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3 Apr

I love this time of year, not only is the air that touch warmer and the flower buds are blooming , it’s also Easter! Not only this but after just having had a fantastic mothers day, It’s also my Birthday on Monday.

Little Man and his little sister Alice came home today with cards, pictures and other stuff they had made in celebration for Easter. Their faces where bright and happy! Why? Well it’s no school for them for the next two weeks. I think they are pleased of the break and I’m really gonna enjoy some lay In’s. The big question most parents will be asking themselves is HOW AM I GOING TO ENTERTAIN THEM FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS ?

Well we don’t have any plans as yet! Little man wants to go to the coast and check out the steam train that runs along the Kent coastline. Maybe judging apron the weather, This is the UK and the weather is known to be somewhat crazy at times. Alice is happy as long as she can play with here friends. We are really lucky that our little girl connects and gets along with other children in a really great way. Alice is best friends with the little girl that lives a few doors down. 

With Little man having ASD ( aspergers ) he tends to often play alone, writing his train timetables or in his black book where he keeps all information on his beloved buses. However we have been lucky as the little girl a few doors down ( Alice’s friend ) Has an older brother a year younger then little man. He has taken to him really nicely and the boy himself who is named Jordan  seems to also enjoy little man company. As I sit writing this the children are out playing. Jordans mum has taken the Children to the park and then for something to eat. She is fully aware of little mans condition and she seems to have no problem with him joining them. ( Great ) It’s wonderful to see my little man forming friendships with other children that do not have ASD. I think my little man will do pretty well in life, don’t you? 🙂

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