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6 Feb

Well where should I start?
Let’s start with this morning! Woke little man and Alice up around 7.30am. Not to bad today he had a little moan but seemed to get up with little problem.
Alice she has never really had a problem with getting up’ even if she has had a late one. Im lucky there:)
Well getting to the point’ once we were about to leave the house little man announced that he had a upset tummy:( What this meant was G knew that he was going to need the toilet and as he was not able to go at that time he would soon need to go in school.
This is a worry to my son. G has a fear of toilet doors he becomes very anxious as he is scared the door may become locked. He has never been locked behide a door so it’s a fear that he has for his own reasons. The thing is G loves train and bus doors’ just not toilet doors. This is not the only problem he faces with toilets! When he needs to do a toilet (not a pee) He fells the need to remove all his clothing’ even socks
um you see the problem here?
Not the ideal place to strip. G is fine to pee so that’s aleast one thing. He has had one or two accidants (way back) but it seems he has trained his body to go as soon as his feet are through the door at 3.45pm. Everyday without fail!
So here I was facing a early morning problem when not yet awake:( Alice is sat waiting’ I’m sat waiting Little mans back in the toilet. Ten min later he returns having had no luck. ” Lets Go”
it’s almost 9am and yet again we are set to be late. “I’m scared mummy”
“What if I need to go?”
Now my issue here is the school have already been on my back about attendace and lateness ( They should try raising a child with ASD) So he needs to go!
As we walk along’ Alice not to pleased she is late I’m explaning to Little man that if he fells he really needs to go and just can’t face the toilet then tell the classroom teacher to send you to the office to see Carol. The ground is covered in thick ice! The snow has turned to water but The weather is so cold it’s become ice in a matter of hours. We are slipping all over the place’ I’m exhausted and Little man is not happy to say the least.
He thinks the school won’t understand! I can’t blame him as when have Giovanni’s school ever understood?
I reasure him the very best I can.

9.17am we are there’ school is to roads from our home but the ice made it seem like ten roads. We are 17 min late. Ok I can see your all thinking spit it out, get on with it. There is a point I’m slowly reaching! I just wanna make you guys know the full facts.

G stands at the office desk upset:(
Im upset as he is. And Alice well she is not to impressed at the lateness taking place. Carol asks him why his not happy? G looks at the floor!
I walk round and in a low voice explain what’s happening. “I really don’t have time for this”. Hang on am I hearing this right? “you have managed fine for ages now” Yes with not going! This isn’t a problem sorted! Her tone was out of line. As she took G of to the toilet I sat and fault Thanks a bunch G will not have faith in me next time. On her return I expressed how I felt but as G had said maybe they don’t fully understand. She informed me he had been’ I nodded knowing this was highly unlikely. 3.45pm he steps inside our house and dashs of like a dart. He held it all this time 6 long hours. Amazing giving the fact his had the tummy bug in recent weeks. My god he must of felt so uncomfotable! Again I fell let down, angry and disappointed. This is becoming a habbit and it’s begaining to ware me down.

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