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Redraw for the Oreo Lick Race Kit

25 Jul

No, you’re not mistaken, I had to redraw the competition.

At first I couldn’t gain contact from the Winner Vannessa Willis as she wasn’t replying to emails. Turns out she was a tad under the weather. I was glad to have found her having done the rounds on twitter and facebook I was determined for her to claim her prize.

Vanessa saw my post (well… plea for contact on my A boy with aspergers facebook page and emailed me)

Yes,…… I can relax and not have to worry about it.

This morning, the nice man from Oreo’s emails me, his going away but his been sure to forward me a contact for someone who is taking over his roll on. I quickly copied the address to paste in my email to Oero when I noticed…… The address was an address for the States NC. Can you bloody beleive it!! I went over to facebook where I had added Vanessa to my friends list as to not lose her again. My friend request had been excepted, so off I went to deliver bad news.

Do you know what made it worse! She had updated her status about how excited her little boy was at winning a flip camera. I cried! Sorry I couldn’t help it…. I cried. Vanessa entered through visiting my Facebook Page (A boy with Aspergers) this means her little guy is proberly on the spectrum to. You may not think it makes a difference but it really does. He will be broken and he may not let go if his like my Little man which makes me feel a million times worse. I’m so very sorry Vanessa.

I’ve redrawn the competition and this is the name I was given…. Forest Flower!

Please contact me asap as need to get your address to get Oreo to send this out. Big congratulations. Really pleased for you.

Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
1: Oreo Lick Race Kit 12 forest flower 08012d97-39af-4e58-a4c3-0e7bf6eb3192
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