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Sea Band review and competition

12 Jan

When you’re someone who writes a blog you tend to get a number of emails from PR companies wanting you to help promote brands big and small! Some of these request appeal, where others do not!

 When I received an email asking if I wanted to conduct a review for Sea Band, I knew instantly this was a product that I wanted to try, and then share with my readers.

 You see, Sea Band are a non medicated alternative to effectively treating the symptoms of nausea & its associated causes, such as travel & motion sickness, morning sickness and post operative sickness. It’s also been proven to help relieve the symptoms of nausea in those having chemotherapy.

 This drug free solution comes in the form of a pair of elasticated knitted wristbands, that when worn apply pressure on the acupressure point of each wrist.

 The bands have been tested and are clinically proven to be an effective alternative to the more typical medication used today, meaning there are no nasty side effects.

 The bands work almost immediately and are best used as a preventive or as soon as you feel nauseous. The best thing is they are really cost-effective and can be washed enabling you to use them time and time again with the same effects achieved.

 Here’s why I found them so appealing. I, myself get travel sick, so does my eldest Little man (aka A boy with Aspergers). The difference is, Little man has started to actually fear being sick due to his difficulties with sensory processing. This has almost become a phobia to an extent, and though he really must over come this, it’s still better that we take action to avoid him being sick, when it is preventable, example being, sickness caused by motion (travel sickness). This tends to only happen on very long journeys so we need to take lots of breaks when on the road, problem is little man will normally refuse to take the anti-sickenss tablets as most don’t come in capsule form.

 Back in December I went on the ferry to France with another blogger, unfortunately I forgot to put the Sea Bands I’d been sent in my handbag and we both paid the price.

Lucky though, when we took a short weekend break at Butlins the Sea Bands came too. Little man wasn’t sick on the way there or back and thankfully we required less Pitt stops than ever before. What was also great was the bands effectively worked for me too!

 When we take Little man to a Theme Park or Festival, it’s quite common to find him kicking off at the sight of a wristband! This is down to the fact his tactile defensive and cannot tolerate the way the band feels against his skin. Of course I worried about this when agreeing to review Sea Band, and he did refuse to wear them when I first suggested them. However, the material of the bands make them comfortable to wear and within minutes of having them on I could tell that Little man would have no problems wearing them throughout the duration of our journey.

 Each pack of Sea Bands comes with its own plastic storage case and full instructions on how to wear (remember the small plastic button needs to be pressing against the correct part of the wrist in-order to become effective).

 I highly recommend the bands for anyone, and feel they are especially worth a go for the child on the autism spectrum with Sensory Processing difficulties (mainly tactile defensiveness) or for those like Little man who have a fear of physically vomiting.

 The lovely People at Sea Band were so kind to send me a few extra packets to share with my readers. This will be great for those families planing lots of holiday’s this year, or maybe your pregnant and suffering morning sickness like my sister who for the record thinks the bands are great. Whatever your reasons, your all welcome to enter!


Ist prize: One set of Adult Sea Bands and One children’s set

 2 runner-up prizes of a set of adult Sea Bands each.

 How to win

 Contact detail (email/twitter must be left with comment) plus an additional comment for each action please.

 Compulsory action

 Subscribe to the blog via Feedburner (top right of sidebar, or email subscription). Comment to let me know you have done it.

Additional entries

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 Competition closes on the 8th Feb 2012 at Midnight.

If you would like to find out more visit Sea Band’s Facebook page by Clicking here


 Normal terms and conditions apply. Competition is for those in the UK only, the rules above apply. Prize will be sent direct from myself so your postal addresses should be forwarded to me if you win within a period of 72 hours from the winning notification post

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