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Dycem mats have a use for everything

8 Nov

We recently agreed to do a review of the Dycem baby and child range who have an awesome range of non-slip mats designed to help make life that bit easier at feeding and playtime’s.

We were sent a pretty funky Dycem non-slip mat which was shaped as a hippo and was dark blue in colour. The mat has non slip technology and is designed to assist families in a number of areas.

We used the Dycem mat for Harley at dinner time, placing it on his high chair tray. The mat didn’t only look great, with its Hippo design, making dinner times fun, but it also done its job by stopping Harley’s plate from sliding all over the tray while he tries to master the scooping up of his food with his fork. Seriously its hard enough for my bubba as he is just developing the skills needed to feed himself as the development of his fine motor skills progress, without having his dish run away with his spoon.

The Dycem mat is a fantastic product and really stops this from happening, meaning there is more pasta in his mouth and less of the floor for the cats.

However it’s not just the toddler finding use of the Dycem mat, its been great for Little man (aka A boy with Aspergers) too.

As some of you will know Little man is under an occupational therapist and his fine motor skills are just one of the reasons why this is.
I’ve found the Dycem hippo mat to be a really useful tool for him, and he seems to agree, given his always using it now. Little man is really into construction sets especially LEGO, given his difficulties with fine motor skills, he often has trouble building things. His been using the Dycem hippo mat and it’s made a real difference. His no longer sliding all over the place, knocking down what his built as he tries to construct the next piece. He recently built a Kreo bumblebee car and used this mat to make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable. Little man actually request the uses of the mat every-time the Lego comes out, so doesn’t that show the benefit it has?

The overall aim of Dycem is to stabilise objects, hold objects firmly in place and provide a better grip.
It’s my opinion that it does exactly that, and does it very well.

Dycem non-slip mats are reusable, easy to clean , non toxic, latex and adhesive free.

There are a huge number of uses for Dycem non-slip products, some being, Occupational Therapy, Catering, Home and leisure & more.

You can even get this stuff on reels, its super grip and non slip technology makes it ideal for opening stubborn jars etc. Dycem has many uses just check out the website to see some great examples.

I really liked the Dycem Children’s range the colours and designs are fun and visually stimulating. The price is a tad high, though it is excellent quality.

You can by this particular mat in the colours Blue, Red, Yellow & Forest Green, It’s 35 cm x 25 cm in size, comes in Hippo or tortoise design and cost: £18.90 (ex Vat)

Click Here for product information 

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