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Green Fingers

29 May

So, about a month or so back, I was sent a Birds Eye Growing Kit with the aim to grow my own fresh vegetables.

I was quite excited to learn that Birds Eye had launched these fabulous seed packs that allow us to grow our own peas, sweet corn and carrots.

Little Man has really been enjoying getting out in the garden and doing a spot of gardening. Admittedly I’m not a particularly green fingered person, the little man clearly gets this interest from that of his father.


I knew he’d enjoy this little project, he loves to see results and although the likelihood of him actually eating anything remotely healthy is slim I love veg so he could grow it and I’d eat it! 🙂

The growing kit we were sent came with everything we needed to get started.


The whole growing process has been going well. Below is a picture of our peas just a few weeks after potting.


And here’s the sweetcorn


At first we used the pots supplied in our growing kit. These came with clear lids and things started happening at a speedy rate.

Once they grew to a certain stage it became clear these could no longer be maintained within this growing space. With this we decided to move both peas and Sweetcorn into the garden.

Admittedly the growing process slowed somewhat and I had a feeling that just maybe I’d killed them (which normally is the case for me). However the peas flowered as expected so I’m guessing maybe I’m on track. However this is now the stage I’m at with the peas


I’m not to sure what’s happening but they are green and bushy so here’s hoping its a good sign.

As for the Sweetcorn, nothing more happened for some time, then suddenly this happened!


Mind you I only have 3 of these shoots which is a tad different from what I had growing in the pot. Here’s hoping these turn into beautiful sweetcorns.

The problem with having them in the garden is the fact you need to water them more, especially in this weather, plus theres the issue of weeds that tend to start growing within the same space and need removing regularly. Nonetheless, it’s keeping the little man busy and his enjoying being a little gardener (though he won’t wear gloves and due to the fact he has some sensory issues and won’t allow me to cut his nails without a fight is a slight issue as his gardening results in some dirty nails and equal meltdowns).

Oh… I should also mention that we also received a packet of carrot seeds with the growing kit. I just may have unintentionally killed the carrots as I’m yet to see progress 😦 I guess two out of three isn’t to bad!

We will keep you all updated on this little project.

It’s easy to have a go too. All you have to do is visit the Birds Eye Facebook page where you can claim your own free seeds by entering a code found on special packs of Birds Eye veg.

It’s a great way to save money and get the kids outside planting, giving them something to be proud of when it’s dished on the plate at dinner time! You never know they may even eat some 🙂

If like me, your not that green fingered, don’t worry, Birds Eye have experts on hand ready to help… Plus a series of YouTube videos to help you on your way. Just visit the above Facebook page for more information.

Disclaimer: We were sent a Birds Eye Growing kit to try out in-order to share our honest opinion and bring you this review. All opinions are honest and my own. This is not a sponsored post and I was not paid to write this.

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