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Bling for Scooters

26 Oct

For all you scooter goers 

 Now it’s the turn of the Scoobits, fashion accessories to bling out your scooter. 

 If your child has a scooter then please guys get in the know and make sure there’s one or two of these in your kids stocking

 If you don’t listen to my warning you can expect a big fat, I told you so from me on Christmas morning! 

 Scootbits are now available in a range of new bright bold colours that really will bring about some scooter envy! The best thing is these can be added to just about any scooter and even bikes if you prefer. 

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 They simply look great and with so many designs to choose from you’ll want them all!

 We have decided to buy Harley a Mini Micro for his Birthday in December after receiving a catalogue displaying all the fantastic neon colours and wonderful accessories, and amongst them accessories were some fab new scoobits that are suited to all ages. 

 I can’t wait to get his Mini Micro and bling it out with super brightly coloured scoobits so he can ride besides his big brother. 

 The scoobit we were sent for Little man is a fab red/orange colour with a bright green croc which I must admit looks super on the neon Green Maxi. 

 I’m discovering that I’ve got a bit of a thing for these brightly coloured gadgets and it’s not just the actual scooters but the bling you can dress them up with. I love the ribbons, bags, and of course the scoobits.

 With each scoobit you get some brightly coloured stickers you can add to you scooter too.

 What’s even better is again the scoobit has that collectors appeal that like little man many children on the autism spectrum seem to love engaging in. 

 Priced at from £3.99 we love them and I’ll be buying scoobits for both Little man’s and Little Harley’s stockings… Oh and I may even get a few for Alice-Sara’s bike

So it’s official, Scoobits are super-duper cool, & it’s not just the kids that think so!

You can design your own Scoobit and win Click HERE

Limited Edition Lime Green Maxi Micro Scooter

22 Aug

Little man had one hell of a surprise ready and waiting to greet him  when he returned home from his cousins at the end of last week. A stunning Limited edition lime green maxi micro scooter for him to review.

Little man isn’t really the kind of child that wants all the latest  stuff though his pretty good at asking for stuff in general! However, this largely consists of anything from train sets, bus models, xbox games, to the more unusual request, such as working shop tills, torches, fly catchers, pens or even padlocks. So I was full of delight when he told me he had seen a pretty sick scooter (his words, certainly not mine).

How overjoyed was I when the lovely Hayley (Mini micro PR) sent me an  email asking me what micro scooter we would be interested in reviewing as part of our Santa’s little helpers’ I knew it would plant a massive smile on his chops, and boy I wasn’t wrong. What makes Maxi micro scooters stand out from the crowd.

The design

A seriously stunning piece of equipment, it’s almost neon green colour contrasting with jet black, gives the design a real funky edge.

It has an extending T-bar reaching a maximum height of 93 cms and its lime green base is designed to be low to the ground (yet remains very robust) It has tough PU wheels and lime green handle grips for maximum comfort.

The scooter has a three wheeled design aiding the child’s stability while riding.

A follow on from the Micro mini the Maxi micro is designed for children aged between 6-12 years, taking the maximum weight of up-to 50-kg.

The Maxi itself weighs in at just 2.5 kg and its removable T-bar allows the scooter to be stored away or dismantled for travelling. This was an important feature for us, what with the delivery of the scooter the day before we went away there was absolutely no way he was leaving it behind.

Little man puts it to the test.

Little man loved it and has had fun scooting about since it arrived. His not once had an accident (a rare occurrence for him) and the next door neighbour (his little friend, thinks it’s awesome too). It’s currently his bestest thing in the world after his transport collection that is! When asking him what he rated it out of 10, he answered, “100” I guess that pretty much sums it up, he loves it!

 Parental prospective.

When it first arrived I instantly loved the colour and design, but couldn’t see why it was different from any other scooter! Well, I must be showing my 29 years as Little man firmly put me in my place. It was only when seeing what the Maxi micro scooter could do, did I really,”Get it!” This really isn’t any scooter, it’s so much more! 
The Control your child gains over the steering is brilliant. I just loved the fact it had three wheels. Little man is under an OT as some areas of his gross motor skills are below other children of the same age (a direct result of the Aspergers syndrome). He quite obviously had much more stability riding the Maxi micro as opposed to any other scooter his tried.  Oh and this scooter is somewhat of a,”Mean Machine” as it wasn’t slow either! Don’t panic though, it’s easy for your child to control their speed which is dependent on how much leg power they initially put into it and the type of surface being used (be careful with hills). The scooters braking mechanism is also really good making it a pretty safe scooter.

All Maxi and Micro scooters have an outstanding safety record, they are really well built and designed by micro mobility systems, (a well respected Swiss company).

As a parent I couldn’t give it any less than the full whack when it comes to ranking it. Yes, it will set you back a bit currently priced at £99.95 but this is a scooter designed to last, offers so much more than your standard scooter, plus it has an outstanding safety record (which you just can’t put a price on)! 

Check Maxi & Micro scooters out for yourself by clicking HERE.

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