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Red Carpet Glam with Next

8 Feb

Now, I may be a mother to three children, one with additional needs, but I’m still a 29 year old woman with her own interest, memories and future dreams.

This week, I’ve been given an opportunity to relive some of those memories and here’s how!

Anybody who knows me, will know that I’m quite a girlie girl when it comes to fashion, I love high healed shoes and accessories are just as much my thing! As a small child, I’d love nothing more than pretending I was walking the catwalk, or even that of the red carpet! I’d slip on a pair of my mothers “10 sizes to big” stilettos and prance about practising my celeb walk and “Paps” smile. As I got that bit older, I’d find myself pouring over the latest magazines ticking the outfits I liked best! I guess I did my own type of “ Style diva Vs fashion disaster” thing, though I guess I still do this now! One of my all time favourite hobbies as a teenager was either drawing my own red carpet creations or creating my own from cutting taken from style magazines and catalogues!

So, when Next sent out an email, setting us bloggers a creative challenge to do just that (minus the cutting) I was totally gain!

You see, its February, a time for red carpet action! It may be somewhat freezing outside, yet this will not stop a host of celebs strutting their stuff on the red carpet when attending the famous Elle Style Awards next week and the fabulous UK retailer, ‘Next’ are the main sponsor’s for the event.

I love Next and as some of you already know, I’ve been helping them celebrate their new fitness range by the lovely Davina McCall, by sharing with readers, my journey to fitness. The new challenge set by Next was to create a look fit for this lavish red carpet event using items from within they’re clothing range… Oh yes… This was right up my street! Armed with a collection of images of some of last years stylish A listers, I was to recreate the look I loved most! This really was a blast back to my teenage years and I honestly had a ball pulling my chosen pieces together to create an outfit fit for the Elle Style Awards.

Ok, I’m no personal stylist by any means, but I do have a love of all things fashion and this would be something I’d totally enjoy so why not!

I quite honestly spent hours pouring over the next directory and that of the online site, there were so many pieces I loved, and I so wanted to add around 10 of my creations to this post. I finally narrowed it down and here’s what I came up with and why.

Wow, isn’t this a stunning look. It’s a beautiful dress and I love this fresh summers look that is also Red Carpet glam!

Here’s Mine

I actually didn’t know that Next were to create a range with Geri, I actually love the pieces in her collection, including this stunning Cream Floral Maxi dress £55, which I feel is beautiful for the day but equally dressed for the evening. I chose the following accessories to give this a red carpet edge: Geri Flower Feather Fascinator£26, Ivory Diamante embellished pashmina, Nude and rose gold plaited sandals £35

To give it something extra I chose…

Beautiful Geri gold plated and pink semi precious stone earrings £45, A stunning Silver Butterfly ring £35, & this bargain Butterfly Bangle pack  £12,

Now, yes, Celebs do spend thousands of pounds on their beauty regime, Next however have a range of fabulous items to help you “Fake It” plus this fab little clutch to carry the nights essentials.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eue De Toilette 50ml £47, nude patent frame bag £12.50, Tweezerman mini Brow kit £24, Eylure Naturalite intense 140 lashes £5.00

Nip and Fab frown fix £10, Transformulas professional white teeth whitening £29, Makebelieve enhance radiant Illuminating concealer £15, Models own nail pastel pink £5

For the Guys…

Doesn’t he look a dish?

My recreation of the style can be seen below

Men’s silver piped slim fit suit jacket £75, Silver piped slim fit suit waistcoat £35, Silver piped slim fit suit trousers £35, White long sleeve shirt £22, Black Skinny tie £8

Click Here to view items on site

And these lovely smart grey formal slip on shoes below are just £25 (Bargain)!

Davina for Next – Week 2

19 Jan

As I write this, I am dying to run downstairs and munch one of the soft, sugary ring donuts the other half brought home for the children! The fact that I am still here, not there, shows how my flaking willpower has started its journey in repairing itself!

Yes, it’s now my second week on the road to fitness with the help of Next, Davina MCcall and 9 other bloggers (who have all been very supportive, via twitter and commenting here on the blog).

So… How was week one?

On the food front, I’m hanging in there, its hard, I cannot deny! Yet, I am proud of myself and how I’m sticking to a healthier eating plan (I’ve only had chocolate once this week, and that my friends, is a miracle)! I’m now eating healthier options which this week has consisted of mainly foods high in portion reducing my carb in-take a little. I’ve also eaten at more sensible hours and I have tried to ensure that nothing crosses these lips in the late hours.

What about RedBull Lights, I hear you asking? Well, I haven’t stopped drinking these completely, id be a liar if I said I have, though what I can report is, I’m now drinking a huge amount less of the horrid addictive stuff than I was before I started my health kick… No more than one can per-day and yesterday I had not a drop (massive improvement from the five cans I’m used too)! This one isn’t easy, the stuff is addictive like coffee… but worse if I’m honest!


For the first 4 days it was going so well! I did most of what I planed to do, with the exception of dog walking (my mother embarks on such a task at the strangest of hours, with three kids to parent, my mum has done her duties alone). I’ve also not been swimming or clubbing on a Friday night, more to the petty! I did buy a gym ball (the peanut kind) and I admit I went crazy and brought not one but 5 fitness DVDs and have tried a few. Everything on the plan was going really well, then four days in I was struck down with a horrid flu bug and exercise was the last thing on my mind, so I’ve basically spent three days struggling to climb out of bed! Nonetheless, I’m starting to feel like myself again and I plan to make up for lost time and up my todo list this week.

There was however, a nice surprise on Saturday afternoon that helped brighten up a rather gloomy day! My new Next FIT shoes, available via the ‘Davina for Next’ innovative footwear range, arrived at my door.

These are my beautifully shiny red pantent corsage slab shoes, equipped with the new ‘Next FIT’ technology!

Lovely, don’t you think?

Not only do these shoes look lovely but they are really comfortable too! I have to say, when I first saw them, I really never expected them to be so comfortable to wear! There was no new shoe blisters or no aching feet, and since they have arrived, I’ve worn them on most days and even in the house like slippers. Choosing a pair of shoes from the Davina range was the hardest task for me, I choose my fitness outfit within a few minutes but I seriously studied the pages of the Next Website that host these innovative shoes, and it took me the best part of an hour to decide. They do the slab shoes in one or two designs and in a range of colours, I’m seriously considering getting myself a black pair too. At £31, I feel they are very good value, if anything a bit of a bargain!

So… enough about shoes (this crazy loving shoe mum, could talk shoes all day)! Let me finish by jotting down and sharing my goals for the week ahead.

Goals for Week 2

All of the goals recorded in week one can stay with the exception of dog walking, this just isn’t gonna work! I’m upping the pace a little to make up for the past three days sickness and have decided to do this by upping the number of sit-ups and push-ups by adding 20 more on each, and I will also do a few more squats (Yer… I love squats really)!

I’ve now got a gym ball which I’m loving! I will incorporate this more into my daily exercise routine (yes, instead of just siting on it)!

I’m also hoping to have a Friday night on the dance floor this week or next, so all you fellow bloggers, come fitness freaks (aka fellow 9 Davina for Next bloggers) you fancy getting your groove on? I say let’s go swing our pants and have some serious fun getting fit!

So… that’s it

Till next week… its good-bye 🙂

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