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Review – The Vax Bare Floor Pro

23 May

I’ve been on the Vax voice panel for a while now and I’m loving it! The products are awesome and I’ve got to try some great Vax appliances that I’d never have been able to try otherwise.

This time they sent me the new Vax Bare Floor Pro and I feel for £99.99 it’s a gem of a buy. You may feel a hundred quid for a mop is kinda pushing it, but this is no ordinary mop, this is a super stream mop that along with the specially developed detergent, it does an awesome job in getting floors super clean and smelling beautifully citrus fresh.


The Vax Bare Floor Pro, is so simply to use. Just fill with the required amount of water and detergent with the measuring jug, plug in and within seconds the green LED light comes on and your away.

The appliances is super light weight weighing in at just 2.9kg making it dead easy to manoeuvre.

What’s even greater about this appliance is how little water and detergent it requires so even when filled its still really light in weight.

There are water tanks (one for water alone and one for water combined with detergent). One is located on the front of the machine and the other located on the back, both are easily removed and filled.



The mop did a mighty fine job on my yucky laminated floors that were covered in the contents of our garden with some ice cream and other stickiness thrown in for good measure. The mop uses stream so the floor dries extremely quickly which is great when your a busy household full of children and pets that don’t quite grasp the term “don’t walk on the floor, it’s wet!” Seriously the mop makes the job of cleaning the floor quick and easy, less then half the time as when using a standard mop.

The micro fibre removable pads are machine washable and I was pleasantly surprised how clean my every day soap powder brought these out (considering what they looked like once the job of washing the floor was finished).

It’s my opinion that this is a very good investment for any household especially considering your also getting a 2 year guarantee. The Vax Bare Floor Pro will last heaps longer than any standard mop and accessories and detergents are reasonably priced (remember this takes only a small amount of detergent so it last a while). What’s more Vax include micro fibre pads and detergent in with your appliance making it an even better buy.

I absolutely love this steam mop and having only had it a little over a week, I’d still now be seriously lost without it.

You can order yours over on the Vax online store where you can opt to pay in one go or in 3 affordable monthly instruments of just £33.33.


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