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Scooterearz the New Collection

11 Oct

We reviewed Scooterearz last year and was super impressed with them.

Basically scooterearz are gloves for scooters. These are simply placed over the handle bars of the scooter then the child is able to place their hands inside. This means the child doesn’t feel restricted and is able to have a comfortable grip on the scooters handle bars. The child therefore keeps control of the scooter while keeping their hands warm… Simple but brilliant!


We were sent a pair of scooterearz in one of their latest limited edition designs… The Union Jack. These look fantastic on the handle bars of Harley’s Mini Micro.

Scooterearz come in their own bag for storage, they are totally waterproof and have a warm fleece inner lining making them really warm and comfortable.


These are compatible with both scooters and bikes so no one has to experience cold hands.

Here’s a little video of Harley giving them a try.

These really are great and myself and the little one would recommend them to any child who likes to scoot about whatever the weather.

The New Limited Edition Union Jack Scooterearz are available for £14.99 with free P&P.

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