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Sleepy head

6 Feb

Oh my I must of needed some sleep as it’s 3pm and I have just woken up.
The childrens father took them to school and my mum had collected them for me.
I think there always comes a time when you need a good sleep or rest so you can fell really refreshed and that’s better when looking after the children.
As I woke up all alone my heart was beating so fast as I had no idea of the time and the house was silent. I wondered where everybody was. My little man would have no problem about going for a Walk or even catching a bus alone as he is so bus mad. It took me a few min to come together and remember there father had taken them into school.
Well it’s 4pm now. The children are still at my mothers and she’s feeding them tonight:) there Dad will collect them soon on his way back from getting the shopping. So that gives me a little more me time:)

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