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Mum you’re my inspiration in all that I do!

18 Mar

So, today is Mothering Sunday, a day to show your appreciation to the woman who carried you, gave birth to you, loved you, sang to you, taught you invaluable life lessons and nurtured you from the day she laid eyes on you!

Although, I’m a mother to three amazingly wonderful children, who have so lovingly surprised me with mini rose brushes and melt in the mouth chocolates, as well as some impressive home-made cards, I’m actually posting today, more so as a daughter than that of a Mother.

I’m thankful to my mother for so many things, more than I could possibly put into words! She, gave me a wonderful childhood, and although at times life was difficult, mum never let anything beat her. It could not  have been easy to discover your 2-year old daughter is riddled with the evilness, one better known as cancer! Yes, my baby sister had leukaemia (Cancer of the blood) and although at 10 years old, I knew this to be bad, it’s only once I had my own children, that I could truly appreciate how much that must have frighten and sadden my mother.

Mum has always been an inspiration to me, she’s the type of woman who doesn’t have a bad word to say  about anybody, even if they are #@•## holes. This is simply her way, one of her many beautiful qualities!

Growing up we had ups and downs, ones I guess mothers and their teenage daughters everywhere could easily relate too. Yes, I was a bit of a rebellious one at age 13, though in my defence, My challenging ways were sorted before they had started (well, that’s not exactly true, It was for a period of one year tops…. honestly)!

At 17 years old I fell pregnant with Little man (aka A boy with Asperger’s) giving birth to him on the first day of October during the year of the millennium! I was now 18 years old, an 18-year-old mother in fact. 

Regardless of such a reality, I wasn’t exactly your “average” 18 year old, I’d already lived and worked in Greece at age 17 and at this point, had been in a relationship a little over 3 years. Of course I worried that my mother would disapprove, think that bit less of me! Though this wasn’t true, mum supported me, she had faith in me, just as she continues to on this day. 

If any of you have followed the blog from the beginning, some 3 plus years now, you’ll understand when I say that for the first few years of my son’s life, all was well! Little man was a good baby, a great toddler who never had a tantrum, Boy did I gloat. Little man spoke early, he spoke well, he met milestones and even exceed a few. He was potty trained by his second birthday and seemed to be the type of child you only heard about in dreams.

Sadly most good things come to an end and although I had noted concerns by the time Little man reached 4, no one really actually listened. It really hit a peak shortly after his 7th Birthday when he displayed the meltdown of all meltdowns, hitting me with a metal pole in the process. This almighty meltdown seemed as if it was sent to make up for all them years without a tantrum. His sleep pattern, well more appropriately “lack of sleep pattern” was at a high, he became an active school refuser giving me my first taste of what life with the AWO (attendance and welfare officer) on your back was like! I guess people found it hard to digest, no, correction, believe! My son could go a whole 48 hrs sleep free, I’d wake up in the most unusual of places, laid on the stairs, on the toilet and quite shocking stood at the ironing board! I was so, tired and had no say in the  process, despite being his mother I failed to improve the situation! Black baggy eyed and rambling to myself on a daily basis, I considered myself to have reached that point, the one referred to as  “Madness”

My mother has been a rock throughout, attending the numerous meetings with professionals, supporting me throughout my battles to obtain the services, educational or otherwise that Little man has needed to progress! No matter what life has thrown in my direction, My mother has been there every step of the way! 

I know I’m incredibly lucky, not everyone in my situation is as lucky to have this degree of support! I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family and I hope that my children grow up to appreciate my mothering ways as much as I do appreciate those of my own mothers!

This is for the woman who thought me the beauty and benefits of good honest value’s ! A woman who showed me how to look at the world and make it my own, a woman who loves me whatever happens, someone who has always believed in me no matter what! This is a woman I owe a thousand thank yous, a woman I admire for her hardworking ways, and sheer positiveness however testing life becomes  …. A woman I’m dead proud to call my mum! 




A Mothers Day Competition

15 Mar

Evening all, just popping on to with a treat for all you lovely mothers that read the blog.

In celebration of Mothering Sunday the Lovely Daniela Sacerdoti, author of Dreams & Watch over me, has given me 3 copies of her book to give away to 3 of my lovely readers.

If you’re really lucky this Mothers Day, you’ll me able to engage in a bit of “Me Time” and why not do so with a good book!

I’ve Included a little about the title below, which I’m sure will be enough to get you entering!

Eilidh Lawson’s life has hit crisis point. Years of failed fertility treatments, a cheating husband and an oppressive family have pushed her to the limit. Desperate for relief, Eilidh seeks solace in the only place she’s ever felt at home – a small village in the Scottish Highlands. There, Eilidh slowly begins to mend her broken heart but soon learns she is not the only one in the village struggling to recover from a painful past. Jamie McAnena, Eilidh’s childhood friend, is trying to raise his daughter Maisie alone. After Maisie’s mother left to pursue a career in London and Jamie’s own mother, Elizabeth, passed away, he has resigned himself to being a family of two. But sometimes there is more to a story than meets the eye. Despite their reluctance, curious circumstances keep bringing Jamie and Eilidh together. For even when it seems all is lost, help can come from the most surprising places.

An ethereal and beautifully written debut novel, Watch Over Me is a poignant story about letting go and moving on – with a little bit of help from beyond the grave

The Novel published back in November 2011 and has received some great reviews! Check out the Good Reads website, were it displays a glowing 5 star review with some brilliant feedback.

To enter for your chance of winning one of three copies, simply do the following

Leave me a comment telling me why you, or your mother, deserves a little me time! You must leave a contact with your comment, either email or twitter to ensure I can contact you if you win.

For extra entries

Tweet: “#Win a copy of watch over me with clairelouise82 & @danisacerdoti” Adding the URL of this post, then comment to let me know you have done it by leaving your twitter handle.

Use any of the share buttons within this post (I extra entry for each) Please remember to leave a separate comment for each to validate your entries.

Competition will close at 11.59 pm on the 2nd April 2012 will the three winners being contacted soon after.

Visit Daniela Sacerdoti Blog HERE.

‘Watch Over Me’ is RRP at £11.99 and can be purchased online at Amazon for £7.70 (paperback) or £5.49 in Kindle edition.



Open to the UK only, those entering must following all the rules to validate their entries. Email or twitter handles should be left with all comments. There will be 3 winners drawn randomly. Winners will be contacted by either email or twitter and will have a time period of 72 hours to respond to the winning notification, those who fail to do so, risk a re-draw. The prize is as stated and there is no prize alternative. Details should be sent to the email address in the blog side bar, which will be forwarded on to the prize provider to dispatch.


24 Mar

Just wanted to share the card that the children made me for mothers day:)

So sweet. Alice got me a lovely figure of a woman dancing, and little man got me come yummy chocolates which he insisted on opening. After having such a bad Saturday it was nice to kick back and chill with my two little monsters and my wonderful hubby.My mummys day card.

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