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Wear It For Autism: Nominations Now Open

20 Jun

Has your life been affected by autism or do you know someone whose has? Do you know someone who is always putting others before themselves and deserves an extra-special treat? Nominate them now and they could be part of Wear It For Autism.

Wear It For Autism is looking for mums, dads, children and carers – who either have autism themselves or care for those living with the condition – to have a full makeover and take centre-stage in a stylish fashion event at London’s Vinyl Factory on Tuesday 10 September.


Nominations are open now until Sunday 23 June 2013. Celebrity judges, including Gail Porter and Adele Silva, alongside Maggie Paterson, Principal of Pineapple Performing Arts Covent Garden, will select winners from across five categories – mums, dads, young carers, children with autism, and adults with austim. All the winners will be treated to a top-to-toe makeover by styling experts and take part in the Wear It for Autism catwalk show.

Anna Kennedy said: “The idea behind Wear It For Autism was to spoil those who usually never get a chance to treat – or even think of – themselves. Living with autism can be challenging and extremely demanding, so we wanted to create a special event that will be fun for all involved, as well as raise vital funds to campaign for the rights of those with this disability.”

If you know a parent, carer or child affected by autism, or if you want to take part in Wear It For Autism, nominate now at www.annakennedyonline.com

Tickets for the show are available now, priced £25 each. All profits go to the registered charity Anna Kennedy Online, which supports UK families affected by autism, including providing small grants for educational and domestic resources

Sponsor’s for the event are, Littlewood’s,Toni & Guy, Pineapple Arts, London Beauty Queen and Mahogony


3 Feb

Well the blog has been going for quite sometime now. In this time I have heard back from many other parents like myself with children on the autistic spectrum. It’s been a great way to bring us mums together and share our experiences. Some great comments have been posted, some interesting interviews taken place and I am pleased to say some great friends have  been made. When I started writing  A boy with Asperger’s back in October 2008 it was for many reasons. Raising awareness for a condition that was very close to my heart  was one of them. But I also had a great deal more to learn about it. I feel that as well as give something I gained so much more from writing this blog . It was a wonderful thing to have found and connected with so many others that like me were on a roller coaster of ups and downs when facing a world that so many other people were yet to understand. I guess I kind of made it my goal to raise awareness for ASD. My child and many others needed to be understood.  Even if the blog only reached a few people and them few gained a better understanding at least that was something. Well  I really can’t ask for better support with the blog . Over the last 16 months we have had huge numbers of readers and many other blogs and sites have linked up to us or added us to their listings. I really am grateful for this:)

Well It’s been sometime since the blog had a monthly feature. I was so busy with the pregnancy and stuff  that sadly the Big interview had to stop. I really do miss it! and for this reason have decided to bring something new to the readers.


The idea for the feature came to me when I was reading some of the many comments left on the blog by other parents. Each month I want to hear from a parent of a child on the spectrum this will be their chance to get heard and reach out to others and join me in raising awareness for Autism. Each month will have a topic of conversation. Like Sensory sensitivity, Obsessive interest, Autism at school and so on. So if you want to get heard and share your story with others then here is the place to do it.


This is our frist topic of conversation so if anyone is interested and wants to be our first mum to tell it like it is then waste no time in contacting me by leaving a comment with a contact email address. The big interview was a great feature that did fantastic and was a real hit. I’m sure if we all come together mums  tell it like it is will do just as well.

UPDATE 20-04-10

Sorry that the a bove feature did not go ahead as planed back in March. This sadly was due to a lack of time on my part. Little man was excluded three times that month so thinks were kinda hectic. Hoping to have the first part of this feature up and posted by the end of the month.

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