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Dont judge Aspergers parent’s

20 Dec

I  don’t care anymore what other people think!

I have wasted so much time worrying what other people think of my parenting. It used to bother me so much when i was out with my son Giovanni’ and people would pass comment if he was acting in away in which they didn’t understand.  I would fell the need to explain his condition. Some people were nice and more understanding’ then there were the others that would fell the need to tell me that it’s a load off nonsenses. They were the people that upset me. Most telling me that some good old fashion punishment was what he needed. I wanted to educate the world. My son’s school was no better. I was having trouble with him in the morning’s having only a few hours if not any sleep the night before i was really struggling to get him up and ready. Most days he would refuse to wear the clothing i had provided him with. I now understand why this is but at the time i was in need of some help. I had yet to be referred to Kaledoscope so it was a very tyring time. I found my son’s school no help and two years on this is still a on going problem. Now when ever i hear someone say something about Giovanni i just walk away. It’s took a long time to be able to achieve this but i don’t want to waste any more time. Time that is better spent on Giovanni and his little sister Alice. I know I’m a good mother that loves her children more then anything. And maybe next time you see a parent who is having a little trouble with her child you will THINK  before you pass judgement. It’s hard enough being a parent. But being a parent of a child with ASD is some what harder.

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