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13 Mar

I was sat in my living room reading when little man pops his head round the door.  ” You busy mum?” If the answer to his given question was yes it would not of made any difference to him at all, so I just shook my head. By this point he was already deep in conversation which I must add was at super fast speeds.

“Please slow down mate”

With this he throw the note pad which he was holding on to the floor.

“You never listen to me never, never, never”

He was still shouting stuff as he marched up the stairs banging his feet extra hard. This is something that drives me insane ( not the banging his feet but the whole situation ) He hates, No he really hates having to repeat himself! He just don’t get to gasp the fact that I’m not always able to turn on the SUPER listening device. Now having done this whole thing to many times to count, I know how the next hour of my life is planed out. It’s always the same. He stays upstairs for a bit, he then comes down but wont talk to me but talks about me. If his sister or dad are not home he will often talk about me to himself, out loud or even  the dog. There are times when it’s so very hard to contain myself from laughing because he says the funniest things that even though I’m used to him doing I still can’t believe what he is talking about. He sounds like ones husband a real little man (grumpy man in fact ) But God forbid I laugh, as by doing so it becomes the worse mistake of my life and boy do I pay! for it! But that’s a completely different post all together We can share the don’t ever laugh at a boy with Asperger’s later.

I used to chase him up the stairs trying my hardest to explain that yes I was listening but just got a little lost. No way! I don’t go there anymore as this makes the whole hard goings on a hell of  a lot worse and yes longer. Sitting and waiting, sometimes hours is the best way to go about it. He will often act so mean to me ( sounds silly as his my child! but most mothers will be getting it. ) Then a few hours down the line he will come and ask me something or start a conversation. He just acts as if the last to hours of hell he just but me through over the silliest little things never ever happened. It’s not that he forgot, Oh no. More he has chosen for it to have ended because his over it ( never mind me the one left with the thumbing head ) His like a light bulb that loses power for hours but then decides to come back on. It’s not just the whole you’re not listening thing that set of a little man mood . It’s a number of things! When his upset or angry about something, and I’m not doing something about it to make it easier for him. Reason being is because I don’t have a clue what the problem is but I’m “supposed” to just know with my mummy super powers. Moving his things is just one more trigger. I’m just more used to his ways now but I have to  be as what’s the use of a crazy mum? As in the beginning that’s were I was heading  CRAZY-VILLE.

SO WHAT WAS HE TRYING TO TELL ME THREE HOURS AGO? UM it’s kinda funny really he had written some changes in that note pad that had got thrown on the floor. Changes ? Oh yer Changes for what ? Well of course changes for this very blog. A list of stuff he wasn’t keen on , ways to make them better and lastly what he wanted added! How nice be informed by your 8-year-old going on 40 that your blog is S*** You know what else he turned and said to me ? That his now my boss, but don’t worry mum as I will see you alright!

Ooooook boss thanks for that!

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