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Give me a #Satcap

14 Apr

I haven’t joined in with #Satcap for a while now and felt a contribution was well over due.

So… Anyone got a great caption for this picture of my spiky haired little dude?

For more great blogs taking part in this weeks #Satcap be sure to check out Mammasaurus brilliant blog for this awesome linky.

A Freakish #Satcap

10 Mar

Well, if you can find a caption for these freaky lot, I’d love to hear it! By the way, the daughters Monster High Collection has probably doubled since this was taken around 5 weeks ago. Great fun, wouldn’t you say!

Check the Fabulous Mammasaurus for more funny and interesting captions or add your own picture to her linky for your readers to enjoy!

Saturday’s #Satcap – Go on give us a caption!

25 Feb

I haven’t joined in with Saturday’s #Satcap for at least 3 weeks now, purely because I keep forgetting. This week it was added to the diary, so here I am, bright (no, I wouldn’t go that far) but early all the same! Well, I have a cracker for you today, it’s an older picture taken in 2010 but Its a great one. 

As you can see, I’ve already added a caption, can you do any better? Go… make me chuckle!

Why not checkout some more awesome #Satcaps over on the Mamasaurus blog (the blogger brains behind the Linky) 

Saturday is caption day

28 Jan

I’m loving joining in this fabulously fun linky, created by the lovely Mammasaurus

All you have to do to join in, is upload and picture and await the captions to come pouring in!

So, can you give me a caption for this picture?

To join me in this weeks #Satcap visit Mammasaurus blog

Satcap – Penguin fun

21 Jan

So, it’s my second week joining in with “Satcap” and I’ve picked a picture that I took last year on a family day out to London Zoo.

I love Penguins and took absolutely loads of pictures of these little characters. The picture below is one of my faviorites, I just love the way the Penguin in the water is looking at me… I’m sure he was a showing off here.

So… what do you think, can you come up with a funny caption for this weeks Satcap?

I’m joining in with this week’s – Saturday is Caption Day

14 Jan

I’ve seen some awesome pictures on other blogs as part of Mammasaurus fun meme. This week I’ve decided to stop being a bore and post my own picture. So can you find a great caption for this picture?

Join in visit Mammasaurus

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