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9 Mar

There will be just two more weeks of the feature Monday finds. ( Ends on week 10 )

The good news is that there will be a new feature taking it’s place. Will tell you more about this feature in the coming weeks. For now I hope you enjoy this weeks Monday Finds.


Run by the organization odds & friends, Ask An Aspie is aimed at parents of children with autism that may have trouble expressing themselves or just have nobody to turn to. By visiting AskAnAspie you can talk to people who have gone through the same experiences as your child and who see the world in the same way. You get to put your concerns to people that know what life is like for a child with Aspergers because they have the condition themselves. http://oddsandfriends.typepad.com


Do you love watching Supernanny? I know I do. If you love it as much as I do you will find this Monday find a treat. There is a fantastic Interview on the site called understanding autism one mum’s story. A great Interview with an everyday mum who shares her life and views on bringing up a child with autism. But that’s not all! If you have never visited the site before you need to get a move on. Become a member and enter great competitions, use the supernanny forum or even apply to be on the show ( Um not my thing but maybe yours ) There are links to all the supernanny products and that includes her reward chats. Don’t fear if your not in the UK but enjoyed the USA shows! There is a link provided to take you to Supernanny USA.  http://www.supernanny.co.uk


This is a whole blog that deals with all aspects of Aspergers. A major amount of information to find here. Covering everything from the signs of aspergers, right through to parenting advices on coping and dealing with different aspects of the condition. http://asperger-blog.com

Diary of an Aspies mum.

I will say this is by far my top find of the week. What a fantastic blog written again by a mum. ( Us mums do it well:) ) This mother of an aspie child shares her life’s up and downs, with lots of sources of info and advice on offer. This blog was also designed so well that you can’t help but stay and take a look around. Trust me, go ahead and find out. http://diaryofanaspiesmum.blogspot.com

About. com Autism

A fantastic site offering lots of info, advice and many links. About autism is a great site for looking up info on autism! Why? As there is a good chance you will find it here. Covering a ton of subjects you could sit for hours gripped in this sites fantastic reads. There is also a wonderful forum and a great free newsletter. http://autism.about.com

Thanks again for reading my finds:) I hope you found something that helps you on your journey on the discovery of the autistic spectrum.

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