on to a much-needed best friend who has one very small dog and one very large dog (I know a weird combo). My lovely mate had promised to come and show off their shiny coats once she had used the shampoo. ‘Daisy’ the smaller of the two, even had her picture taken (honestly some pet portrait thing at one of the large chain pet stores) I’m really looking forward to having a peep, never seen a pet portrait before 🙂 Would she buy the product? Her answer was… Yes, she would! What a result!

Natural & Clean pet spot & odour eliminator

Natural & Clean pet spot & odour eliminator is a modern approach to odour removal. It is designed to attack and eliminate odours and they’re offending causes naturally. The product has been successfully manufactured through harnessing naturally occurring microbes which attack and degrade organic waste matter, thus eliminating odours and their primary sources.

My thoughts… Honest People this is the last one I know I get quite deep but trust me, you will thank me next time your puppy poops on the carpet and you have this in the cupboard! There isn’t much to say about this one, apart from yes, It works and works very well! It also smells fantastically  awesome (not too overpowering, to little mans delight) priced at £3.49 how can you complain? Another great product worth having.

I love the range, and found that it didn’t only tackle the tasks at hand but also was great to work with. I have really sensitive skin and the range didn’t cause me any irritation. Little man is also very sensitive, but this time its to the odour that some cleaning products let off, especially bleach (he really gets upset by it). Again we had no issues of this kind when using the Natural and Clean range… Bonus!

Boots Baby Sensitive Range

3 Aug

As some know, I’m now also doing some reviews on the blog what with Santa’s Little helpers and anything else that I feel could benefit the children and readers, its been going Ok. This week I’ve been reviewing some items from Boots that are for those with sensitive skin. As the products are sensitive they are great for children with Sensory sensitivity especially those sensitive to strong-smelling perfume that is often used in some products.

Having been speaking with the lovely Poppy (representative of Boots) following the Cybermummy 11 conference I was delighted to receive an invite to the Boots Bump to baby event hosted at the very beautiful Haymarket hotel in London.

It was a lovely event where I got to eat far too much lush cake and chat to celebrity mum, ‘Rachel Stevens‘ who my 20 month old took a liking too. She was very nice and came to say hello to my little monster who was lapping up all the attention. I was shown around and Poppy talked me through some of the items. I jokingly commented that the pregnancy section had no interest to me (No….. Way!) They had some great stuff on the home safety section and that of the bathing and feeding section. They also had a selection of clothing from their Mini Club range that as you can see, My toddler loved (Taking after mummy there I think) They currently have 50% off the summer range in store. The new Boots “Pregnancy, Bump, Baby” catalogue Is available in store now or visit the Boots Mother and baby section on their site by clicking HERE

Before attending the event I had shown an interest in the new boots baby sensitive bath range and that of the children’s sensitive sun care range from Soltan. This was not only because I have a toddler who of course has very delicate skin but also due to my own needs and that of Little man and his sister. I tend to get some eczema on my hands where my daughter tends to get it in different areas . Little man just tends to come out in a rash with certain perfumed products and what with his sensory needs we find that some products are just to overpowering in terms of the scent they let off.

I was sent a range of different things to try.

a section of items from the boots baby sensitive range (head to toe wash, baby oil, conditioning shampoo, moisturising cream and wipes)

The sensitive baby range way fantastic. It was used by the whole family and left skin feeling soft while looking clean and fresh. It’s non perfumed so suited Little mans sensory needs. The head to toe wash was turned into bubbles if poured under running water much to the delight of my children. It lasted a good week between four of us, which isn’t bad in our household. The shampoo was just used on the children and it left their hair looking beautiful. We have many issues with hair washing in our house. Little man will avoid it if he can. He tends to be a child who loves the sensation of a power shower but hates sitting in a bath full of water. We haven’t got a power shower (nanny has, but he can’t wash at his grandmother’s house everyday) this means a lot of compromising and often begging. The fact the products were sensory friendly meant we didn’t have this to worry about once his finally in the tub so it was a much welcomed bonus. The oil was lovely and soaked into the skin well. Even with its little scent, little man wouldn’t go near the stuff as he hates it being on his skin. I used the Oil on both my toddler and daughter as well as myself. The tube of moisturising cream was much better suited to little man! He hates his skin becoming dry after a bath especially that of his hands and he used this a lot. Like the Oil, it left the skin really soft. As for the baby wipes, these left my 20 month old rash free and weren’t bad at removing eye make up either 🙂 Prices star from £2.05 and are currently on 3for2 till the 24th August.

Soltan Kids sun protection range (Soltan baby factor 50, kids water play factor 50, Kids spray after sun, kids Soltan spray factor 50).

This sun care range is especially designed for babies and children. I used the Soltan baby on my youngest. It came in handy with this very hot weather and the last thing I needed was a burnt toddler It did it’s job and also left his skin lovely and soft. My daughter used the Soltan Once Kids water play as it was high in factor yet water proof. She has been in and out of the neighbours padding pool all week and isn’t burnt in the slightest. The Kids After sun really did come in handy when Little man got burnt. He refused to put sun cream on when he was out with a friend and his mum which left him a bit Red. The after sun is in a spray form so it was easy to apply even with him running away. We have since been applying the Soltan Kids Spray and although it does have a slight scent it wasn’t over powering meaning little man could deal with it! I did have one complaint, it did leave the skin a little sticky but this was just for the first few minutes. All products went on well and provided really good protection against the sun. The Soltan Once Kids water play was especially good and would go a long way.  The range vary in price but starts from around £7 all items are currently half price.

Home safety starter kit

We needed this to stop the youngest from getting into places he shouldn’t such as cupboards with cleaning products stored in and under the sink where he has been known to crawl and sit. The set consists of socket covers, corner cushions, cupboard locks, draw locks, door stopper, toilet lock and multi purpose locks. We have tried all but the toilet lock so far. The socket covers fit well and are especially good for them sockets that a) don’t have switches  and b) are often left unused but in a toddlers reach. The door stopper was strong enough to hold back the heavy kitchen door that has hurt a few little fingers over the years. The corner cushions are a must if your toddler is like mine… bump, bump, bump!  The kit is priced at £10.25

Check out Boots online

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