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Win with Santa’s little helpers

20 Oct

As part of our Santa’s Little helpers feature we have been running some awesome competitions.

This time it’s the turn of the fabulous Wooden toy shop who have allowed me to pick a lovely prize from their online store for you lucky lot to try to get your mitts on.

 This was such a hard task, there are so many beautiful toys on display and a great load more has been added for Christmas coursing me excitement and confusion all at once.

 After a long time browsing, I finally decided on a toy with a purpose, one that will suit every child but will be extremely beneficial to a child with autism and their family as a whole!

 So… Here’s what you can win:

 Melissa & Doug wooden magnetic responsibility chart

 Catch children in the act of behaving well, reward them, and watch those appropriate behaviours multiply. Open the fabric hinged boards to reveal a behaviour chart on one board, while the other board keeps all the magnets close at hand. A sturdy cord is attached for hanging. Dry-erase white board and 90 magnets including responsibilities, positive behaviours and rewards.

 I love Melissa and Doug and this kind of product is the reason why. All kids do great with visual stimulate and prompts and that’s why I think this is a toy that appeals to everyone.


 To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize you must…


 Like the wooden toy shop on Facebook leaving the following comment.

“I want to win with A boy with Aspergers and the wooden toy shop”

Then to validate your entry, leave me a comment to tell me you have done it leaving a twitter id, email or other means of contact


You are welcome to engage in as many additional entries as you wish but you must still carry out the compulsory above the action above.

You must leave an additional comment for every action taken or entries will be void!

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 Rate this post by using the stars above

  Tweet, “I want to win with @clairelouise82 & @woodentoyshopuk adding the url to this post

 Comment on another review post or competition

Subscribe to my blog via email by using the subscribe button at the top right of this post.

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 Follow the wooden toy shop on twitter.

 Do not forget to leave an additional comment for each action you have taken in order to validate your entries. You must also leave a contact whether it’s an email address, twitter id or other. 

The competition will run in-till the 11th November closing at midnight. The winner will be contacted by myself to obtain a postal address, which will then be passed over to the lovely people at the wooden toy shop in-order to dispatch your prize. 

This competition is only open to UK residents and the winner will have 5 days to contact me following the official notification post that will go live shortly after the competition winner is drawn at random.

It’s all fun and games with Ka’lide

12 Oct

Another day, another Santa’s little helpers and blog-match mission.

The guys at blog-match have matched us to the guys at imagination games, who sent us the game Ka’lide.


Score points by flicking, bumping and sliding your magnetic pucks onto you’re scoring side of the game mat!


One large mat

Magnetic pucks

Note: You will additionally require a pen and paper (not included) to record the scores.


Set up in a room that has lots of space being careful to remove any breakable items away from the playing area.

Establish who’s first by engaging in a “Flick Off”

Closet to 200 point circle wins the “flick off” and therefore goes first.


Each player sits at either end of the playing mat facing one another. Both ends of the mat are colour coded red or yellow. Each player has a total of six pucks each and take it in turns to carefully flick pucks across the mat aiming for the points circles (highest being 200)


If a player overshoots it becomes a dead puck and must be left where they have fallen to the end of the round.

A player can knock or magnetically push another puck into the scoring zone.

For these reasons scores should only be recorded at the end of each round.

Three rounds make up one game of Ka’lide.


Here comes a heart attack moment, Little man and his sister, my daughter Alice, actually played this game together. They just about managed it without actually killing one another.


**** We award 4 stars to the imagination game Ka’lide


Ka’lide is very entertaining and is worth adding to your Christmas list.

The game is good at helping aid the development of motor co-ordination as-well as fine motor skills, concentration and hand-eye co-ordination.

The children engaged in a little bickering, but hay what’s new?

As mentioned before Little man tends to be overly controlling a symptom of his Asperger’s syndrome. When his sister scored he found it quite hard to take, with the lack of control over the game and the fact his a sore losers did prove difficult some of the time (though I guess his sisters slight smirk doesn’t help either)!

Over all a fabulous game.

Give it a go and have some fun.

Note: If more than two players are desired this can be done via a knock out game or a team game, full instructions for this are given in the instruction booklet provided with your game.: 

Imagination games: Ka’lide at Amazon

Age 8+ £19.99 RRP 

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