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A Great School Day.

23 Apr

 Today when I picked little man up from school he had a huge smile on his face.

Today was a great day at school for little man. I must admit I myself was a little worried how things may go for him today. Why ? Well the school were expecting a visit today from someone special. This someone special happened to be a large Falcon and a few of his friends. yes an Eagle and a few owls would be joining him. As some off  you may know, as little has ASD he can often become nervous around stuff he don’t know. I was also worried as he also has some sensory issues we are still tyring to work on. So I guess I myself was worried the falcon and friends may be a problem for little man. 

Well need I had worried? No not at all. He loved it! 

When I picked him up from school today ( well a little under an hour ago to be precised ) all he wanted to discuss was his love of the falcon. Yes this was his favorite bird. I’m beginning to think there’s a new found interest for little man, however I’m a little unsure if anything will ever replace his true love of trains and buses! He spoke about the bird all the way home, then he googled it as soon as he stepped through the door. 

My little man amazes me a little more with every passing day. He also makes me a very proud mummy. 🙂

So I have told little man that if he is good for the rest off the week, then in the summer school break I and his dad will take him and his sister Alice to meet some more birds of prey. Well lets say that his face lit up like a star. 🙂 

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