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Bath & Storage Ideas From Hello Baby

17 Jan

The online nursery store “Hello Baby” recently asked me if id like to try out a few of their products.

I left it up to the guys at Hello Baby to decide what to send. Giving them the age of my youngest child, i was confident they would make a good choice and what a good choice they made.

I was sent two items the first being a set of innovative 6 Munchkin Six Grippy Dots. These colourful dots are actually small mats that line the base of your bath tube therefore preventing your little one from slipping in the bath and potentially injuring themselves . The munchkin dots are fun and cheerful bringing a flash of colour to the bottom of your tub.


But not only do these dots protect your child from slipping, they also alert a parent to the fact a bath may be to hot for their little ones delicate skin. This is done by one of the dots displaying the word “Hot” whenever the water is of a high temperature. I love how the dots can be easily positioned to suit, you can opt to use just a few grippy dots or use them all if you like… Its up to you. I rate these grippy dots far more than your average non slip bath mat, they are much more convenient, look great in there striking bright colours and provide us with an important safety feature and for £6.99 who can complain.


The second and final item Hello Baby sent us was a product from the Prince Lionheart range, which actually couldn’t have come at a more convenient time. The item, a Jumbo Baby Toy Hammock was the perfect addition to our existing range of toy storage (which if I’m honest is nowhere near adequate enough considering the toddler could open his very own toy shop). This giant hammock allows you to keep your child’s toys safely off the floor.


What’s more the hammock is a great size and is designed to fit neatly into a corner. It comes complete with 3 hooks and is reasonably easy to install (even for me). The hammock is made of white nylon mesh meaning this is also ideal for the bathroom, allowing wet toys to be stored over the bath keeping floors and surrounding areas clean and safe.
The jumbo toy hammock cost £9.99

We have a load of toys under the stairs and have decided this would be a great place to put it.

Overall I’m really impressed with the items we were sent. Both offer good value for money and practical solutions. I’d recommend both items to all our readers.

You can visit the Hello Baby online store by clicking Here

Brio Blocks Magnetic Train proves a hit with Harley

20 Jun

Being a blog writer I’ve been offered my fair share of reviews. Unfortunately hover bags and tea bags haven’t really excited me! So when Hello Baby asked if one off my little ones would be interested in reviewing the Brio magnetic train, we were happy to say yes.

Delivery was super speedy and we had our product in a few short days. Sadly my youngest was a little under the weather when it came, so it was decided to wait a few days till he was feeling a bit better before getting it unpacked. Well, it was worth the wait… Harley went crazy for the little wooden train. Now, I know that most 18m old little boys love building blocks, but its fair to say that Harley is mad over them.

The train came with ten brightly coloured blocks, that were the perfect size for little fingers. Harley’s motor skills are still rapidly developing, the magnetic blocks meant that Harley was able to build without accidentally knocking them all over, avoiding frustration and tantrums.

There is no right way to build your train! Your child is able to design it as they wish.  Harley did however take the free-styling rule a little too far with his upside down design.

Harley seemed to have a lot of fun with his train. The fact the blocks are magnetic means Harley was able to push his finished masterpiece around the living room without the blocks constantly falling off.

Harley a “typical” toddler in the fact he likes to make a lot of noise. Yes, he thought it would be a great idea to loudly bang the blocks together in an attempt to make sweet music. I don’t know if those lovely people at Brio had us mum’s in mind, but the magnetic force made this a much harder task, saving mummy from a massive headache.

From a mothers point of view, the ‘Brio Magnetic Train‘ is a great little toy that for my child provided hours of fun. It’s a wooden toy which means it will last and last. It’s very visual with it’s colourful blocks, that are the perfect size for little ones. It’s a great way to improve a child’s fine motor skills and makes absolutely no noise whatsoever, which is always a bonus in my book. This little wooden train complete with magnetic blocks is a fabulous price at just £12.49. I highly recommend it’s added to your little one Christmas list.

Harley is 18-ms and judging from the size of his smile and the length of time he was engaged in play, would indicate that the Brio Magnetic train was something of a hit (Even big brother had a go, what with his transport obsession it was half expected)

Brio Blocks Magnetic Train is available from Brio directly or from the online nursery shop Hello Baby. Hello baby also sell a wide range of other baby and nursery products including baby & toddler toys, nursery furniture & travel and safety items.

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