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How Stress Is Making Me Bald At 31

6 Jun

Since having the toddler 3 years ago I’ve been shedding hair faster than a snake sheds its skin. Of course the doctor told me I was only losing the extra hair I’d gained during my pregnancy! He looked at me with a slight smile as I protested that actually my hair had began thinning during my pregnancy! Seriously, there were no luscious locks in need of shedding here! The look on his face said it all… He thought that I was overreacting… My panic, unjustified!

As a child, teenager and young woman in her early twenties, my hair was thick and healthy. During my later twenties and drawing closer to the big 30, my hair was struggling to keep up. Now as I write this, age 31, my hair is so thin you can just see my scalp. I have some noticeable patches to the front area of my head.

Another visit to the doctor almost 3 years following the first and my worse fears are confirmed… My hair is falling out! Why? I’m told its stress!

If I was going to lose eyebrows and lashes then it would have happened already… Well, I guess that’s something positive at least!

I’ve read about this happening to both children and adults, both men and women. Some people lose all their hair in a speedy fashion and sadly experience no regrowth. Others are more fortunate and the hair comes out at a much slower pace and new hair continues to grow, only at a far slower pace (looks thin but not noticeably bald). I kind of fall within the latter, only now I’m losing the hair faster than ever before and I suspect that the regrowth of my hair is much slower!

Annoyingly, I don’t over style my hair, I use heat defence spray when blow drying and despite owning GHDs straighteners I’m careful and don’t use them on a daily basis! Whenever I do straighten my hair I do well to protect it by opting for a good heat protector and intensive conditioning treatment. So… Why do I consider the above to be so annoying? Its simple… I’ve taken steps to avoid damaging my hair only to discover I’m literally forcing it from my scalp with the power of my mind alone. As I sit worrying about certain happenings in my life somehow its my hair (whats left of it) paying the price.

Yes… I’ve felt somewhat stressed, more so these past few months for sure. There are a lot of things happening in life right now, not only I, but my family as a whole have been dealing with a lot stuff of late. Its the type of stuff that makes you sick with worry and no matter what you do its one of those situations that are way beyond your control. Yes, this is stress at its worse, the type fuelled by worrisome thoughts that when combined with other everyday pressures, they become extremely explosive! The end result… A 31 year old women preparing to wig shop!

As some may expect, I went through the motions… Checked the mirror every 20 minutes as so to ensure their was still hair on my head, brushed my thinning hair ever so gently and lastly… I used all the “miracle” hair treatments, the ones promising hair like that of Cheryl Coles.

But no more! I’m now just getting on with things! After all worrying about something that is caused by stress isn’t going to get me anywhere now is it? I’ve decided that I’m going to have fun with what hair is left on my head, starting with colouring it pink… Yes pink! I’m using a less harmful colour treatment and may even throw in a little blue if I’m feeling adventurous. Why? You might ask? Well… Why not?

I’ve come to realise that in life there are much more pressing issues then that of my fading hairline. By adapting this attitude I could also be doing my hair some good. However do I expect to correct an issue caused by stress if I’m stressing even more as a result?

Its all about the inner issues and its them that I’m concentrating on banishing. We as parents, human beings even, will always be stressing about something! I’ve just got to learn to let it out and deal with things in a more productive way, rather then letting it go to my head… Literally!

The Birds The Bees & A Boy With Aspergers

25 Jan

As a twenty-first century mum I thought I had it all planed out!

 We all know that eventually the day will come when as a mother we are required to have that little chat with our children, you know, the one about the birds and the bee’s!

Birds bees

Image via Wikipedia

 I have two son’s Little man (aka A boy with Aspergers) who is 11-years-old and 2-year-old Harley. I also have a daughter ‘Alice-Sara’ who will be 9 this Sunday.

 Yes, I guess I had assumed that daddy would speak to the boys and mummy would speak to her daughter. I would do it in a way that provide her with understanding , not embarrassment nor looks of horror, the terms “Bird” & “Bee” would be widely used, and we would live happily ever after!

 Well, this was in-till I discovered my son, “Little man” wasn’t your “typical” child! Little man sees the world differently, he sees it in “Black & White” and this means only one thing, the subject at hand, would need approaching in a very black and white way!

 There would be no “Birds” nor any “Bees” here! Instead it would be text-book, very, very text-book! Lets remember, this is a child on the autism spectrum, metaphors wouldn’t work, a literal understanding is what he has and using the birds and bees example would only result in confusion (he would be expecting bees to grow pubic hair, have a breaking voice and a use for condoms)

  Guess what? Daddy wouldn’t be doing it nether, mummy would… Fan-bloody-tastic is that!

 Not long after Little man started at his independent special school, especially for children on the autism spectrum, we received a letter home, explaining how some of the boys had fell into the conversation of “Wet Dreams” while on the school bus. Little man goes by  taxi each morning so he wasn’t involved in the conversation but with such small class numbers (no more than 6) I knew it wouldn’t have taken long for him to hear about the subject, my guess is he found out by playtime!

 The letter just raised the subject of how our boys are now growing up and we may want to consider the talk that many parents dread!

 If truth be told, little man has been known to make some pretty random, yet inappropriate comments with reference to a sexual nature for a while now. He said some things in his old mainstream school to a ASD outreach worker. I was red-faced when I read her report and on meeting her she told me he was saying such things to her without any concept on they’re meaning! OK, he knew a little but not enough, yet it certainty warranted a talk! Instead I tried to address it by telling him it was inappropriate and he shouldn’t be saying it! I know it wasn’t a great way to deal with it, yet I guess I wasn’t ready, or didn’t want to be!

 It’s not just that Little Man has Aspergers, it’s also the fact his growing up, I’m therefore getting older which isn’t great, but I’m also losing my “innocent” Little man and before I know it, his going to be this teenage boy with a changing body, hair in places he never knew possible, mood strings and a deep voice!

 Little man has already stated he likes girls and wants to marry more than one (goodness me, do I have a bigamist on my hands)! I guess like any mother, I don’t want my eldest child to grow up, and if anything have that bit of an extra reason to worry.

 So… Yes, we did have a talk, quite recently actually! Little Man, to no surprise, asked a lot of questions and patiently awaited my answers. With every answer it sparked another question and I answered as honestly and correctly as possible. One question was will my “penis grow bigger?” another was “How do you make babies” followed by “What happens once the sperm gets in there” to which I then directed him to this amazing video, which seemed to do the trick and if anything it literally amazed him, rather than grossing him out.

He now knows that once upon a time, he looked like an alien!

He also states that he has thousands of potential “Little Man” clones swimming around inside him, which his saving for his adult life.

 I guess his saving them to share with all them wife’s of his!

 Well, till the next lot of text-book questions, requiring text-book answers, comes along, I feel I’ve done my best for now!

 Now I guess I just sit and wait for those pending teenage years of mood swings and body hang-ups!

For now… I’m just going to enjoy my Little Man being just that…

 A Little Man

Sea Band review and competition

12 Jan

When you’re someone who writes a blog you tend to get a number of emails from PR companies wanting you to help promote brands big and small! Some of these request appeal, where others do not!

 When I received an email asking if I wanted to conduct a review for Sea Band, I knew instantly this was a product that I wanted to try, and then share with my readers.

 You see, Sea Band are a non medicated alternative to effectively treating the symptoms of nausea & its associated causes, such as travel & motion sickness, morning sickness and post operative sickness. It’s also been proven to help relieve the symptoms of nausea in those having chemotherapy.

 This drug free solution comes in the form of a pair of elasticated knitted wristbands, that when worn apply pressure on the acupressure point of each wrist.

 The bands have been tested and are clinically proven to be an effective alternative to the more typical medication used today, meaning there are no nasty side effects.

 The bands work almost immediately and are best used as a preventive or as soon as you feel nauseous. The best thing is they are really cost-effective and can be washed enabling you to use them time and time again with the same effects achieved.

 Here’s why I found them so appealing. I, myself get travel sick, so does my eldest Little man (aka A boy with Aspergers). The difference is, Little man has started to actually fear being sick due to his difficulties with sensory processing. This has almost become a phobia to an extent, and though he really must over come this, it’s still better that we take action to avoid him being sick, when it is preventable, example being, sickness caused by motion (travel sickness). This tends to only happen on very long journeys so we need to take lots of breaks when on the road, problem is little man will normally refuse to take the anti-sickenss tablets as most don’t come in capsule form.

 Back in December I went on the ferry to France with another blogger, unfortunately I forgot to put the Sea Bands I’d been sent in my handbag and we both paid the price.

Lucky though, when we took a short weekend break at Butlins the Sea Bands came too. Little man wasn’t sick on the way there or back and thankfully we required less Pitt stops than ever before. What was also great was the bands effectively worked for me too!

 When we take Little man to a Theme Park or Festival, it’s quite common to find him kicking off at the sight of a wristband! This is down to the fact his tactile defensive and cannot tolerate the way the band feels against his skin. Of course I worried about this when agreeing to review Sea Band, and he did refuse to wear them when I first suggested them. However, the material of the bands make them comfortable to wear and within minutes of having them on I could tell that Little man would have no problems wearing them throughout the duration of our journey.

 Each pack of Sea Bands comes with its own plastic storage case and full instructions on how to wear (remember the small plastic button needs to be pressing against the correct part of the wrist in-order to become effective).

 I highly recommend the bands for anyone, and feel they are especially worth a go for the child on the autism spectrum with Sensory Processing difficulties (mainly tactile defensiveness) or for those like Little man who have a fear of physically vomiting.

 The lovely People at Sea Band were so kind to send me a few extra packets to share with my readers. This will be great for those families planing lots of holiday’s this year, or maybe your pregnant and suffering morning sickness like my sister who for the record thinks the bands are great. Whatever your reasons, your all welcome to enter!


Ist prize: One set of Adult Sea Bands and One children’s set

 2 runner-up prizes of a set of adult Sea Bands each.

 How to win

 Contact detail (email/twitter must be left with comment) plus an additional comment for each action please.

 Compulsory action

 Subscribe to the blog via Feedburner (top right of sidebar, or email subscription). Comment to let me know you have done it.

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 Competition closes on the 8th Feb 2012 at Midnight.

If you would like to find out more visit Sea Band’s Facebook page by Clicking here


 Normal terms and conditions apply. Competition is for those in the UK only, the rules above apply. Prize will be sent direct from myself so your postal addresses should be forwarded to me if you win within a period of 72 hours from the winning notification post

Davina for Next, working out in style

31 Dec

If any of you read my last post regarding New years resolutions you will know I’ve decided to keep them to myself! However, I did mention the fact that I would be participating in a number of keep fit programmes (whether I last the course is yet to be seen).

So, when I joined up to the Next bloggers network and discovered that Davina McCall had teamed up with Next to launch a new fitness range of clothing and footwear I was eager to learn all about it and hopefully get a sneaky peek of the range which is due to launch in spring 2012.

When I was pregnant with Harley now 2, It was the Davina Pre and post pregnancy DVD that I followed. I was actually as huge as a house with Harley, it didn’t help that he was such a big baby but I found the DVD really easy to follow although I did get lazy and slacked a bit during my third trimester.

Considering it’s now 2 years since he was born and I’m still struggling to zip up my jeans, I’ve decided something has to be done!

If I have to work out to get the body I desire, I at least wanna look hot in the process (and no, I don’t mean all flashed and sweaty, I mean smoking hot). Yet, when I think about fitness wear I have this horrid vision of tight unflattering Lycra and cycling shorts that show of some of my most undesirable areas, one’s I’d rather keep hidden.

Well, it would seem that both Davina and Next have made it their mission to create a range that resembles nothing of that above. The ‘Devina for Next’ range that will be launching in the Next Directory, online at next.co.uk and at selected stores, provides us with not only the ultimate workout range but also a great selection of post workout clothing along with a range of innovative everyday footwear featuring dual density technology to reduce stress on joints.

Here’s what Davina McCall had to say about the range

“My approach was to concentrate on what I would wear. I’ve thought very carefully about the details that matter to me, like a place for an MP3 player, or reflective strips on the bottoms – essential when you’re jogging in the early morning or at dusk. And I’ve ensured the workout tops are extremely solid and secure so your boobs won’t be bobbing around while you’re working out!”

I’m no flat chested Moma so this was like music to my ears, bobbing bobs isn’t the look I’m aiming for!

The range does sound delightful, the idea of having a place to pop my MP3 is fantastic, like many I’m motivated when listening to some of my favourite upbeat dance tracks and really couldn’t see myself jogging without earphones hanging from my ears.

There really is something for everyone, whether you prefer to go for a run, engage in some aerobics or maybe Pilates is more you’re thing? With modern shapes stunning colours and comfortable fabrics the Davina for Next range ensures that you can do it in both comfort and style.

Here’s a few key pieces that I myself fancy putting to the test.

As for footwear, most know I’m a bit of a shoe junkie so was pleased to discover that there were some lovely stylish everyday shoes on the menu. The fact that these are not only advertised to provide comfort but performance and muscle activation makes them so much more appealing (and there was me assuming such technology was restricted to trainers only)!

Cute round toe ballerina pumps in red and neon pink patent are just a few of the fabulous designs on offer. These sleek shoes designed to reduce stress on load bearing joints have been designed with NEXT’s dual density mid-sole technology which gives me an even bigger reasons to indulge my love for shoes.

I have to admit, the pretty ballerina pumps are my favourite.

For those of you looking for something that bit different, why not check out Davina’s ultra-feminine trainers, embellished with bands of shimmering bright candy colours that promise to exert 25% less pressure on the ball of the foot, or some floral print canvas pumps designed to decrease heel impact.

I’m pretty excited for the launch, whether I’ll look as great as the lady behind them, will depend on this mummy’s motivation.

Bring it on Davina 🙂

My Halloween Miscarriage

27 Oct

Back in September 2008 I discovered I was pregnant,  things were quite stressful with Little man and we were yet to get his diagnosis. However regardless, I was both excited and happy at discovering I was going to be a mummy again.

 Halloween 2008 I took the children trick or treating around some of the local neighbours houses. Little man spotted the white house decorated in bright orange and greens, that stood on the corner of our road. It was a house the children had visited before, the owners had children that went to the same school as mine. I remember thinking how stunning it looked, not only had they gone all out in decorating it for the Halloween season but they had just undergone a massive refurbishment to the in and outside of the house, adding a conservatory and an extension to the side of the house to add extra rooms (well, so I was informed).

 Little man slung open their gate and ran for the shiny new door with its bronze heavy knocker. I chased after him, dragging my daughter behind me. I didn’t want Little man knocking alone, I don’t know how many times I had imposed that rule.

 Here’s where I am convinced my nightmare began. As I walked up to the door to retrieve my child, I suddenly fell to the ground.

 I had fallen hard onto my shins and a pain so fierce shoot up my back like fire. I looked down and noticed I had fallen down a gap in the ground, separated by two thick planks of wood. It’s hard to explain, but it was like missing paving but deeper. The family had obviously not yet finished their refurb, so why was the house done up like a witches paradise with a big sign stuck in the ground that read, “Trick and treaters stop here”

 My shins had taken the force of my fall, so why had this pain rocketed up my back? This pain was so bad I was crying. The owners giggled at first asking me “couldn’t you see the big gap in the ground” Were these people crazy it wasn’t daylight the sky was black.

 I don’t remember much else apart from me screaming in pain and anger to the woman of the house, that she shouldn’t be encouraging children to knock when her house is a death trap. I called my sister who took over with the children and I went home and feel asleep.

 3 weeks after this happened I sadly attended a friends funereal and after that during the wake I discovered a small amount of blood when using the toilet. A friend and her partner rushed me to our local hospital where they confirmed my HCG levels were low.

 I was sent home and told to return to my 12 week scan as normal if nothing else happen. Nothing else did happen and with each day passing I grew more confident.

 I refused to have anybody come with me to that scan at the end of November 2008, why would I need anyone there I could always bring a picture home with me.

 As I lay there with my heart in my mouth I felt the cold jelly being placed on my stomach. It wasn’t long before the Doctor looked at me and shook her head, she got up and went to fetch someone else who confirmed that my baby had no heartbeat.

 I didn’t know what I would tell my children and their father, I called my friend and we both cried, the pain I felt was hideous and I just wanted it all to stop.

 The Doctor explained that I had actually lost the baby some weeks before as I was carrying a 8-9 week fetus. I had what the Doctor called a ‘Missed Miscarriage’ meaning there were no signs, no pain, no nothing.

 I would wait till the Monday another 3 days before having a D&C.

 I went home with that fetus that would never grow and be born still inside of me. I curled up on the sofa, refused to eat or talk. My partner had told the children and Little man kept asking me the same question over and over.

 “Did the baby die on Halloween mummy”

 It was a long weekend and I tried to get on with things. While coming home on the train having been at a friends, the pain that I was meant to have felt all them weeks ago suddenly filled me. I got of the train and my friend tried to get a cab. I wouldn’t go to the hospital I knew what was happening. I just wanted it to happen indoors. Thankfully it did. There was a lot of blood and at home in my toilet I finally passed with one massive scream, what had felt like a golf ball. I spent the night crawled up in bed crying but deep down I was pleased that I could now move on.

 I called the hospital on the Monday but was told to come in for a scan just to make sure everything had passed.

 Again I laid there and waited, but when she jumped up to go and get the doctor I felt false hope. Was they wrong, but I’m bleeding, maybe it’s a big mistake? It was  a big mistake but not like I had hoped! There on the monitor was a fetus but not the same fetus but its twin that had continued to fight on for longer than its sibling. Sadly there was now no heartbeat but baby 2 measured up at 11 weeks. I wondered why it wasn’t seen before and later learnt it was the positioning.

 I went through that pain all over again, I cried double the tears and I woke from that D&C feeling like I had failed.

 This was in December 2008 and I went on to become pregnant with my beautiful Harley in the February of 2009 (not even 3 months later) I was both excited yet so bloody scared.

 Harley was born in December 2009 a healthy 9lb one year after my D&C

 Yes, I will always wonder if that white house on the corner was the killer of my unborn babies.

 I know that my children wont be calling their this year, that’s for sure!

A well over due update!i

5 Sep

God how slack am I! I really can’t believe that I have not posted anything since the beginning of July ( How poor and Lazy is that )

Well family life is going OK. Little man and his sister are great and looking forward to returning to school On Monday. We had so much planed for the school holidays but sadly not much of it happened. As most of you know I’m 7m pregnant and my iron levels have been up and down making me really tired! Then there was the summer heat which was horrid:( So we are hoping to take the children away for a few days before baby is born. As there was cases off swine flu at little mans school before they broke up they had a extra week off so little man did not get to meet his new teacher. I am a little worried we will have problems! Like most children with ASD he hates change. I have tried to prepare him for this but who knows? His not happy about not working with Mr Ally anymore who he formed a fantastic bond with. Also as most know little man is a very poor sleeper and has been taking Meds for sometime. Since breaking up his routine has gone up the wall and it has been hard trying to get the little bugger to bed lol. Lets hope all turns out OK and the new school year goes well. I’m really hoping his school pull out all the stops and the school Senco goes all out on offering and giving him any extra support my son may need. His never really been a fan of school but I’m hoping this year he gets more happy and settled as I really don’t want to stress things out more with the sudden change of a new school! And with a new baby on the way  I want little man to be as comfortable as possible.

Talking off being comfortable can you believe our house is still not completed after the ceiling fell in back in April! Yes they have done the ceiling but the rest of  the room is still a building site. We had just spent a fortune decorating only to see it turn to dust. We are still waiting on the walls being plastered as the impact of the fall caused the walls to blow:( This is supposed to be done this coming Monday ( finger and toes crossed ) Our new Kitchen and bath room is going to be done by November phew. Just in time for the birth of my son. I really don’t want my baby coming home to a war zone.

Last but not least I really need to rant. When I  logged on tonight I discovered a comment on one of my post that upset me so much I was in tear! Normally I would not let stuff like this upset me as their are some dumb people out there with nothing but crap to say but hay maybe it’s my hormones! This person Wanted to tell me his views on people with Aspergers. Well my son is a retard, a wimp and needs to be locked up. Whoever you are please don’t comment on my blog anymore!!! You are a truly sad individual and i prey u get whats coming to you.

Well thanks for reading and I will  be sure to update soon.

Just an overdue update

12 Jul

Ok I really am sorry for the lack of  post! It’s all been a little crazy at home.

So here is a update on how things have been with Little man and the rest of the family.

Little man is doing pretty well. School has been good and his due to break up soon for the summer holidays (I have no clue as yet on how I plan on entertaining the children for six whole weeks ) There is a meeting planed with the school Senco before he breaks up. The meeting is aimed at discussing which support is planed for little man for when he returns back to school in September. We all know this maybe hard for him as it will bring around a lot of change ( new teachers and timetables ) It seems so unfair as to me little man has only just began to settle.  But hay that’s how it is and we will have to do our best to make it as easy as possible for him.

We are also all preparing for a lot of change as a family, because as most of you already know I am due my 3rd child on the Ist Dec. I’m now almost 20 weeks and finding pregnancy great but hard at times. Thing is I am still almost always tiered as my HB levels (Iron ) are really low 😦 I am taking medication for it now and just waiting on it kicking in. Both the children love that mummy is going to have another baby 🙂 Little man was the first one to fell baby move  with Alice having her turn soon after. ( daddy is still waiting Lol ) It was amazing and little man’s face was a picture. I had just finished telling him that soon he would be able to fell baby move by placing a hand on my tummy. So that’s what he did and to my delight baby happy responded awww. I have my scan tomorrow and hope to find out the baby’s gender 🙂 Fingers crossed. Little man wants a brother and Alice wants a sister lol ( Always the way ) When I first discovered I was going to be  mummy again it did cross my mind maybe the baby may have ASD or Aspergers. I wont lie! yes I was a little worried but life will be what life will be and I will love my baby whatever happens 🙂

Also this month well yesterday in fact, we took little man and his sister to the cinema to watch ice age 3. Things were going OK. Yes I was a touch worried little man would upset everyone but it was all a little different. Yes he left his seat once or twice and said a few things a little on the loud side but on the whole he wasn’t to bad. In fact it was other peoples noise that upset him. God I should of guessed as when we speak when he is watching a film at home he becomes very upset and this is what happened. He was getting stressed as a couple of teenage girls behind us were giggling and at times chatting 😦 DVD is a much better option next time I think.

Well thats about it for now! Hope all you guys are great and will post again soon.

Less tired and ready to go.

2 Jun

So here I am again, hoping that now I can carry on and enjoy my blog. 

God I just haven’t been able to put as much work into it as before. I’m hoping that now my energy levels are a little better things will improve. I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and felling a little more me ( LESS TIRED ) I really don’t remember felling soooo run down when pregnant with little man or Alice. Then again I guess stuff was easier back now, For a start I had no children or just the one young child to contend with. The children haven’t been bad ( Only sometimes ) it’s just hard sometimes. We are still trying to deal with a lot of little mans issue’s like school and some of his sensory problems, Which I must add seem to be improving. As you may of read on my last post little man has just got over the chicken pox and returned to school on Monday after the half term. We were really lucky, so much so that he only got eight spots 🙂 He was finding the whole thing pretty horrid and I think any more spots really would of caused him a great upset. When your child is on the spectrum and has sensory problems, chicken pox can be a grate challenge. However there is some great news! Alice never got the pox 🙂 Maybe like her big brother she has already had them but only suffered a minor outbreak leading to her only getting a few spots, or maybe she was lucky. Who knows? 

The house still needs a lot off work doing to it before the baby comes and that really helps to stress me out. The housing fixed the ceilings but it’s still a war zone. Not good for a pregnant mum and two children one in which has Aspergers. Even though I went to the local paper I was still very tired as was in the very early stages of pregnancy. Now I’m felling much better the housing wont be left alone! I need repairs done and I need them done already so beware housing!

Alice went on a school trip today and little man will be having his tomorrow. I’m hoping all goes well and nothing upsets him along the way. When picking him up from school today I heard he wasn’t on his best behaviour. He had been rude to teaching stuff and walked out the class. I felt sorry for him in a way as he had a teacher he didn’t know, She wanted him to do RE but little man wanted to learn handwriting. This is what upset him. To make stuff even worse he came home in a stinking mood 😦 and is still pretty much the same way a few hours on. It’s very warm and the heat never seems to help. Lets hope after the weather cools down tomorrow so does little man.


21 May

God it fells so long since I last posted anything onto the blog. However I do have good reason’s for this. Life has just been so busy right now. I have had so much on good and bad. Some of you may remember my post what goes bump in the night. Yes the one telling the nightmare of the ceiling craving in on us in the night. I had the idea of taking my story to the local paper, WHY ? Well I was angry, being a mum of two children one of which has Aspergers I found the housing to be very wrong in leaving us in a house of danger. We were told not to enter our living room which I must add leads to our kitchen. We were told the reason being was because it still wasn’t safe. What got me was the fact that they did not plan on repairing the mess to 13th May which was a long two weeks after the big bump in the night. So yes I did contact the paper and yes the story did go to press on Friday 8th May. I was pleased that this was my choice as since then work to our home seems to have picked up a bit 🙂 Bad news is there isn’t much left of our stunning newly decorated living room. The new TV is broken, the fire and floor are scratched and the sofas are ripped. The wallpaper and wall’s well let’s not even go there! So my home is still a building site and the children and myself are having a hard time coping with it! More news and again not great is little man has the chicken pox, 😦 and has been off school since Tuesday 😦 Children always find chicken pox a hard one but being a child on the Autism spectrum with sensory issues has added to the stress and discomfort of little man’s bloat of the pox. Yes there driving him wild. One good thing is he seems OK in the fact he has no longer got a fever 🙂 So let’s hope it stays that way. lastly some good news 🙂 🙂 I’m going to be a mummy again 🙂 Yes I’m pregnant ( I have been dieing to write that ) I’m three months and now want to share my oh so happy news with the world. This has come as such a joy as the end of last year I sadly had a missed Miscarriage which yes broke my heart. With each day I’m becoming more relaxed and excited. The kids love the news. Alice wanting a sister and off course little man wishing for a brother. Am I worried this baby may have the same condition as little man ? No way! This baby will be loved no matter what 🙂

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