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A great 2011 for A boy with Asperger’s

21 Dec

A boy with Asperger’s 2011

At the beginning of the year I wrote a two-part post covering all the stuff that had happened during 2010 (yes, seriously this took two post and most of it was nothing but bad happenings). So, looking back through 2011 and realising just what an amazing year’s blogging I’ve had, I just had to do it all again.

So here it is, the busiest year on the blog so far, A boy with Asperger’s 2011

January: Not the best month to be honest, we finally get that all important statement of special educational needs for Little man, only toilet paper would have been worth more. Nonetheless we fight to the depths of the earth and it’s amended later in the year and thankfully contains everything he needs thanks to those all important independent assessments & reports.

February: We finally get some good news, which I document in the post, “The end of a chapter” The mainstream school in-which Little man used to attend finally holds up their hands and we get that all important apology in writing, we therefore settle on the Disability discrimination case only weeks before the tribunal hearing. Another great high to February was the invite I received from Cadbury that saw me and a friend attend an excellent Adult only event (no not in that way) we actually tried to set world records doing normal household chores with a twist (making a bed, unravelling toilet rolls and more besides). This was also the month that I got to interview Colin an adult with Asperger’s who had a very interesting message for Mr Cameron.

March: This was a terrible month, the month that saw my eldest Little man (AKA, A boy with Aspergers) get punched in the stomach by a much older youth of eighteen, while playing at the park with a friend and his mother. Little man was just ten at the time and had said “The wrong thing” to a group of older kids, you can read the post “How could that hurt my little boy” for the full story. March was also the month I shared my concerns on the pending Green paper in the post “Aspirations or clever financial alterations

April: I’m contacted by the lovely Anna Kennedy in regards to her ‘Autism and bullying’ campaign, as a result of this little man appears in an ITV news report which I wrote about in the post “Little man’s television debut” which was perfect timing, what with it being autism awareness month. I also highlight how appearing on the television went to his head a little resulting in him asking everyone and anyone “Do you know who I am”

May: It was this month I wrote one of my favourite post to date “I’m no Vicky Pallord” I also discover that I’m nominated for a Mad blog award shortlisted in two categories, “Most inspiring blog” & “Blogger of the year”

June: Brings with it a fresh start for the Little man when the local LEA crave in before yet another tribunal, agreeing his place at his independent special school for children with autism and aspergers. This was also a really exciting month in the world of blogging, I was featured in two local papers, making front page news in “The Southlondon press” with the Headline “Mum sets blogging standard” & I was also featured in the “Newshopper” both highlighting the news that I had become a finalist in the Mad blog awards 2011. I also got to attend my first ever Cybermummy (blogging conference) and with it the blog received it’s first ever sponsor Londontown.com who paid for me to stay in a beautiful hotel on the night of the conference.

Nonetheless, although the above is all fabulously exciting, June was also a very emotional & overwhelming month, what with Little man adapting to his new routine and little sleep, it resulted in me writing this very open and honest post “falling apart

July: This was the month I started the Santa’s little helpers feature resulting in me working with some pretty spectacular brands, we were also invited to the multimedia screening of Mr Poppers penguins in London’s , Leicester Square. Alice-Sara brings her friend who are both  excited by the odd celeb spot. In the middle of the month me and the children attend the Pandemonium festival in Northampton to celebrate the release of kung-fo panda 2 as VIP guest of Cadbury. The children get to test the new mini games, Harley becomes obsessed by the panda himself and we eat lunch next to the ambassador of china (Yer, I was praying that Little man didn’t treat the guy and his family to a demonstration of a meltdown, “Asperger’s style”)! Myself and Harley my youngest also attended the Boots bump to Baby event in London’s beautiful Haymarket hotel where Harley took a shine to the lovely Rachel Stevens and the boots clothing range (from the pic below who would think his only 18 months here). July is also the month I treat readers to an up-date on the amazing progress Little man is making at his new school.

August: A busy yet crazy month as I celebrate the publishing of my three page article in the SEN publication (please check it out by clicking HERE if you haven’t already). Myself, youngest Harley, sister and her daughter get invited to the tots event of the year, “The lollibob” where we go VIP and the kids have a blast meeting the likes of Bob the builder, Peppa pig and Ben and Holly from the Little Kingdom.

August was also the month that saw chaos unfold in the devastating London riots. I organised a Lewisham riot cleanup on twitter with the use of the hash tag #lewishamriotclean and from then on everything went a little mad, what with being interviewed for the BBC breakfast show by Gabby in the back of a taxi on the way to Lewisham following a sleepless night due to the sounds of rioters looting the supermarket directly across the road. Then as myself and Little man (yes, he cleaned Lewisham too) stood in Lewisham with a dust pan and brush waiting for fellow locals who I’d rounded up with the help of social media to join us, I’m shocked to discover the BBC are there to greet us. Yes, they interviewed me and followed my progress throughout the day, I later cringed watching myself on the 6pm news, in a report that seemed to go on for ever. My use of the quote “Lewisham is cleaner than usual” following the councils own operation seem to be something of a hit and spread across the papers and internet like wide fire! The images of Little man clearing up outside JD Sports still melt my heart and make me mighty proud.


August saw us working with some great brands, Micro Scooter & Meccano to name just a few. Little man also has great fun testing sensory toys this month and I try to raise awareness for child mental health by opening up and writing “Just a Little girl

September: This is a month that holds some great memories for me, not only did myself and some of the other Mad blog award finalist find ourselves invited to TKMaxx London’s flagship store to choose evening dresses and accessories for the for the Mad blog awards ceremony but I also went on to win ‘Most inspiring blog 2011’ at the awards itself, which was held at the fabulous Talk-Talk experience centre in London’s Soho. Not only did I win, get to meet a host of other fab bloggers but I also experienced a great working relationship with my mad blog awards sponsor ‘OptiBac Probiotics‘.

With all the above going on I really don’t know how I managed to squash in one of my most popular post on the blog to date, “How well do you really know your child’s teacher

October: was a month that saw the blog working with some pretty big brands such as Sainsburys & Argos, I make two local papers again having been interviewed by the SouthLondon Press and the Newshopper on winning a Mad blog award! Little man takes over the blog, (well, kind of, he finally says how he feels in his first interview, for the blog) where he talks about his Asperger’s, discrimination, bullying, feeling different and acceptance, click Here to read.

November: I’m delighted to become a judge at the BBC Christmas ideal home show for the face of Argos competition which was an amazing experience. I’m invited to lunch by Sainsbury’s at the BBC NEC Winter food show where I also get to watch a live Master chef cook off, I have a great time and meet some awesome people at Liberty’s London when I attend a charity event and I also start working with the wonderful ‘John Crane’ and ‘When I was a kid’ check out the post ‘Joining Forces‘!

It was in November I wrote the post “Merlin’s Magical wand helping children benefit from the magic, well that is unless they have autism” which had 2,000 hits within a few hours and is the busiest post of 2011!

December: The last month of ‘Santa’s Little helpers’ I therefore launch the ‘Santa’s Little helpers, the big christmas countdown’ we feature loads of fantastic competitions with awesome prizes up for grabs. I also get invited onboard P&O ferries to take a trip from Dover to Calais alongside the lovely “Romanian mum where we shop till we drop, and to end such a fabulous year’s blogging, I’m lucky enough to be invited by the fabulous Tots100, to it’s big Christmas party at Butlin’s Bognor Regis where myself, friend and children get to stay in the beautiful Ocean hotel, though Little man finds the change a bit hard to bear.

Wow, there it is, what a year!

There’s been some massive ups and as you can expect one or two downs (what do you expect, this isn’t a fairy tale you know!) But you have to admit, it’s a massive improvement from 2010 that sadly along with 2009 saw much stress and heartache, which just proves, you never know what’s lurking around the corner!

I really do hope that ‘A boy with Asperger’s’ has provide readers with smiles, laughs, entertainment, inspiration, awareness and more!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my amazing loyal readers
We love yer!

Boots Baby Sensitive Range

3 Aug

As some know, I’m now also doing some reviews on the blog what with Santa’s Little helpers and anything else that I feel could benefit the children and readers, its been going Ok. This week I’ve been reviewing some items from Boots that are for those with sensitive skin. As the products are sensitive they are great for children with Sensory sensitivity especially those sensitive to strong-smelling perfume that is often used in some products.

Having been speaking with the lovely Poppy (representative of Boots) following the Cybermummy 11 conference I was delighted to receive an invite to the Boots Bump to baby event hosted at the very beautiful Haymarket hotel in London.

It was a lovely event where I got to eat far too much lush cake and chat to celebrity mum, ‘Rachel Stevens‘ who my 20 month old took a liking too. She was very nice and came to say hello to my little monster who was lapping up all the attention. I was shown around and Poppy talked me through some of the items. I jokingly commented that the pregnancy section had no interest to me (No….. Way!) They had some great stuff on the home safety section and that of the bathing and feeding section. They also had a selection of clothing from their Mini Club range that as you can see, My toddler loved (Taking after mummy there I think) They currently have 50% off the summer range in store. The new Boots “Pregnancy, Bump, Baby” catalogue Is available in store now or visit the Boots Mother and baby section on their site by clicking HERE

Before attending the event I had shown an interest in the new boots baby sensitive bath range and that of the children’s sensitive sun care range from Soltan. This was not only because I have a toddler who of course has very delicate skin but also due to my own needs and that of Little man and his sister. I tend to get some eczema on my hands where my daughter tends to get it in different areas . Little man just tends to come out in a rash with certain perfumed products and what with his sensory needs we find that some products are just to overpowering in terms of the scent they let off.

I was sent a range of different things to try.

a section of items from the boots baby sensitive range (head to toe wash, baby oil, conditioning shampoo, moisturising cream and wipes)

The sensitive baby range way fantastic. It was used by the whole family and left skin feeling soft while looking clean and fresh. It’s non perfumed so suited Little mans sensory needs. The head to toe wash was turned into bubbles if poured under running water much to the delight of my children. It lasted a good week between four of us, which isn’t bad in our household. The shampoo was just used on the children and it left their hair looking beautiful. We have many issues with hair washing in our house. Little man will avoid it if he can. He tends to be a child who loves the sensation of a power shower but hates sitting in a bath full of water. We haven’t got a power shower (nanny has, but he can’t wash at his grandmother’s house everyday) this means a lot of compromising and often begging. The fact the products were sensory friendly meant we didn’t have this to worry about once his finally in the tub so it was a much welcomed bonus. The oil was lovely and soaked into the skin well. Even with its little scent, little man wouldn’t go near the stuff as he hates it being on his skin. I used the Oil on both my toddler and daughter as well as myself. The tube of moisturising cream was much better suited to little man! He hates his skin becoming dry after a bath especially that of his hands and he used this a lot. Like the Oil, it left the skin really soft. As for the baby wipes, these left my 20 month old rash free and weren’t bad at removing eye make up either 🙂 Prices star from £2.05 and are currently on 3for2 till the 24th August.

Soltan Kids sun protection range (Soltan baby factor 50, kids water play factor 50, Kids spray after sun, kids Soltan spray factor 50).

This sun care range is especially designed for babies and children. I used the Soltan baby on my youngest. It came in handy with this very hot weather and the last thing I needed was a burnt toddler It did it’s job and also left his skin lovely and soft. My daughter used the Soltan Once Kids water play as it was high in factor yet water proof. She has been in and out of the neighbours padding pool all week and isn’t burnt in the slightest. The Kids After sun really did come in handy when Little man got burnt. He refused to put sun cream on when he was out with a friend and his mum which left him a bit Red. The after sun is in a spray form so it was easy to apply even with him running away. We have since been applying the Soltan Kids Spray and although it does have a slight scent it wasn’t over powering meaning little man could deal with it! I did have one complaint, it did leave the skin a little sticky but this was just for the first few minutes. All products went on well and provided really good protection against the sun. The Soltan Once Kids water play was especially good and would go a long way.  The range vary in price but starts from around £7 all items are currently half price.

Home safety starter kit

We needed this to stop the youngest from getting into places he shouldn’t such as cupboards with cleaning products stored in and under the sink where he has been known to crawl and sit. The set consists of socket covers, corner cushions, cupboard locks, draw locks, door stopper, toilet lock and multi purpose locks. We have tried all but the toilet lock so far. The socket covers fit well and are especially good for them sockets that a) don’t have switches  and b) are often left unused but in a toddlers reach. The door stopper was strong enough to hold back the heavy kitchen door that has hurt a few little fingers over the years. The corner cushions are a must if your toddler is like mine… bump, bump, bump!  The kit is priced at £10.25

Check out Boots online

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