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Winner of the Santa’s Little Helpers Competition

17 Nov

The time has finally come to announce the winner of our Santa’s Little Helpers competition, where one lucky winner gets their hands on the awesome Melissa & Doug wooden magnetic responsibility chart

All entries were first entered into a list randomiser, I then drew the winner using a free online number picker. 

So…. The Winner was number


 Random numbers generated Nov 17 2011 at 1:24:45 by http://www.psychicscience.org  

Free educational resources for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic.

Emma In Bromley

Congratulations Emma

Please contact me with your postal address via the email address in the sidebar and I’ll organise for your prize to be delivered by the Wooden Toy Shop.

The randomised list can be seen HERE (I have published it to my google docs as it was just to long to publish here.) 

Win with Santa’s little helpers

20 Oct

As part of our Santa’s Little helpers feature we have been running some awesome competitions.

This time it’s the turn of the fabulous Wooden toy shop who have allowed me to pick a lovely prize from their online store for you lucky lot to try to get your mitts on.

 This was such a hard task, there are so many beautiful toys on display and a great load more has been added for Christmas coursing me excitement and confusion all at once.

 After a long time browsing, I finally decided on a toy with a purpose, one that will suit every child but will be extremely beneficial to a child with autism and their family as a whole!

 So… Here’s what you can win:

 Melissa & Doug wooden magnetic responsibility chart

 Catch children in the act of behaving well, reward them, and watch those appropriate behaviours multiply. Open the fabric hinged boards to reveal a behaviour chart on one board, while the other board keeps all the magnets close at hand. A sturdy cord is attached for hanging. Dry-erase white board and 90 magnets including responsibilities, positive behaviours and rewards.

 I love Melissa and Doug and this kind of product is the reason why. All kids do great with visual stimulate and prompts and that’s why I think this is a toy that appeals to everyone.


 To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize you must…


 Like the wooden toy shop on Facebook leaving the following comment.

“I want to win with A boy with Aspergers and the wooden toy shop”

Then to validate your entry, leave me a comment to tell me you have done it leaving a twitter id, email or other means of contact


You are welcome to engage in as many additional entries as you wish but you must still carry out the compulsory above the action above.

You must leave an additional comment for every action taken or entries will be void!

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 Do not forget to leave an additional comment for each action you have taken in order to validate your entries. You must also leave a contact whether it’s an email address, twitter id or other. 

The competition will run in-till the 11th November closing at midnight. The winner will be contacted by myself to obtain a postal address, which will then be passed over to the lovely people at the wooden toy shop in-order to dispatch your prize. 

This competition is only open to UK residents and the winner will have 5 days to contact me following the official notification post that will go live shortly after the competition winner is drawn at random.

Harley and the giraffe

26 Jul

Our fantastic feature, ‘Santa’s Little helpers is going awesomely well! We have some great reviews lined up from some brilliant brands. This evening I write the last of my three reviews for the Wooden Toy Shop who me and the children have loved working with this past month! So, far my daughter has reviewed the lovely Melissa and Doug Stamp set and Little Man has proved that Cricket can be a great game for Children on the autism spectrum, even when played alone 🙂 

 So, now it’s the turn of the littlest Elf, “20m old little bro” his had great fun reviewing one of, ‘John Cranes Tidlo Chunky puzzles’ 


 This Chunky wooden puzzle has seven pieces, Its brightly coloured safari theme was a hit with our little monster! One of the reasons we chose this puzzle was because of it’s funky theme. Harley, aka Little Bro loves Giraffes right now, he loves the CBeebies programme, ’64 Zoo Lane’ with Georgina the Giraffe. The Giraffe along with six other animals, a Hippopotamus, Lion, Zebra, Camel, Elephant and a Crocodile make up all the pieces of this fun puzzle. 

 The John Crane Tidlo chunky safari puzzle is designed for children aged 12 months plus and can be purchased from the Wooden toy shop for a very respectable £10.79


 Little Bros face lit up when we got the puzzle out of its box ready to play. “Look, Giraffe” was something he continually said for the first five minutes before finally turning his attention to some of the other animal pieces. We had fun together naming each animal piece and it really encourages social interaction and gets your toddler attempting words such as Hippopotamus,”Which proved quite a mouth full” Hippo was the better alternative for this little monster. 

 The puzzle pieces are really chunky making it look almost 3D. This also makes it easier for the child to pick the pieces up so great for little fingers like Little Bros.

Every now and then I lost the little guys attention and he would climb down from his chair and dart around the room shouting, “Giraffe” waving it in the air like he was flying the thing like a plane. Eventually he would come back and after a while he seemed to be getting to grips with what he was doing. Sat at the table I removed all the pieces, Little Bro Lined them up and I then placed them all back in place. He looked at what I was doing seemingly taking it all in before trying it for himself. The puzzle has the picture of each of the animals where each piece is designed to fit,  making it easier for the child, as they can identify where each piece should fit by looking at the pictures. Little Bro did this bit with ease, however he did have some trouble getting the pieces to fit and become frustrated as he tried to place the giraffe in upside down. When Mummy attempted to show him, ‘Little Mr Independent’ almost throw a fit. 

 Once Little Bro had finally placed an animal correctly in its position, I clapped offering lots of prise. He happily gave himself a clap too and felt encouraged to try another. After one or two more I noticed that he was finding the task much easier. 


 This is a lovely toy, the wooden puzzle is very well made and is beautifully designed. It can be a fun educational toy for a toddler helping them to develop good hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills  and imagination (as Little Bro demonstrated during the review, when he used the pieces as toy like figures). I found it hard to give this toy a rating on my toddlers behalf! Though he clearly liked the puzzle he did have a tendency to lose his attention quicker then some of the toys his played with. Saying this, it should be mentioned that whenever Little Bro ran off the giraffe went too. He really likes the giraffe piece and since the review he has taken the giraffe from the box and took it for a ride in his wooden trailer. 

Its a hard one but I give Harley’s rating as an 8/10

 Parental approval 

 I think the toy is great Value for money and plan to purchase the John Crane Tidlo Animal farm for his birthday. It comes in a sturdy thick cardboard box which is a must when storing puzzles, due to us having to take them in and out over the course of the early years. The puzzles brightly coloured design is great visual stimulation, the overall design is very inviting. The pieces are really nice and chunky and the picture matching along with shape shorting makes this lots of  fun while helping improve and develop a child’s hand, eye co-ordination.

The John Crane Tidlo gets a fat 9/10 from me

 The Retailer

 Over the past month I loved watching the children review just a small handful of the beautifully designed toys the Wooden toy shop has to offer. This is an online family run business that offers its customers a friendly service, speedy delivery and importantly, “Good value for money.” All three products have proven a success with all three  Little helpers. This with the fact they have offered our readers the chance to bag themselves a, ‘John Crane children’s wooden Guitar’ in our blog giveaway (which can be found here) makes them a firm favourite of mine. 

This is a retailer who offer support to schools and nurseries not only by offering them 10% off the advertised price but also entering them into a draw to win unwanted products that have been returned and cannot be resold due to the removal of packaging. Schools are automatically entered into the monthly draw every time they make a purchase. 

 10/10  for the Wooden Toy Shop a  fantastic online retailer! 

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