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Summer Garden Play to Chilly Christmas days

15 Aug

With the Olympics 2012 having had its ‘closing ceremony’ many have been left feeling a little lost. After all, what are we going to watch now? Ok, we still have the Paralympics but this is also due to become a memory (a great one but a memory nonetheless).

I’ll be honest when stating that yes, I’ve done a lot of sitting while watching the games at home. Sadly this meant the children failed to have my full attention and family play was done around the TV. However, there was positives too! It was nice to see how inspired the children had become following each event & awards presentations.

Then I remembered about a certain press release I was sent a few weeks before and the realisation started to set in! I’d not done much at all and with this release I could go about changing this.

The Press release was sent by them lovely lot over at Argos, a great brand that I’ve worked with on my blog for almost a year now. This time Argos were promoting their latest play campaign where they aim to encourage British families to swap a sedentary summer for one of a Playcation.

This was of particular interest to me given I’ve recently blogged about the alternative ways one can entertain the children on a low budget during the school holidays.

As I mentioned before, money isn’t exactly flowing out from my purse in the form of twenty pound notes. We do have some trips line up (more so over these last coming weeks of the holidays) but I love gaining new ideas of ways to entertain the children.

Argos has teamed up with television presenter and exercise enthusiast Laura Hamilton to create a ‘Summer Playcation Guide’ full of games and tips.

Argos sent me a copy of the guide along with some outdoor toys for the kids. The toddler in particular has had lots of fun playing with these.



The guide features three original games alongside a whole host of activity and toy suggestions. Families wishing to download the Playcation guide should visit the Argos Chad Valley Facebook page at www.facebook.com/chadvalleyendlessplay

Staying on the subject of Argos, I also attended the Argos Christmas show last month with Harley. There was lots to do and see (not that I got to do much, what with the toddler finding it so difficult to remove himself away from the fab toys on display). Argos were great though and Harley and I had a really great time. It wasn’t just toys on show but everything from homeware to Emma Bunton’s new clothing range to see.




During my visit I was able to see the Argos Top Ten toys for Christmas 2012:
· Furby – price available from September 2012
· Web Shooting Spiderman – £34.99
· Lego Monster Fighters Ghost Train – £59.99
· LeapPad 2 – £89.99
· Batman ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ The Bat – £34.99
· Cinderella Feature Doll – £29.99
· Star Doll Fallen Angel – £23.99
· Vtech Innotab 2 – £84.99
· Minnie Mouse Precious Pets Tour Van – £29.99
· Twister Dance – £26.99

The Furby was awesome, it’s come a long way since I was a kid.

The Top Ten Toys for 2012 are available in all Argos stores and online at www.argos.co.uk


Baz Bags® For The Child With Autism

12 Jul

When I got an email from the guys at Bean Bag Bazaar asking if little man would like to try out one of their bean bags, I didn’t need to think twice.

You see, we’re trying to re-create Little mans room into something of a sensory pad and a large bean bag was one of the many items on our to buy list.

We wanted a bean bag that little man could use for everything! Relaxing, sitting, playing his computer games etc. I already know that bean bags are a real sensory comfort to the Little man, though I hadn’t yet replaced the one that exploded as a result of little mans diving on it. This meant that as well as comfort I’d be seeking bean bags with good durability (I swear when the last one exploded, I continued finding tiny balls around the house for months).

We chose the kids Baz Bag
a versatile and water-resistant kids bean bag that can be used in and outdoors. I chose a nice bright red colour for the little man and he loved it.



The Kids Baz bag® can be positioned anyway you like. Sit on it, lay on it, it’s up to you. There are endless ways to use your Baz Bag® and to demonstrate this the guys at Bazaar have created a short demonstration video.

Little man isn’t a great sleeper even with the use of melatonin. His often come home from a hard day at school and crashed out on his Baz Bag®.


That’s not to say the other children haven’t fallen in love with the Baz bag® and it looks like I’m going to need to get little sister Alice-Sara her own.



The Baz Bag® is made from water-resistant material, making it easy to sponge clean from spills and marks. Which for me is essential given its for the children. Baz Bag® has robust strong fabric making it extremely hardwearing and less likely of exploding like that of some of our previous bean bags. The little man is always bashing and crashing about and he tends to just dive onto his Baz Bag® when home from school.

Little man certainly appreciates having a Baz Bag® to chill on and provide him with sensory comfort. His sensory pad isn’t yet complete but I’ll be sure to share some images when it is!

There are so many different styles of kids bean bags over at Bean bag Bazaar, there really is something for everyone. I love this Lion BazZoo animal from the Bean Bags for kids range


The Kids Baz Bag® is exclusive to BeanBagBazaar and is currently on special offer… Was £89.99 Now £42.99

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