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12 Feb

Little man is over the moon as daddy got him his very own laptop for his bedroom. His used laptops and pc’s before but his never had his own.

I’m hoping he will learn alot  from using a laptop through we have to be careful as his a little to clever at times. His been searching the net for pictures of buses today. His already printed them out and added them to his safe box. He loves seeing the different buses from around the world’ His forever calling me to come and have a look.

We also got him mobile broadband on pay as you go. He knows that getting up early and getting to school on time is a must if he wants his pocket money in order to top up and use the net. He seems pretty keen but for how long  i don’t  know . If it works well i will let you all know.  Alice also got a treat from daddy:) she got a lovely little Sony hand held DVDplayer’ it’s so cute. She loves to get away from  stuff now and then (frighting with G) and she loves everything puppy dog  so she got some film’s that were full of  cute little doggies. So that’s the kids happy.

But I’m pleased to inform you all about my new toy:):) BIG SMILES. I got a new Macbook air. So I’m going to be doing some fab photo editing and new blog features so watch this space.

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