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#Mad blog awards 2012 finalist plea

2 Jun

So, there are just 5 days left till the voting closes for the Mad blog awards. I’m chuffed to have made it to the finals of the Mads 2012 (most inspiring category). This year there’s some fantastic blogs amongst the finalists and it’s worth just popping over to discover some fabulous new reading material.
Mum and Dad Blog Awards 2012

However if you do love what I do then please vote A boy with Aspergers for most inspiring 2012. Voting closes on the 6th June 2012 at 5pm. Just click the button above.

Here’s a video that myself and the little man created to drum up some support and thank those who have supported us so far

Huge thank you to all our readers and supporters and to that of Sally for making the Mad blog awards what it is today…something I’m dead proud to be involved in!

A Mad Video Plea

16 Apr

Guess what? There really isn’t very long left till nominations close for the Mad blog awards 2012.

As many will already know, I was lucky to be nominated in two categories last year (blogger of the year & Most inspirational) and I was delighted to go on to win the title “Most Inspiring Mad blogger” 2011 back in September. 

Of course I’d love to be part of the Mad blog awards this year, not just because it was a lot of fun last year and I got a night off duty when attending a glitzy awards ceremony but it also helped me create lots of publicity for the blog and therefore the subject it’s built around, “Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome” It was truly rewarding being able to create lots of awareness for something I’m so very passionate about. 

I haven’t really done much in the way of drumming up nominations as I know the public can get a bit peed off with the constant “Vote for Me… Vote for Me” scenario!

So, I thought I’d hopefully come at it from another angle and share this video I created with you… After all its much nicer and I feel quite proud of it 🙂

Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy it and feel inspired to pop our blog on the nominations list. 

A boy with Aspergers would love to be nominated for blogger of the year and again most inspiring. It’s dead simple to nominate, just click HERE and enter our URL in the nomination box for blogger of the year (this is the only category you must nominate someone for! All other categories are optional). Click next and pop the URL in the most inspiring box. Only requirement is to include your name and email on the nomination form, though the Mads do not spam you so your safe. It really does take less than a minute to nominate and myself and the little man would really appreciate your support.

Thanks for reading and watching


Claire and the one we refer to as the Little Man! xx 

Hint… Hint – The Mad Blog Awards 2012

25 Mar

Can you believe that already were in March soon to be April? The year is flying by and I’m afraid that if I blink, I may just miss something.

Last year was an awesome year for me on the blog. Little man was settling well into his new independent special school and as a result I found myself spending a bit more attention on the blog. It was during this time last year that some of my lovely readers nominated me for Blogger of the Year and Most inspiring blogger in the ‘Mad Blog Award 2011’. Thanks to all your votes I went ahead and won the title most inspiring blogger 2011, plus I was a runner up in the Blogger of the year category. Yes, for once in my life I was speechless, and the good publicity helped me get the message out and raise a little more autism awareness than I probably could have otherwise.

We appeared in some local newspapers and Little man totally believed himself to be something of a little celebrity (bless him).

I’m still actually getting my head around it all, when funnily the nominations for the ‘Mad Blog Awards 2012’ have just opened to the public, starting the process all over again!

I won’t pretend that I wouldn’t like to be up there on the nominations list again…. I would love it!

Would I like to be nominated Blogger of the year this year…. Goodness, yes please!

Would I like to be nominated Most inspiring and possibly go on to win it again this year…. Goodness, yes please!

Do I want to keep the title ‘Most inspiring’ and possibly add another little glass award to my current one sat on my display shelf…. Yes, Yes, Yes please!

I don’t need an award to make me feel I’m a worthwhile blogger, honestly, my readers do that! I also don’t need an award to make me feel better about myself or that of my parenting or even writing… only I can do that!

Actually… I don’t need an award at all, but to have one is a lovely thing, and sometimes in life, it’s lovely to be part of something special and for me that’s what it felt like last year, and I loved every second of it!

I hate doing the whole plea thing for votes, I worry I’m jarring the hell out of you all, but here’s hoping those lovely lot who nominated me and voted me to win an award last year, will so kindly do so again this year.

Don’t worry, I wont stalk you and stick pins in your eyes if you don’t (well all those except family members that is)! No one has to take just 2 minutes to help poor little old me maintain my current title and possibly bag another (my mother told me going for sympathy works well)!

No, Seriously though, I do love writing the blog and if you love reading it, I’d love for you to nominate me as the 2012 Blogger of the year and to help me to keep my title as most inspiring blogger… that too would be fantastic!

There are 20 categories in this years awards from ‘Most helpful blogger’ to ‘Best writer’ you can even nominate me for all of them, I wont tell you off, really I wont:)

When nominating you will be asked to nominate blogger of the year first, then you can nominate in the other categories, you don’t have to nominate someone for every category but you only get the one opportunity to nominate, so do have a think about it! Please click the button to nominateMAD Blog Awards 2012

Thanks for reading everyone…. now go nominate, before I begin stalking and pinning at your eyes… followed by *evil laugh*

My SOS call

9 Apr
Hello all my fabulous, stunning, goddam beautiful blog readers!
I’m posting today purely to grab some attention and ask every single one of you to do me a little, teeny-weeny favour (hence the major sucking up)
A little birdie with the name of, ‘Twitter‘ informs me the ‘Mads Awards’ are back for 2011 and this year they are being sponsored by parentdish. nominations are now open and the mum & dad blogging community are going crazy. I sat wondering what the hell all the fuss was over! So, me being me popped over for a nosey. Well, this mum got quite excited, I was like a kid at christmas. I suddenly thought to ones self, “Mmm I fancy a piece of the action!”
Well, let me explain… there are fifteen categories and I quite fancy the title, ‘Most Inspiring blog’ Catchy don’t you thing?
I wont give you no sob story, (you should know me by now) instead I’ve decided to jump in at the deep end and do some serious begging. I can’t do this alone, it’s only you guys that can possibly make this happen! So if you love the blog as much as I love writing and sharing it, then please, please begging hands and knees style, nominate the blog for the ‘Most Inspiring Blog’ award.
Yep, it’s a tad cheeky I know, but, “hay what is a mummy gotta do to get an award around here” 🙂
On a very serious note, I should state that this plea has not been made just because I wish to get my mitts of the gorgeously, wonderful prizes (though gosh I wouldn’t say no to anyone of them) This plea is made as it’s my belief that by you lovely people taking a few seconds to nominate this blog, and then me actually getting somewhere, we can together create even more awareness for that something that lies so close to my heart and most properly yours, ‘Autism & Aspergers‘ I convinced myself this could be fate (what with it being April and autism awareness month and all!)
Just kidding :0
Well, if you find that the blog ‘A boy with Asperger’s’ gives you inspiration in some way then please take a quick two seconds to nominate by clicking the image within the post or in the sidebar.
Please note the blogs full URL is required, ‘aspergersinfo.wordpress.com’, and you must first nominate the blog as blogger of the year! The following page will list the fifteen categories. As mentioned, I would love you all to vote for us within the, ‘Most Inspiring’ category. (Feel free to add us to anymore you feel fit! So cheeky, I know!)
Well I thank you in advance my talented, handsome, beautiful, exquisite, ravishing readers……..
Ps It will make the Little man’s day 🙂
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