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Video Review of the blue Mini Micro with detachable O-bar and seat

19 Dec



As christmas draws ever so close we find ourselves nearing the end of our ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ feature.

 We have run some fabulous competitions and featured some spectacular products in our reviews but as it’s not over yet here’s another of them spectacular products!

 This really is a ‘Must Have’, it’s the brand new Mini-micro with detachable O-bar and seat. The O-bar and seat makes the original Mini Micro scooter assessable to tots as young as one.

 I have in-fact added a video to this review as words alone cannot describe how fantastic this new addition to the Micro range really is.

 However I do have a few things to say about this fabulous scooter which I must add was an instant hit with myself and Harley.

 The Mini micro with detachable O-bar and seat is designed to last your child through three stages which is

  One: the ride on stage (designed for children aged 1-2 years)

 Two: the O-bar stage (designed for children aged 2-3 years)

 Three: the mini micro original T-bar stage (designed for children aged 3-6 years)

 No more does Harley stare at his siblings all gooey eyed as they scoot about at the park, he can now actually join in with the fun.

 Harley is quite tall and was able to use the scooter in its original form, however he still had a long way to go before he could fully master it. I really wasn’t sure how he would find the seat and whether he would actually use it! Well, I need not have worried, Harley took to it like a duck to water.

 It did make me laugh watching him scoot along while in a sitting position, to my surprise he did it really confidently and without any problems occurring whatsoever.

 He first took it for a spin on the way to my mother’s house who actually lives only a few streets away. At first he wanted me to hold his hand but as soon as he got going, he really went for it! I was actually really surprised how much speed he picked up once he got going.

 Once at my mum’s my niece took a shine to the scooter, and at ten weeks younger than Harley she couldn’t wait to test it out. As you can see from the picture below Little Amy-Leigh even loaded her handbag on the back (typical woman, you’ve gotta love her for it)!

 I absolutely love this little piece of equipment and so does Harley, its made taking the child out on their scooters so much more enjoyable knowing Harley can join in with all the fun, just check out the video below and you’ll know what I mean.

 Note how Harley refuses to come inside forcing me to set chase up the road!

 You may think that a children’s scooter with a price tag of £74.95 is steep, but seriously, this Mini micro is suitable for a child aged from one all the way up to the age of 6 years, I therefore feel this is excellent value for money.

For the Mini Micro Blue with detachable O-bar and seat attachment (also available in pink) price £74.95

Click HERE

For existing Micro Mini owners O-bar with seat attachment can be brought for £29.95

Just Click HERE for more details

Micro also stock a whole range of funky accessories including bags and scoobits. They also stock interchangeable handle bar grips and scooter plates, meaning your child can vamp up their Mini Micro anytime (this includes the colours so you can go from blue to green or any other colour you like)

Just Click HERE

Bling for Scooters

26 Oct

For all you scooter goers 

 Now it’s the turn of the Scoobits, fashion accessories to bling out your scooter. 

 If your child has a scooter then please guys get in the know and make sure there’s one or two of these in your kids stocking

 If you don’t listen to my warning you can expect a big fat, I told you so from me on Christmas morning! 

 Scootbits are now available in a range of new bright bold colours that really will bring about some scooter envy! The best thing is these can be added to just about any scooter and even bikes if you prefer. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 They simply look great and with so many designs to choose from you’ll want them all!

 We have decided to buy Harley a Mini Micro for his Birthday in December after receiving a catalogue displaying all the fantastic neon colours and wonderful accessories, and amongst them accessories were some fab new scoobits that are suited to all ages. 

 I can’t wait to get his Mini Micro and bling it out with super brightly coloured scoobits so he can ride besides his big brother. 

 The scoobit we were sent for Little man is a fab red/orange colour with a bright green croc which I must admit looks super on the neon Green Maxi. 

 I’m discovering that I’ve got a bit of a thing for these brightly coloured gadgets and it’s not just the actual scooters but the bling you can dress them up with. I love the ribbons, bags, and of course the scoobits.

 With each scoobit you get some brightly coloured stickers you can add to you scooter too.

 What’s even better is again the scoobit has that collectors appeal that like little man many children on the autism spectrum seem to love engaging in. 

 Priced at from £3.99 we love them and I’ll be buying scoobits for both Little man’s and Little Harley’s stockings… Oh and I may even get a few for Alice-Sara’s bike

So it’s official, Scoobits are super-duper cool, & it’s not just the kids that think so!

You can design your own Scoobit and win Click HERE

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